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Ryan was one of Daniel's friends and buddies who stayed with him between 2018-2019. He is featured in a few old TikTok accounts, sometimes walking with Daniel and going places. It is likely that he was in the same disability housing as Daniel. It is unknown what happened to Ryan after 2019.

Daniel alleges that Ryan had sexually assaulted him sometime in 2018, while he was staying in a caretaker's home. Daniel has made numerous mentions to Ryan by name, as well as alluded to his sexual assault at other times, though not mentioning any perpetrators by name. With Daniel's history as an unreliable narrator, it is uncertain if these claims have any veracity.

Flexburger stated in a Reddit AMA in May 2023 that it was made up, and that he remembers when the lie was invented. Considering it is Flexburger, there is no way to know if this claim is true or not.

Flexburger’s response to the question

Mentions of Ryan

This is the the first YouTube video Daniel uploaded which is of Daniel & Ryan walking around a lake.

According to Clark on Daniels 21st birthday he had a party with Ryan. The night started out with them going out to purchase alcohol and as they got more intoxicated the cops got called on them for playing their music loudly. The night ended in Daniel being blackout drunk and Daniel claims on the next morning he woke up naked next to Ryan. It cannot be discerned whether Daniel was telling the truth but given the trust Clark had with Daniel it might be true.

Preface to video here. This video was posted the night of June 10, 2022, as a part of Daniel's June 10 Meltdown.


Transcript: "Do people even know that I was sexually assaulted in my own caretaker's fucking home back in 2018 by somebody named Ryan?"