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I'm a fucking student!
~ Daniel, whilst being walked away by the police
Hi, this is Daniel Larson, and you guys should Phi Kappa Tah!
~ Daniel, advertising the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity
Daniel's totally legit college ID.

On September 10, 2023, Daniel claimed that he would be enrolling in college, specifically CU Boulder. Days after this claim, Daniel wrote several community posts regarding his enrollment process, as well as a livestream, during which he pondered which subject he would be majoring in. Daniel claimed to have officially enrolled in CU Boulder, in actuality however he was just wondering the campus livestreaming and attending parties. Phi Kappa Tau, a fraternity of CU Boulder, had become 'friends' with Daniel. This 'friendship' served to fuel his delusions that he was a student at the college. Daniel's various interactions with them at frat parties would begin to be posted to his TikTok and YouTube channel.

On September 12, 2023. Nathan, one of the members of the fraternity, posted TikToks under the username @twentytwodope, during which Daniel is seen holding up a Phi Kappa Tau shirt while exclaiming, "Hi, this is Daniel Larson, and you guys should Phi Kappa Tah!," mispronouncing the name of the fraternity. Following this incident however, Nathan quickly set his account to private due to backlash from several people who were angry that he had supposedly befriended a known pedophile.

Daniel's time at CU Boulder was cut short however, following an arrest for a 3rd degree assault. Supposedly, this assault had been the result of Daniel being under the impression that coach Deion Sanders wanted to visit him. The College Arc lasted from September 10, to September 16, 2023, making it the second shortest arc in the Daniel Larson saga after the Dog Arc, lasting a mere six days.

Campus Antics

Daniel pictured here with Nathan.

On September 13, 2023, Daniel was filmed at Taco Junky Tequila Bar with members of Phi Kappa Tau. In the video, Daniel was recorded kissing an unknown woman's cheek. This is the first documented instance of Daniel having any kind of intimate interaction with the opposite sex, or at least with anyone over the age of 18. On that same day, Daniel uploaded a video of a person at the college whom he believed to be Flexburger. There is no proof that this was Flexburger, and was likely someone lying to Daniel. 'Flexburger' flipped him off repeatedly while saying, "Fuck you, Daniel!" The full video of this incident was posted by LarsonLeak, a channel which is owned by the real Flexburger.

On September 14, 2023, several videos were posted to the R/Daniellarson subreddit by Clear_Value6404, a throwaway account created by an unknown individual. It is uncertain when exactly these videos were recorded, as many of them take place at night. Despite the nighttime setting of these videos, they were posted at approximately 8:00am Daniel time. It is likely that they were filmed the night prior to being uploaded.

In these videos, Daniel can be seen attempting to bench press an empty bar, receiving an interview from some of the trolls and a dorm tour, during which Daniel is ridiculed.

Mayaswag69/Grace's Sister

Mayaswag69 is a TikToker who uploaded a couple of videos with Daniel. The group convinced Daniel that the TikTok account owner was Grace's sister. Maya was also present at the bench press attempt and captured a second angle of it. On one of her videos, TikTok user hpto commented, "Imagine you get Daniel Larson as your roommate" to which Maya responded, "i would burn the room, kill all gbe [sic] scabies"[Citation Needed]

Daniel's first (documented) kiss.
Daniel "exposing" FlexBurger.
Daniel's night out with CU Boulder students.

Dorm room tour.
Coach Larson
Second angle of Daniel using the bench press.

Folsom Field Arrest

On September 16, 2023, Daniel was arrested for third degree assault[1] at Folsom Fields after allegedly striking a security guard while attempting to access the field with the intention of meeting and joining Deion Sanders on stage.[2][3]

TikTok user angelopira600 captured some videos prior to Daniel's arrest. In the video, Daniel claims to be a student of the campus as he is being escorted out by security.

On the same day, Reddit user Ok_Lemon_6626 announced they had sent in an information request for the arrest. On September 20, 2023 he shared the arrest report with the subreddit and on September 22, 2023, he also released the bodycam footage. This was uploaded in parts on his YouTube channel, before eventually being compiled into one large video.[4]

Ok_Lemon_6626's post regarding the information request.

Release From Custody

On September 19, 2023, Daniel was released from Boulder County Jail. He began posting again on his community tab as well as going live on his bus ride back. During the bus ride a fan recognized him and asked if he really is a student at CU Boulder, to which Daniel responds, "Not anymore." Daniel then proceeded to explain to the fan what had happened, afterwards taking a picture with him. After some minutes pass Daniel began explaining the situation again to the live. He explained how two security guards were just trying to use his fame, and that they didn't believe Daniel was a student. When the security officers did not believe him however, they then called the Boulder Sheriff on him leading to his arrest.

Fan: Are you Daniel Larson?

Daniel: I am, Yeah.

Fan: Are you actually a student at CU Boulder?

Daniel: What?

Fan: Are you actually a student at CU Boulder?

Daniel: *Shaking head* Not anymore, no.

Fan: What happened?

Daniel: Uh, trolls got me...

Fan: Oh really?

Daniel: ... like banned, yeah.

Fan: So where you headed to right now?

Daniel: I'm headed back to Denver.

Fan: Oh...

Daniel: Yeah.

Fan: So how'd they, like, get you banned. Like, what happened?

Daniel: Well, I was supposed to be working at the CU game this weekend and from my understanding somebody... someone at the school called the security on me... and then claimed that I was causing a scene, when I clearly wasn't... and then the security told me that I had to leave the school campus... but I had a dorm on campus, so I can't just leave campus if I'm a student and I have a dorm... and then the security guy, rather than verifying with anyone or getting on the walkie talkie with anyone, told me I was a liar, called the Boulder sheriff on me... and then got me arrested.

Fan: Damn, sorry [inaudible].

Daniel: *laughs* Yeah.

Fan: Can I get your picture real quick?

Daniel: Uhm... sure.

Fan: Thanks, it was nice meeting you!

Daniel: Nice meeting you too.

Some minutes pass and the same fan asks Daniel again what happened. In this conversation, Daniel divulges more information on his perspective of what happened that day.

Fan: So, what happened again?

Daniel: ... Oh what?

Fan: What happened... again?

Daniel: So, I was at the game, uh... CU game this weekend... and I was supposed to be singing the national anthem... and, uh, one of the... one of my fans, uhm... or I should say haters, from my fanbase, called the security at the CU game on me. Said I was creating a scene... uhm, which I wasn't and it was just two security guards trying to use my fanbase for their publicity... and it got to the point where, uhm, I told them I was a student... they told me to leave campus, but since I had a college dorm I can't leave campus if I want to go to my college dorm, right? So I tell them I have a college dorm and I am a student... they told me that was a lie without verifying if that was true or not and all they did was they called Boulder sheriff and they got me arrested... and now I'm banned from CU... and it's under investigation. *laughs* Yeah... kinda bull crap to say the least.

Danierival at Folsom Field

Panera Bread interview

Daniel being interviewed in Panera Bread.
Unabridged version of the interview.

On September 14, 2023, Daniel uploaded a video of himself in Panera Bread being interviewed by a man named Dylan. Daniel titled the video of the interview, "they called the police on me." Dylan stated on Discord that he had been in Panera Bread in Boulder, CO with friends when he spotted Larson, so he asked if he could conduct an interview, to which Daniel said yes. While interviewing Daniel, they talked about a range of things, including Larson's prospects to become President, how he would run the country if elected, and his plans for a future record label.

When asked about the war in Ukraine and how he would end the conflict, he answered, "I would nuke a very small country..," further explaining that this would make everyone, "... wonder what's going on and who did it..," while at the same time acting as a warning to Russia. When Dylan questioned this proposition, Daniel responded that he would, "... pair up with UK..," and, "... wait and see what happens."

September 13 phone call to CU Boulder

On September 13, 2023, Discord user S.T.O.A.T (also known as IceeBawls or Callum Gatwick) made a call to the university regarding their awareness of Daniel's presence. From what he gathered, some of the staff members had seen posts floating around online that mentioned or showed Daniel wandering around campus. These staff members were also made aware of Daniel's online antics, as well as the name of the fraternity that he had been hanging out with.[Citation Needed]

At the end of the call, the staff were advised to contact the police. S.T.O.A.T did not reach out to the authorities and it is currently unknown whether or not the campus police were called at all.


On November 30, 2023, Daniel appeared in front of a judge and pleaded guilty to attempted third degree assault, which is a class two misdemeanor. Daniel was placed on 12 months of probation, was ordered to perform 48 hours of community service and anger management classes. He was also fined an unknown amount of money. Counts one and two of his charges were dismissed by the judge. The Judge also ruled that Daniel must stay away from Folsom Field.[5]

Despite being banned from the field, Daniel asked the judge if he could apply to CU. The judge confirmed that it was allowed.


Daniel remained adamant about going to college, partially because it's one of the requirements of his probation.[6] On December 22, 2023, Daniel announced that he had applied for college.[7] A couple of hours later, Daniel posted another video saying that his application had been accepted.[8]

Daniel's college announcement

January 11 2024 Update

Daniel claimed to have called the college, and said that he will start in a month in a half and that he will be getting his equipment soon.

I just got off the phone with college, and I start in about one and a half months, and I will be getting my equipment shortly.

Early Start

Clark and grace vanderwaal just told me that I could get credits for my other college classes with yesterday's college class
~ Daniel Larson[9]

On January 22, 2024, Daniel claimed that he was starting classes that day.[10] A user on Daniel's YouTube community post asked him what he is majoring in, to which Daniel responded, "Entertainment business."[11] Daniel claimed that Clark was paying for his classes.[12] [13]


On January 24, Daniel revealed some PowerPoint slides from a class he was taking on "Ancient Texas."[14][15] These slides contained fictional information about the alleged topic, such as how the first king was, "Ishid Anfarded." Daniel posted many of these slides on his YouTube community pages all with text such as, "I learned about the timeline of Texas today in college,"[16] and "I learned about giants today in college."[17] Daniel unfortunately does not understand he is being trolled, and that his classes are not real. When asked what he had learned about Shakespeare, Daniel claimed that he learned that "He had autism."

Recorded sessions

Flexburger leaked recordings of Daniel attending 'class' on February 5 and 6 while Daniel was in jail.

"Ancient Texas"
"Music & Ent."

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