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A running theme in Daniel's story is his overinflated ego. This shows itself in many ways, such as his stating that he will run for president[1] and being confident he will win. In 2020, Daniel first announced he was running for President of the United States for seemingly no reason. In 2024, signs point that Daniel will run for president again for 2024.

His presidential campaign also led his creation of the term 'ceel', meaning 'care, empathize, elect Larson'. (see Ceel Team 6)

2020 Presidential Campaign

Presidential Campaigns
"Care, Empathize, Elect Larson"
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Daniel announced on July 14th, 2020 during the 2020 presidential elections that he would be running for president of the United States.

He has never expressed what party he belongs to or what kind of policies he would instill as president. However, there are some known opinions he has.

It was rumored that his running partner would have been Bob, Grace VanderWaal or some other celebrity/friend he knew.

On November 3, 2020 Larson had lost to Joe Biden and Daniel racked in most likely about 1-10 write-in votes.

Daniel Larson's political policies

His general ideals and political beliefs are:

  • He is in opposition of the Russian government
  • He is both racist and anti-racist in a virtue-signaling kind of way
  • He is a skew leftist, although he has some conservative views
  • He is vaguely libertarian, except in speech
  • He has stated he is against Donald Trump and aligns himself with Kamila Harris and Joe Biden, though this is HIGHLY debatable due to him voicing support for Trump repeatedly in 2023. He seems to change opinions on it frequently, mostly due to whatever ween manipulated in his ill mind.

From Daniel himself are:

  • "If I got elected for president, I would secure all of our borders from all attacks making America safe."
  • Daniel has made many vague statements about "coming together", whatever that means.[2][3]

2024 Presidential Campaign

In 2024, It is unconfirmed if Daniel Larson will run for President again. Most signs from the constant manipulation of trolls and management point that Larson will most likely run for the 2024 Presidential Campaign.

Though, ever since his arrest by the federal government, this may be impossible. Although it would be ironic considering Trump’s many legal battles.

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