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"Nothing says happy holidays like me saying happy holidays!"

On May 31, 2023, Daniel Larson created an account on the platform, Cameo as an alternate way of getting money, aside from begging on his YouTube community tab and TikTok for people to donate to his CashApp. After World of T-Shirts made a Cameo page, Daniel's fans suggested that he should do the same. Eventually, their efforts would prove successful, as Daniel would create an account named daniellarsonsuperstar. Wanting the extra income, Daniel promoted his Cameo on his YouTube community page. Cameo is a website that allows one to pay celebrities to say a custom message, such as birthday wishes, congratulations, etc. The average price for one of these videos fluctuate, as you are given the ability to charge as much as you'd like, and some people may charge more than others. After Daniel’s "enemies" Michael Quinn and Joshua Block created Cameos, members of R/Daniellarson encouraged Daniel to do the same, as he could more easily make money by making videos on Cameo.

The videos Daniel made on Cameo were of questionable quality, as he'd frequently mispronounce words, and at times, not even follow the directions given to him. This would not serve him in the long run, as on August 16th, 2023, Daniel's account would soon be banned for unknown reasons. However, it's very likely that the reason behind this was Daniel scamming people by not fulfilling their requests, and taking their money. Despite attempts to come back to the website, Daniel's accounts are always quickly terminated.


Daniel's Cameo prices over time, growing over 20x on June 18 before falling back down to somewhat normal levels.

The initial price for a Cameo from Daniel started at $20.99, before quickly going up to $24.99, then to $59.99, then reportedly to as high as $85, presumably only getting higher due to his greed. Only when Daniel realized that his prices were driving away his customers did he lower them.

On June 16, 2023, Daniel raised the price to $50. In regard to this, he posted on his YouTube community page, "I just had to update the minimum amount for cameos because most have been complete nonsense", although it's unclear what this means.[1]

Later, on June 18th, Daniel raised the price for a personal Cameo tenfold to $500. In another post to his YouTube community page, Daniel wrote, "I just had to change the price of the cameos due to the current situation and legal crap."[2] To go along with the cost of the Cameo itself, there was also a $99 booking fee, thus bringing the total cost of a Cameo to almost $600. Later that same day, Daniel raised the price of a single Cameo to $830. When taking into consideration the $99 booking fee, it would cost almost a thousand dollars for a Cameo from Daniel. The price of a single Cameo from Daniel raised and lowered several times more throughout the day, at one point reaching a maximum of $1,069,[3] before lowering again to $900 which still totaled to almost $1,000 when including the booking fee.[4]

The next day, on June 19, the price was brought back down to $50, though it was soon increased again to $100. The number of reviews has not changed much since he started rapidly changing his pricing. However, this does not necessarily mean that he has not sold a single Cameo since. On June 20, the price was lowered to $40.

On June 27, Daniel lowered the price to $10 and on the same day uploaded a video thanking everyone for their support and stating that he made $5,000 in the past week.[5] A day later, his bank started to automatically move money into his checking to pay for concert tickets.[6] This became a financial crisis, which resulted in Daniel making many YouTube community posts and raising his cameo price up to $999 on June 28.

More pricing updates can be found in the table and graph below.

Table and Graph

Date Observed Price Reviews Star Rating
6/1/2023 $20.99
6/1/2023 $24.99
6/1/2023 $59.99
6/1/2023 $85
6/1/2023 $30
6/16/2023 $50
6/18/2023 $500 42 4.43
6/18/2023 $600 42 4.43
6/18/2023 $830 42 4.43
6/18/2023 $1,069 42 4.43
6/18/2023 $900 42 4.43
6/19/2023 $50 42 4.43
6/19/2023 $100 42 4.43
6/20/2023 $40 43
6/21/2023 $100 45
6/21/2023 $300 45
6/22/2023 $75 45
6/23/2023 $300 45
6/24/2023 $15 45
6/24/2023 $50 49
6/27/2023 $10 56
6/28/2023 $25 66
6/28/2023 $50 68
6/28/2023 $999 70 3.53
6/29/2023 $100 71 3.52
6/30/2023 $75 73 3.45
7/1/2023 $30 80 3.41
7/3/2023 $45 90 3.27
7/5/2023 $100 92 3.26
7/6/2023 $350 92 3.26
7/7/2023 $999 92 3.26
7/8/2023 $190 93 3.24
7/9/2023 $30 94 3.21
7/11/2023 $30 96 3.21
7/20/2023 $60 99 3.13
7/22/2023 $150 99 3.13
7/22/2023 $50 99 3.13
7/22/2023 $30 99 3.13
7/23/2023 $50 100 3.12
7/24/2023 $50 101 3.12
7/26/2023 $99 102 3.09
8/6/2023 $100 102 3.09
8/6/2023 $300 102 3.09
8/7/2023 $500 102 3.09
8/7/2023 $10 106 3.05
8/9/2023 $20 116 2.90
8/11/2023 $50 122 2.96


During Daniel's time on cameo before his suspension, he made a significant amount of money on it. As of July 12, 2023, there were 96 verified reviews. Given the significant price fluctuations, an assumption that everyone paid $30, and that all customers had left a review, may be unrealistic. However, using these assumptions, one can assume that Daniel had made at least $1,260 on videos alone. Taking into consideration the $3 messages, along with the assumption that not everyone that bought a Cameo left a review, Daniel has probably made well over $1,300 in Cameo sales, although this figure is mere speculation.

On June 16, 2023, Daniel uploaded a video to YouTube in which he announced that he had made enough money to pay for more studio sessions.[7] On July 23, 2023, Daniel posted a TikTok showing an all-time balance of $5,772.39.[8] Someone commented on the TikTok asking Daniel how he blew through $6,000 to which he responded, "motels." The sudden influx of cash has caused Daniel to become more confident in finding his own apartment, though, Daniel never ended up getting any sort of permanent housing. On July 22, 2023, Daniel posted he found an apartment for $3,000 a month, and that he likes the location and views.

Numerous people, including Flexburger had reached out to Cameo, attempting to get Daniel banned from the platform. In response to these demands, Cameo has said that Daniel has not broken their terms of service and as such will continue to be welcomed on their platform.

Since the beginning of the Cameo arc, Daniel had not been promoting his Cash-app as much as he had been on his YouTube or TikTok. This may be due to the revenue that he has been receiving from Cameo. It is alleged that Daniel has not been saving his Cameo funds, opting instead to spend it on things like quesadillas, and alcoholic drinks, Once some of the money went away, leaving Daniel with less spending cash, he made further efforts to promote his Cameo.

Videos, eventual scamming, and suspension

A dissatisfied review of Daniel's cameo.

On June 21, 2023, Leanna, a Cameo user, gave a one-star review to the post shown below because Daniel had mistakenly read the instructions aloud rather than following them.

This would be a sign of things to come, as eventually, Daniel would stop following the prompts he was paid to read. He would, instead, blatantly ignore them, stick his tongue out at the screen, or just boldly state to the camera that he refused to do the request, but he was thankful for the money. Daniel's time on Cameo showed a lack of understanding how the application worked, as he only saw it as a free, never-ending source of money. This would prove dangerous, as his reviews would almost instantly tank to 2.96 stars, being mostly filled with people complaining about not having their request fulfilled and advising others to not try and waste their money on Daniel as he would most likely scam you and never fulfill your request. Daniel's inability to do this would soon take a turn for the worst, as doing this was against Cameo's Terms of Service and would result in an almost instant suspension, which would soon follow for Daniel.[10]


On August 16th, 2023, Daniel was suspended from Cameo. Although the exact reason is unknown, it is highly likely that Daniel was suspended after multiple reports regarding Daniel not fulfilling Cameo requests and taking money from those who had not received what they'd paid for. Daniel, a few days before this, would receive a message from a troll claiming to work for Cameo, telling him to do the requests he was asked to do, or he'd be suspended. Even though this was most likely from a troll, this would be a sign of things to come.

After his suspension, Daniel would take to his YouTube community tab to complain about his Cameo Suspension and place blame on others, mainly his then manager, Warren, for getting his Cameo account suspended.[11]

Act II

On December 15, 2023, Daniel returned to Cameo under the name daniellarsonwork2024 claiming that "Grace", who was most likely, a troll, helped him get unbanned. The initial price for a private message was $20 and a Cameo was $30. This was ultimately fruitless, as his new Cameo account didn't even last 24 hours, getting banned in the early morning of December 16th.

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