Goldberg Shacklestein

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Goldberg Shacklestein
"The Happy Merchant," a racist caricature of a Jewish person, nicknamed Goldberg Shekelstein (mispronounced as "Shacklestein" by Daniel)

Goldberg Shacklestein (also known as The Happy Merchant) is the fictional "leader of the Jews" and leader of the New World Order. It was a racist caricature of a Jewish man made up by his past Samantha, one of Daniel's ex-managers, who Daniel believed was trying to kidnap and attack him during 2021.

Who is Shacklestein?

Goldberg Shacklestein is a fictional Jewish man from New York, represented by the hate symbol "The Happy Merchant", an antisemitic meme depicting a man with hyperbolized stereotypical Jewish facial features who is rubbing his hands together.

The meme was created by an artist using the pseudonym "A. Wyatt Mann", who eventually was exposed as being the notorious white supremacist, illustrator, and filmmaker Nick Bougas.[1][2]

Association with the Alt-Right

Typically, the caricature of "Goldberg Shekelstein" has been used on the less mainstream parts of the internet by Neo-Nazis and the Alt-Right to propagate hate towards Jewish Americans, and Jews in general.

Daniel's concerns about Shackelstein

Associations & "Criminal History"

Daniel has accused Shacklestein of a plethora of crimes, including attempting, commissioning, committing murder, kidnapping, collaboration with the Mafia, and political corruption.


Daniel accused Shacklestein of pairing up with and collaborating with the New York Mafia, the Jews, Jonas, and a man named Tony to kidnap Daniel. Daniel claims to not be afraid of them, despite having made videos pleading for them to back off.[3]

New World Order

Daniel has accused Shacklestein of being the leader of the Jews and the New World Order, with the common goal of kidnapping him.[4]

The New World Order is a conspiracy theory that a totalitarian shadow government controlled by the elites, the Jews, and the elite Jews has complete control over every world government. This theory is not very substantial and does not have solid supporting evidence.


Jonas, a former caretaker for Daniel whom Daniel assaulted, has been accused by Daniel of cooperating with the New World Order and secretly pulling strings from the background.

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