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Daniel Larson occasionally uses "codes" to rank the severity of the various situations he finds himself in. These codes are known for being inconsistent and vague.

Codes penned by Daniel

Name Meaning Notes
Code Red The code used most often, in time of danger or emergency. Used when DLRecords shut down, when his accounts are deleted, and when Daniel Larson TV was cancelled.[1]
Code Silver The most dangerous code, used when Daniel's life is actively "in danger."[2] On June 20, 2023 Daniel stated they would be in code silver "for the next 3 months." [3]
Code Rainbow Another sparsely used code, a possible threat and need for evacuation.[2] Used when dining and dashing, when the toothbrush incident got out, and when planning raids on the Daniel Larson subreddit.
Code Black Used when Daniel's entire career is in danger. Used when the Pinterest account was leaked, when he thinks someone is after him, when harassed by security guards and used when he got scabies
Code Burgundy Meaning unknown. Used by Michael Quinn on a livestream with Daniel and World Of T-Shirts.
Code George Floyd Used when an apparent "financial crisis" occurred. This is an offensive code used by Daniel Larson,[4][5] which Daniel claims troll-created code, yet Daniel has used the code seriously.[2]
Code F****** Death Daniel's life is in danger, similar to code silver, although with significantly more urgency. Used on July 3rd, 2023 when Daniel threatened suicide (among other things) on his YouTube community tab.

Daniel Larson Wiki event codes

The Daniel Larson Wiki has its own set of codes for Daniel's status. These take inspiration both from Daniel's own codes as well as fan-created ones.

Code Meaning
Code Red An incident has occured with Daniel or he had a meltdown
Code Black Daniel is seemingly missing and not posting on social media, or got released from jail
Code Blue Daniel is institutionalized or serving time in jail
Code Green Daniel is posting on social media as per usual
Code Burgundy Daniel is in "college" or other education
Code Ticonderoga Photos or chat logs have been leaked of Daniel
Code Rainbow Daniel was just kicked out of an establishment with no major incident
Code Death Daniel was just injured, hospitalized or diagnosed with another serious health issue
Code Camo Daniel has either tried to enlist in the military or enter law enforcement
Code Silver Daniel is dead or no longer with us for an extended period of time
Code Pink Daniel was just sexually assaulted or has sexually assaulted another person
Code Brown Daniel has been caught with hard substances or other drug paraphernalia

Fanmade codes

Fanmade codes are created by followers of Daniel Larson's exploits. These codes often refer to and make fun of specific situations. They are not officially used by Daniel.

Name Description
Code Ticonderoga A code devised by r/Daniellarson when the pencil incident leaked, referring to the Ticonderoga pencil company.
Code Doomsday/Operation Doomsday A code devised by r/Daniellarson after Daniel's freakout during the Fart Spray Incident and during the January 26 TikTok Live ramblings.