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Daniel Larson has many family members. Few of these relatives are on speaking terms with Daniel, if not already dead, leading generally normal lives without him.

Not much is known, even about his immediate family. The little information Daniel has revealed about his family cannot be taken at face value, however, this article will attempt to identify as many as possible.


Elisabeth Shimer

Main article: Elisabeth Shimer

Elisabeth and Daniel.

Elisabeth Shimer is the mother of Daniel, Joyetta, and Olivia Larson. Growing up, Daniel claimed to have suffered abuse and neglect at the hands of his mother, which eventually got him taken away by the state of Colorado. However, it is worth noting that Daniel may have been the perpetrator of the abuse himself, as he, at one point, was arrested for striking his mother who at that point was wheelchair-bound.[1]

His mother's Facebook account is filled with songs and covers, most notably one about Daniel, where Elisabeth is heard a cover of “I Won’t Give Up” By Jason Mraz, featuring her singing over pictures of a young Daniel. Elisabeth was eventually diagnosed with lupus, which ended up putting her in a wheelchair. Due to her disability, and Travis no longer being there to support her, Elisabeth had a harder and harder time taking care of Daniel. This neglect eventually led up to the State of Colorado removing Daniel from Elisabeth's care, putting him in the Tennyson Center.

Despite Daniel's claims of abuse, Elisabeth has come forward about the multiple times Daniel would physically abuse both her and his grandmother. During one of these instances, it resulted in Daniel having to enter police custody following a call to the authorities after an attack on his mother. Just like all of his other relatives, Elisabeth, despite saying that she loved him in a comment on Papa Guts channel, wants no contact with him given his actions.

Lookin' spiffy, Travis!

Travis Larson

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Travis Larson (Born September 1978) is the father of Daniel Larson and Aurora Larson. Not much is known about him, except for the fact that he wasn't present for a majority of Daniel's life. It’s likely he wasn’t the greatest father to Daniel, as he dubbed him a "lost cause" before eventually splitting with Elisabeth. According to an Interview conducted by LarsonLeak, he is aware of Daniel's TikTok popularity, pedophilia, and his homelessness. Having a new family, Travis desires absolutely no contact with Daniel.


Joyetta and Olivia Larson

Joyetta and Olivia, just before their death

Joyetta and Olivia Larson (March 27, 2001 – March 27th, 2001) are the two, and only, biological siblings of Daniel Larson. They were conceived by both Travis and Elisabeth. Joyetta and Olivia were twin sisters, and would tragically die the following day after their birth due to RH incompatibility.

Elisabeth seems to hold more love for them than Daniel, as she made a video singing a cover of the song “Angels” for them”,[2] and given the fact she'd constantly post about them on her Facebook account.[3]

Aurora's mugshot, date unknown.

It can be argued that Elisabeth loved them more than Daniel, especially given how awful Daniel was to her over the years. However, this is just speculative and cannot be proven.

Aurora Larson

Aurora Larson is Daniel's paternal half-sister. Little is known about her or her relationship to Daniel, and it is most likely that she is the child of Travis and his new wife/partner. It can be assumed that she too has no contact to Daniel at all. It is also called in question if she even knows about him at all. However, the one thing about her that is known is that, as revealed by LarsonLeak, Aurora had been allegedly arrested for elder abuse, not much unlike her brother.[4]


Nancy Shimer

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Nancy, as pictured in the Tennyson Center video.

Nancy Shimer (April 2, 1947 – July 24, 2019) is the grandmother of Daniel, and adoptive mother of Elisabeth Shimer, making Daniel’s biological grandparents unknown.

During his childhood, Daniel was the happiest living with his grandmother, as she genuinely loved and cared for Daniel, especially after being placed in the Tennyson Center after being allegedly neglected by his mother. This was also in part due to Nancy enabling Daniel's negative behaviors. In his childhood, an event occurred where a 3-year-old Daniel painted on Nancy's walls, and instead of facing repercussions, Nancy rewarded him with candy.

However, much like Elisabeth, Daniel was said to have hit his grandmother on multiple occasions. Even when Nancy was diagnosed with cancer, Daniel continued to beat her. When she eventually died, Daniel opted to go to the Special Olympics instead of watching her on her deathbed. Daniel never attended his grandmothers funeral.

Daniel William Shimer

Photo of Daniel, on his obituary.

Daniel William Shimer (September 16, 1943 – September 24, 2015)[5] is the ex-husband of Nancy Shimer, grandfather of Daniel, and father of Elisabeth, Sarah, and Rachel Shimer. According to his obituary, he was born in Merced, California, and was raised on a dairy farm near Chowchilla, California. He attended the University of Berkeley and received BSEE and MSEE degrees. He worked for the next 49 years as an electrical engineer.

He and Nancy married on November 28, 1970, although not much is known about their relationship beyond them giving birth to two biological children, Sarah and Rachel Shimer. It can be assumed that their relationship was less than optimal, as the couple divorced on September 1st, 2005.[6] There is also a record of them divorcing on January 30th, 1984, though it is unclear if they remarried or if this is simply an error.

Daniel died on September 24th, 2015, due to lung cancer. According to his obituary, he smoked heavily for many years, which may have contributed to his eventual death. There was no service for his death per his request, and his body was cremated. Despite being divorced for a decade by that point, Nancy Shimer would comment her condolences on his online obituary on October 3rd, 2015.

Considering how both Daniel's grandfather and him have the same name, is it likely that Elisabeth made the decision to name her son after him.

Other relatives

Travis’s family, post-Elisabeth

Other relatives (Larson Side)

After Travis and Elisabeth split up, Travis went on to start a family with an unknown woman. While the existence of Daniel’s paternal half-sister, Aurora, exists, it is unknown who the rest of the family are, Travis’s relationship with them, or if Daniel knows any of them.

Unnamed lover of Travis Larson

Isn't she a beauty?

Daniel's father is noted to have begun a relationship with an unknown woman some years after leaving Daniel's mother, making her Daniel's step-mother. Nothing more is known about her besides several pictures of her that have surfaced, and the knowledge that her and Travis conceived Daniel’s half sister, Aurora Larson.

Elisabeth and James.

James Avey

James Avey is the husband of Elisabeth Shimer, and step-father of Daniel. He and Elisabeth married on January 1st, 2011, a measly year after Elisabeth and Travis split up. He is also the founder of Avey incubator Inc, a company that incubates small animals such as puppies. According to photos found from his childhood, James attended Daniel's 13th birthday party, which indicates that they had some sort of relationship. Not much else is known.

Rachel Shimer-Lal.

Sarah and Rachel Shimer

Sarah Anne Shimer and Rachel Jane Shimer-Lal are the biological children of Daniel William Shimer and Nancy Shimer, as well as the sisters of Elisabeth Shimer, making them Daniel's aunts. Rachel is known to work as a pediatric occupational therapist in Danville, California, as well as being employed at the New York Ensurance Company.[7] She attended Samuel Merrit University, and eventually got married, giving birth to Daniel's cousins, Anna and Leila Shimer-Lal.

Sarah's existence is shrouded in mystery. Their relationships with Elisabeth is also unknown.

Carol McGuire

A picture of Carol on her wedding day.

Carol Ann McGuire (Née Kiswiney) is the older sister of Nancy Shimer, making her Daniel's great-aunt. In 1966, Carol married to a man named William Hamilton McGuire. Nancy acted as her bridesmaid, and her brother, David Kiswiney, acted as her husband's best man.[8]

Following Nancy's death, she left a comment on her sister's obituary.[9]

David Kiswiney

Photo of David, date unknown.

David Kiswiney is the older brother of Nancy Shimer, making him Daniel's great-uncle. He conceived his son (as well as Daniel's 2nd cousin), Noah Zane Kiswiney, in 1990 with his spouse Desiree Schwalbe.

When Nancy died, he left a comment on her obituary.[9] It is worth noting that David never mentions Elisabeth, despite mentioning Nancy's biological children.

Noah Kiswiney

A photo of Noah.

Noah Zane Kiswiney[10] (November 20, 1990 — July 5, 2022) is the child of David Kiswiney, Nancy's Shimer's older brother, and Desiree Schwalbe, his mother. This makes him Daniel's 2nd cousin. According to his obituary, Noah was a very generous person. He was noted to have gathered a group of his friends to eat lunch with his middle school custodian so he wouldn’t eat alone, and helping a woman who'd fallen.

Noah passed away on Tuesday, July 5th, 2022. His cause of death was voluntary. He volunteered as an organ donor, to which he passed away soon after.

Other Cousins

Daniel's aunt, Rachel Shimer, is known to have given birth to his younger cousins, Anna and Leila Shimer-Lal. Nothing more is known about them.