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The Hype House Arc was an arc and key component of the Classic Era in the Daniel Larson story wherein he was placed in a group home with his most notable case manager, Jonas, who Daniel detested due to perceived "abuse," and Gavin, a housemate. Daniel moved into this home in August 2021 immediately after destroying the pink room, and eventually fled this house in December, starting the Homeless Era.

The house was in a perpetual state of chaos, and Daniel's anxiety was high during his time there. Gavin would frequently have meltdowns, which sometimes caused Daniel to act out in response. [1]


Prior to the Hype House Arc was the Pink Room Arc, where he lived in a pink bedroom for most of summer 2021 before he destroyed the room's walls by punching, kicking and slamming his head into them.


The term "Hype House" is derived from the TikTok Hype House, wherein a large group of famous TikTokers lived in a giant mansion in 2020.[2] Ironically, despite this implying that the Hype House had many members, it was just Daniel and Gavin, as well as Jonas and his wife.


Jonas, sometimes referred to as Jonaz or Jonez, is the caretaker of this era, who appeared in multiple TikTok videos. Daniel seemed to have a grudge against him, for supposed "abuse," and would frequently instigate altercations with Jonas.


Gavin was Daniel's housemate in the "Hype House" and appeared frequently in Daniel's videos, where he was known for having meltdowns that Daniel recorded and posted on TikTok; Daniel often blamed broken items and holes in the walls (which he caused) on Gavin's meltdowns, and was said by fans to have resemblance to the character Hal Stewart from Megamind.

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