August 29th Meltdown

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There he goes, threatening unspecified legal action on people

On August 29, 2023, Daniel Larson had a complete meltdown on his YouTube community page, before recording possibly the most violent meltdown he's ever had, where he is seen hitting his head against a wall and repeatedly pummeling himself in the face. This was caused by a fake Grace VanderWaal making threats, engendering his already existing anger, given he, once again, spent a night on the streets (complete with breaking an establishment's windows). This led to a severe meltdown.

This is one of the most violent and mentally debilitating meltdowns/incidents of Daniel. Most of it occurred on the community tab; but Daniel went live, and it showed just how bad condition he was in at the time.

Components of the meltdown

Daniel threatens, god, what again?

Daniel reacted as follows:

Many, many more things happened which do not seem to have been documented, given hundreds of posts were made in just hours.

But, Due to a lack of donations or Cameo funds, Daniel was forced to spend the night of the 28th, and the early hours of the 29th on the streets of Denver. Daniel was evidently in a harsh mental state all night long, given that he was frustrated enough to not only smash a window of a random establishment he was passing, but also to break a $100 pair of headphones, or at least so he claimed. Photos of the damage to the establishment would appear on Daniel's hacked Instagram.

Daniel tries, and fails to text 911

The day started for Daniel with extreme harassment by a fake Grace to his phone number. This Grace would threaten death upon Daniel, call him a pedophile, imply sexual relations with Bob Proctor, call him a cuckold for Jacob Sartorius, and more.

At one point, Daniel would even send a screenshot to 911 of one of the conversations he was having with this fake Grace. Unfortunately for Daniel, (or fortunately, as it is a crime to waste 911's time), the text didn't go through to them, because Daniel sent an image instead of just text.

YouTube Short and Live Stream

Prior to a live stream, Daniel would upload and then immediately delete a YouTube short, stating it was a message for Grace VanderWaal. In the video, Daniel calls her the n-word, a hater, and states he will now always hate her for what she did.

He also states he will be bombing the White House, and every single police station in the entire US. This was a factor that led to the Second Jail Arc.

Daniel ends the video by stating that Grace told him to make it. This was the start of the meltdown.


Daniel: This message is to Grace. Grace is a fucking n****r and hater and I will always hate her now because of what she did. And yes, I will bomb the White House. I will fucking bomb the White House. I will fucking bomb every single police station and the entire US, and Grace told me to make this video.

Automated voice: Train to Union Station departing in one minute.

Later in the afternoon, the meltdown escalated tremendously, and continued in a YouTube live stream, which Daniel named the live stream "Proof for n***er Grace VanderWaal I am hitting myself until i bleed". The video contains Daniel crying hysterically, aggressively hitting himself and slamming his head against a wall for almost the entire video, whilst repeating the phrase "I want her fucking dead!", referring to Grace.

Daniel would even begin slamming his head onto the sidewalk, and a nearby wall, albeit weakly and not doing any significant damage to himself. Daniel would continue to flip off the camera, still moaning about wanting Grace "fucking dead", and whimpering in a fit of rage. The full video could be found on Daniel's YouTube channel, before eventually being taken down by YouTube, either for the violence exhibited or for the bigoted title. Though, it is not confirmed as to why it was taken down.


[Daniel is going insane. He starts repeatedly hitting himself in the head, grunting with each hit. He pauses, and continues to hit his head with the other hand]

Daniel: (groans, sobs) I've fucking had it! My fucking head! My fucking head! My fucking head!

[screams while doing the Angry Tongue face, slamming his head against a wall repeatedly, then hits himself in the head a few times, moaning]

I want her fucking dead! I want her fucking dead! I want her fucking dead! I want Grace fucking dead! (flips off the camera, and the aggressively sprints and hits his head) I want her fucking dead! (drooling) I WANT HER FUCKING DEAD! (Angry Tongue, heavily breathes, spits, camera flips to grass, hits himself some more, whimpering) I WANT HER FUCKING DEAD! I WANT HER FUCKING DEAD! I WANT HER FUCKING-

[slams his head into the ground a couple times, then hits his head some more, pants a bit, then continues hitting his head, puts his phone down and starts hitting the ground. He picks up his phone]

(sobbing) I want her fucking dead. I want Grace fucking dead! I want Grace fucking dead! This is for her! This is for her because she's fucking been behind all the manipulation ever since the beginning!

[whimpers and hits himself some more] I want her fucking dead! I want her fucking dead! I want her fucking dead!

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