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Whether by choice or not, there are many content creators that use a variety of platforms that have been mentioned by, or have spoken about, Daniel Larson.

Not involved[edit | edit source]

Jojo Siwa[edit | edit source]

Jojo Siwa is a singer/dancer whom Daniel insulted on many posts for unknown reasons. Daniel has also discussed an apparent "leaked sex video" of her and Kanye West on his community tab on YouTube. Daniel also noted that she "looked underage" in it.

In August 2023, Daniel apologized on YouTube for calling her a "fucking bitch".

Kanye West[edit | edit source]

In late August 2023, Daniel posted on his community tab on YouTube, saying he had been sent a sex tape between JoJo Siwa and Kanye West.

Darci Lynne[edit | edit source]

Darci Lynne is a underaged singer who has been repeatedly sexually harassed online by Daniel. He continues to mention her on occasion.

Juice WRLD[edit | edit source]

Juice WRLD was an American rapper who died at the age of 21 in 2019. Daniel has disrespected Juice WRLD several times.

Grace VanderWaal[edit | edit source]

Singer and songwriter Grace VanderWaal is heavily involved in the Daniel Larson saga due to his pedophilic attraction to her. While Grace is (unfortunately) aware of Daniel's existence, she has not publicly addressed him.

Tupac[edit | edit source]

Tupac Shakur was an American rapper who was murdered in 1996 that was featured in three Daniel Larson songs in 2021. He was disrespected in 2022 by Daniel for being an, "...opp."

Layne Staley[edit | edit source]

Layne Staley was the lead singer of the band Alice In Chains who died in 2002. He was disrespected by Daniel sometime in 2020-2021 and is rumored to be the cause of the Celebrity in the hospital rambling.

Involved[edit | edit source]

Tina VanderWaal[edit | edit source]

Tina VanderWaal is the mother of Grace VanderWaal. She became involved after she confronted Daniel about harassing her daughter. She is still loosely involved, and is discussing legal action.

Papa Gut[edit | edit source]

Papa Gut is a commentary YouTuber who has a series about the recent events in the Daniel Larson saga.

Most of Papa Guts Daniel Larson content is mainly defending and excusing Daniel's behavior. He has such strong opinions because his wife works with the disabled.

Oompaville[edit | edit source]

Oompaville is a variety YouTuber who made a short documentary/comedy video about Daniel Larson.

Kusari[edit | edit source]

Kusari is a documentary YouTuber who has created several multi-hour long documentaries about Daniel Larson which have garnered hundreds of thousands of views.

Turkey Tom[edit | edit source]

Turkey Tom is a commentary/documentary YouTuber who made a forty-minute long documentary video about Daniel Larson.

Kanye556[edit | edit source]

Kanye556 is a rapper and TikToker who originally collaborated with Daniel on several songs. For unknown reasons, they are now enemies. Despite this, a collaboration released between the two in early 2023.

Green9racer[edit | edit source]

Green9Racer is a root beer fan and former TikToker who made troll-ish YouTube videos about Daniel after people mentioned how similar they look.

Big Spooner[edit | edit source]

Big Spooner is a rapper who made a diss track on Daniel.

PERK 30[edit | edit source]

PERK 30 is a commentary YouTuber who actively covers Daniel.

SmokeyMcC[edit | edit source]

SmokeyMcC is a commentary YouTuber who actively covers Daniel.

John Jam[edit | edit source]

JohnJam is a trolling YouTuber who actively trolls Daniel.

Goated Mines[edit | edit source]

Goated Mines is a commentary YouTuber who makes content on Lolcows, primarily Daniel. He is most notable for his contribution to the rescue of Daniel's dog, Zola/Music.