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Daniel Larson Wiki is an online encyclopedia dedicated to Daniel Larson, a social media star known for his TikTok videos. This wiki is for Larson historians who wish to keep a fair, accurate and unbiased accounting of Daniel Larson's various activities. The wiki is open for all to edit, so don't hesitate to jump in!


We take these rules very seriously. Violations will result in permanent ban and potentially further escalation to authorities. Do not hesitate to contact an admin. Discord will almost always provide a faster response.

Most of the rules are centered around protecting the individuals who are involved with Daniel in some way or another.

Look don't touch

The purpose of this website is to document and collect the ever growing story of Daniel Larson. Not to provide a list of people to troll. Daniel does enough "trolling" on his own. Remember the human.


No detail is too small for this wiki when it helps paint a more complete picture of the story. Phone numbers, addresses, full names and other information that could potentially locate / contact a person mentioned on this wiki is not needed for a story. Here are some additional resources: here and here