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Daniel's inmate profile.

On January 9, 2024, Daniel Larson was arrested at the Denver International Airport after being confronted by an officer for having multiple warrants out for his arrest.


Late on January 8, 2024, Daniel posted a video to his YouTube channel in which he is seen yelling at an airport employee, who is telling Daniel that he needs documentation to excuse his trespass. Daniel uploaded this video twice. The first upload was titled, "hotel security claiming that I am trespassed without legal proof or paperwork by law enforcement," and the second upload was titled, "Daniel Larson getting threatened and harassed by hotel security at Denver international airport."


[Daniel following somebody recording] Daniel: ...and if I don't get the documentation proving that I'm trespassed, it's all fake.

A screenshot of Daniel's bank account.

The next day, Daniel proceeded to go to the Denver International Airport via bus, so that he could go to the Canvas Credit Union due to his bank account being drained by, "DLR records and entertainment." though the validity of this is claim is contested.

The Arrest


After the incident, on January 10, 2024, Daniel uploaded some videos that appear to take place just before the livestream.


[Officer standing near Daniel talking to him whilst Daniel is sitting]

Officer: I am the cops!

Daniel: I just did business here...

Officer: Sir!

Daniel:...I'm waiting...

Officer: Do you have a boarding pass?

Daniel: What?

Officer: Do you have a boarding pass?

Daniel: I, I was at the canvas credit union...

Officer: NOPE! Sir, it's not going to fly, do have boarding pass?

Daniel: I don't bec...

Officer: Yes or no.

Daniel: ...ause I went to canvas

Officer: Alright, let's go. I can call them. [Begins to speak on the radio]

Daniel: I don't know I don't know why you are treating me this way I went to canvas credit union

Officer: [on radio] Can you uh have some airport officers come down to the chapel

Daniel: I went to canvas credit union I'm waiting 10 minutes

Officer: Sir, I will let you speak with airport officers, I've already explained the situation, that's not going to fly. I asked "do you have a boarding pass" you refused to answer that question.

Daniel: I said no I didn't but..

Officer: Nope! You didn't say that.

Daniel: I said no I didn't but I went to canvas credit union

Officer: [speaking on the radio]

Daniel: that's all I said

Officer: Sir, like I said, airport officers will explain everything to you here in a minute.

Daniel: but I don't know why

Officer: Sir, airport officers are going to explain everything to you in just a second.

Daniel: but I don't know why the cops are getting involved

Officer: because we have a rule and they're gonna explain everything to you here in just a second.

Daniel: this is a church

Officer: that way you will understand, okay? do you have ID on you?

Daniel: I do

Officer: I can see please?

Daniel: I don't need...

Officer: It's not a request

[The officer approached Daniel]


At approximately 4:00 P.M Mountain Standard Time zone, Daniel was at a chapel, located inside the Denver International Airport, claiming that he intended to get a debit card. During the stream he claimed to have acquired a debit card, and was likely using the chapel as a shelter. During the livestream on TikTok, there are four people visible. Daniel, seated in a chair while charging his phone and livestreaming, a police officer standing before him, airport security, and an unknown female, who was possibly an airport employee.

Early on in the livestream, Daniel repeats, "I'd be more than happy to just leave," multiple times.[1] However the situation soon escalated. After Daniel mentioned that he was on probation, the police officer mentioned that this would be brought to the attention of his probation officer. Daniel claimed that he had been waiting for over twenty minutes to get on a bus to downtown, Denver, however he could have been lying. It is not known why the police were involved in the incident, however Daniel accused a man sitting across from him to be drunk and have called the police. The officer advised airport security to trespass Daniel, however they ended up not pressing charges.[2]

From the footage of the livestream, Daniel surrendered and ended the live stream following the officer asking him to stand up.


[The officer writing in a notepad in front of Daniel]

Officer: And how old are you, Mr. Daniel?

Daniel: I am 25.

Officer: Okay. Just so you know, the gentleman that was in here with you-

Daniel: Uh, yes.

Officer: -is the one that flagged me down. Okay?

Daniel: Okay.

Officer: So I do have a reason to talk to you, okay?

Daniel: That's fine. I-I understand that.

[Officer talking to airport security] Officer: *Sighs* We'll just wait till they get here because they'll be part of the process *Inaudible*

Officer: You have any other personal property that's what's in your pockets?

Daniel: I have my court paperwork.

Officer: Okay.

Daniel: But that's it.

Officer: Okay. So in addition to the two warrants that we're going to take you on today, you have three additional warrants that are non-extraditable out of Denver that you need to go take care of.

Daniel: I am aware.

Officer: So, that's five.

Daniel: And then I was also, like, I was, like I said, I came here to the Canvas Credit Union because I had to-

Officer: I'm going to tell you that's not going to fly today.

Daniel: I-

Officer: The airport office is going to explain that to you, so we can keep, keep, quit going over that piece of information. The airport office is going to explain it to you. They have a nifty little database just to, to document all these things. *Officer speaks to someone off camera:* How are you doing?

Daniel: I'm aware.

Officer: Uh.

Airport Operations Personnel: I'm sorry... So are you flying out today? Daniel: I'm not. I came here to the Canvas Credit Union.

Airport Operations Personnel: Okay.

Daniel: Because I bank with them.

Airport Operations Personnel: Okay.

Daniel: And then I was waiting about ten minutes until, well, it's now about ten minutes, but I was waiting twenty minutes because I was waiting for the bus to downtown Denver.

[Camera pans to Airport Operations/security]

Airport Operations Personnel: Uh, okay.

Daniel: I had to, I was, I was aware of the warrants and um, they are bench warrants and um, I was on my way down there anyways to go handle those.

Airport Operations Personnel: Okay. So-

Daniel: I had to, I had to go to the bank this morning here because I got my debit card.

Airport Operations Personnel: Okay. So I'm with Airport Operations. I'm not going to say that's official business, so you can't be out here unless you have a boarding pass. There's other Canvas Credit Unions or other credit unions you can use. Um, so you're being advised today of a rule 30.18. If you come back out here, you can be cited for trespassing. Do you understand?

Daniel: I understand.

Airport Operations Personnel: Okay.

Officer: All right. It's good to see you, man. Are you going to unplug your?- Or we'll unplug it. Just go ahead and stand up first.

Daniel: Yes. Do you want me to turn off my phone?

[Camera tilts to the floor]

Officer: That's up to you.

Daniel: Okay.

[Daniel ends the livestream]

After ending the livestream, Daniel was arrested due to his two outstanding warrants. One of the warrants is for FTA, which stands for Failure To Appear [in court], while the other is related to destruction of private property. Daniel was scheduled to appear in Denver County Court, courtroom 4A, at 8:30 A.M. MST on January 23, 2024.

Daniel was released on a personal recognizance bond.[3]

Warrants for Daniel's arrest.

Daniel's side of the story

On January 11, Daniel briefly explained his side of the story, confirming he was arrested. He claimed that the airport security had been harassing him for not having a plane ticket when he only wished to visit the airport's bank. He stood firm regarding his claim that he was waiting for the bus back to Denver, Colorado.

He remained adamant that an inebriated man had been the one to phone the police. The drunk man that Daniel was referring to had been the one sitting across the room from him in the video that he posted to his YouTube channel.

Daniel claimed that when the police showed up, he requested their supervisor, but was told that the officers "couldn't do it." He also claimed that this altercation caused him to miss all of his probations in "all counties" which included Jefferson County.[4]

Daniel explains his side of the story.

[Daniel sitting with the camera facing towards him] Hello, everyone. Yes, it is true that I got arrested this past week at the Denver International Airport. Yes, the security guard was harassing me. I was there to go to my bank, and I don't need to have a plane ticket if I'm going to the bank. I was waiting for the bus back to Denver, which was going to take 20 minutes. While I was waiting for the bus, there was a drunk person that called the police on me. When the police showed up, I asked for their supervisor, and they started arguing with me about how they couldn't do it.