Roe v. Wade Reversal Protest

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On June 24th, 2022, the Supreme Court reversed the ruling of Roe v. Wade, a ruling which protected abortion rights, prompting large protests nationwide. Daniel decided to attend a protest in his hometown of Denver, Colorado, where hijinks ensued after he gained access to a microphone.

During the protest, Daniel was given a microphone at a small gathering where he proceeded to tell his life story up to that point, including how he exposed himself on TikTok Live, and his obsession with Grace VanderWaal. Just as he is about to go into the details of his porn career, he is cut off by an organizer. Why Daniel was even given the mic in the first place is unknown.


Daniel giving his speech


[video begins] I'm a music artist. I just started my career, like, about a year ago. But I have a very, very crazy story, very traumatizing story. I'm also on YouTube. I mean, you search my name up, you can find me.

When I was 18,- So I have autism. A very minor case of autism. I'm very well-spoken. But I never used to be able to come out of the crowds like this, and be able to talk like this, [audience starts cheering & clapping] and be- to be myself. So I'm actually out here right now because I'm in a current Boston court case because my life is at risk. And I'm going to explain why that happened. I'm going to explain exactly why that happened.

So, because of my autism, my grandmother passed away of cancer in 2000- I want to say 19. And I wanted to be a singer. I was always performing when I was younger, not at a professional level. I've always wanted to also run for politics and become president of the United States. [audience cheers] So I'm 23 years old. This is only the beginning of my career. But I'm going to say about 5 minutes, maybe less. I'm hoping it's less. But this is a very, very serious situation,

Because of my autism, I live in a disability housing service in the state of Colorado. And I went onto social media about three years ago, said I wanted to become a singer. That's all I said. I made it public. I started doing about three or four covers, and it took social media by storm. And I want to say within six months, I was gaining per week 20 million views on social media per week. And now here I am three years later at 600 million views and a lawsuit that could put my life at risk. So I came out here because I want this heard.

When I was in disability services and I was trying to get myself heard on social media, I had somebody that claimed to be a record label, reach out to me, and they gave me a contract, and it said Sony Music, and I'm going to be serious. It was a real contract. The issue is I didn't know that they got it straight off of online. Like, you could just go online and look at Sony Music contracts and find something.

What ended up happening is they wanted me to go on to TikTok live. I went onto TikTok Live, started my platform. That was around the time when I was gaining about 20 million views per week. During this entire time when I was getting the 20 million views per week, that so-called management, which I later found out was fake, they ended up getting me to go on to TikTok live and go completely nude online. And at the time there was 3000 people, 3000 people in that live. And it went worldwide viral, worldwide viral. And it kind of ruined my career, because at the time I was being inspired by a singer named Grace Vanderwaal, And at the time I was around 18 years old, and I wanted to collaborate musically.

Of course, I don't know what that's in my future anymore. I'm fighting for a chance now. But basically the reason on why I went nude on social media, and I'm going to try to make this as short as possible, is I was... I was told by big management that I was, to go nude. It was like an audition or a porn, like a regular adult porn shoot that was going to help my career blow up. They said it would give me tons of views, and it would help me out. [Daniel is then cut off by the organizer.] [Audience cheers, most likely out of awkward pity.]

[The video ends with Daniel walking away.]


Daniel uploaded many videos, including some live streams to his Daniel Larson new start YouTube account. In the live stream Daniel is seen at the front of the group and interacts with several strangers. Unlike the Daniel Larson Riots of 2020, this was the first time Daniel was present at a protest.