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Enablers (sometimes called pedo-pals) are, by definition,[1] people who encourage Daniel’s negative behavior and self-destructive habits by providing excuses or by making it possible to avoid the consequences of his behavior. It's important to note that there is a distinction to people who just assist him (EG Case Managers) and people who support him to continue his habits. Enablers are some of the most influential people in the Daniel Larson story, as it definitely would not have reached the state it is in now without enabling from a variety of people.

Enablers of Daniel can be divided into three main classes: the first being financial enablers, who, for some reason, throw money at Daniel without a second thought, the second being delusion enablers, who endorse Daniel’s grandiose delusions of being a celebrity, and the third being behavior enablers, who vehemently defend Daniel despite proof of wrongdoing. Trolls are often delusion enablers and, in fact, often stoke his delusions.

History of Enabling

During Daniel's childhood, it can be argued that his grandmother, Nancy, was his first known enabler. This is corroborated by a call made to Daniel's father, Travis Larson, wherein it was revealed that during an instant in Daniel's childhood where he colored on the walls, instead of being punished, he was instead rewarded with candy by his grandmother.[citation needed]

It's highly likely that Daniel's grandmother enabled his negative behavior, making him believe that his negative actions would be rewarded, however, it's worth noting that there is nothing proving these claims besides word of mouth, so it should be taken with a grain of salt.

Financial enablers

Though his situation is dire, Daniel remains irresponsible with money. Despite this, financial enablers continue to try to win Daniel over, that being through his wallet. Providing him with the money he regularly requests, whether through constantly donating him money through his TikTok lives (that he doesn't know how to cash out, mind you). Over the years, Daniel has accrued thousands of dollars from his beloved fans through the form of "donations," overpriced, shoddy videos on Cameo, and through others help.

The issue with financial enabling is that it reinforces Daniel's idea that he is a celebrity, and keeps his constant notion of not wanting to work healthy


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Delusion enablers

Daniel's grip on what is real and what is not was never very good to begin with, and has undoubtably worsened after years upon years of being on the internet. Enablers exploit this fact by presenting Daniel with their own invented information about things in his life, or things he desires, such as his nonexistent connections with the VanderWaals, or that he is truly a celebrity with millions of fans.

Behavior enablers

Behavior enabling is probably the most common form of enabling and the easiest to fall into, where people either let Daniel's behavior slide (because of factors such as his mental illnesses, or child), or even encourage it. This is mostly exhibited by people who know next to nothing about Daniel, or trolls who wish to cause another incident.

Papa Gut

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Law enforcement

(see Daniel's Criminal History)

Law enforcement enables Daniel in a less direct way. Daniel should obviously be committed to some sort of asylum or mental hospital for an extended period of time, but instead, time and time again, he's only given fines for his awful and repeated behavior. Cases are often dropped or ignored, and Daniel has never faced serious criminal punishments for his pedophilia or any other crimes he has commited.


Businesses, instead of pressing charges for Daniel's blatant and serial theft in the form of Dine and Dashing, let him off with a ban despite him being blacklisted from a majority of restaurants.

Luckily, the casinos seem to be much less nice to him.


Ox is probably the most prominent enabler, being notorious for financially enabling Daniel, excusing his pedophilia and behavior with the mental illness excuse, and defending Daniel from seemingly every and all criticism.

Papa Gut

Papa Gut is prominent enabler and defender of Daniel Larson.

He constantly defends Daniel's poor behavior and has even gone as far as defending his pedophilia by using the excuse of mental illness and manipulation, despite him going out on his own volition to stalk Grace VanderWaal and message minors and him displaying on multiple occasions that he knows it's wrong.

He also uses the weak and somewhat worrying excuses of “They set him up because it was trolls pretending to be 14, not real 14 year olds!” and "Muh wife is a behavioral specialist! Therefore I'm right!". More can be found in his various YouTube videos about Daniel.

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Other enablers