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Currently, this page is very unfinished

Daniel Larson's online journey has been marked by continuous and career-defining trolling escapades and manipulation since his early twenties. This page delves into the entire history of Daniel's experiences with trolling, the tactics of trolls, and the trolls themselves.

Terms necessary to understand this article in full context:


A troll is an individual who deliberately posts a provocative message trying to cause disruption. On the Daniel Larson Wiki, a troll refers to an individual who targets Daniel with the intent to provoke, or disrupt Daniel for amusement. With DL becoming more and more popular, more trolls started to exist and amplified his problems even further.


Weens, or fail trolls, are people who try to be trolls, but fail at it. They imitate and try to hold a candle to prominent trolls in the community, and are often referred to as weens. DL's community has lots of weens that have also gotten worse over the years.


Manipulators and trolls often overlap, with most trolls being manipulators. However, they somewhat differ in intent. A manipulator aims purely to cause suffering in Daniel, while trolls typically engage for laughs rather than out of pure sadism.


Managers are trolls/white knights who may pose as record/music/talent agencies to manipulate Daniel. While not all managers are harmful, some genuinely want to assist him, offering donations or valuable advice.

White Knights/Enablers

White Knights or Enablers are people who go out of their way to help Daniel, usually financially. While they may initially seem heroic, keep in mind that Daniel is a pedophile and they are actively helping a pedophile get online attention and power.

History and tactics

List of trolls

This is a comprehensive list of Trolls and manipulators of Daniel.

If you edit this, make sure to list them by their starting date (earlier trolls go on top!)

Name Dates Active Notes Relevant Sagas/Incidents/Articles Tags
Flexburger Mid-2020 - March 2021 Flexburger is an OG troll and manager who leaked Daniel's Pinterest, Doxxed after May 6th.
  • Troll
  • Manipulator
  • Management
Samantha October 2021 - November 2021 TikTok troll celebrity turned Danderson manipulator. Creator of Goldberg Shekelstein.
  • Troll
  • Manipulator
  • Management