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One of Daniel's many unpaid tabs seen here on 6/17/22, this one was notably expensive totaling at over $47.66

The word Dining and Dashing is an American term primarily referring to not paying an innkeeper, in this case Daniel Larson ordering and eating at restaurants, but leaving and not paying, hence the term "Dine and dashing".

This problem mainly began during the Homeless arc. Daniel has been frequently ordering food from restaurants and leaving without paying for his meals. He would post his receipts to his TikTok account in hopes of people paying for his meals, or tell the employees of the establishments that his mentor, Bob Proctor, or another caretaker would pay for them, which they most likely never did.

Some of these meals were very expensive, especially for a homeless person, sometimes totaling over $50. Even if money was graciously donated to him via Cashapp to pay for these meals, he still refused to pay and frequently has had the cops called on him.

Daniel has done this to at least over a dozen restaurants within the Denver area, many of which declined to press charges against him and instead banned him from their locations.

One restaurant apparently did press charges though, that being a Hard Rock Café located in the 16th Street Mall in Denver, Colorado. The café apparently filed charges of petty theft on May 13, 2022 as seen through Denver County Court Records. The charges were later dropped.

Cheesecake Factory

On July 6th, 2022 a Reddit user interviewed Daniel Larson about his music career. They originally met at Cheesecake Factory for the interview but were kicked out because Daniel had an unpaid tab. Daniel claimed that his caretaker was supposed to pay for this tab.

Daniel's YouTube community posts before he was arrested
The check from the Cheesecake Factory on the day he was arrested, 1/19/2023. Note the QR code, which any of Daniel's watchers could have scanned to help pay the bill, but fortunately never did.

On January 19, 2023, while at a different Cheesecake Factory in Anaheim, CA Daniel was arrested during a dine and dash attempt. He claimed that a manager told him that he couldn't leave until $100 was paid. Daniel attempted to get fans to donate for his $55.92 bill but apparently was unsuccessful as Daniel later appeared on Anaheim's "who's in jail" search.

The next day, after Daniel was released, he uploaded multiple videos explaining the situation. Daniel claims his original plan was to "have dinner, charge my phone, and go live" as apparently instructed by Ox.

The police informed Daniel that he is not allowed to do this without prior permission from the restaurant. Daniel claims that the restaurant was okay with his stream, but because the restaurant got so busy "out of the blue" and two fans came in, "and caused issues" that is why he was arrested. He has not elaborated on what issues the two fans caused. Daniel claims that his check was eventually paid for by "a fan, who is also my lawyer" though Daniel still received a "defrauding an innkeeper" charge as well as a $950 fine.

Daniel admitting to dine and dashing

On January 31st, 2024 Daniel admitted to dine and dashing via TikTok. In one of the TikTok's, he revealed that he robbed at least $50,000 from restaurants from dine and dashing. It's very debatable whether this part is true or not considering Daniel's math skills. Some people do believe that he could've dine and dashed $50,000 worth of food considering each meal would likely cost between $20-50, and that Daniel has done this nonstop. Daniel confessed to dining and dashing almost everyday, three times a day for the past four years. This is also high debated because doing this for four years, and only having a dozen or so restaurants ban you seems highly unlikely. If he really has dine and dashed 3 meals a day/365 days a year, that equals around 1,095 meals. This is over 4,380 meals in a four year time span. Even if it was just every couple of days, it would still equate to 2,496 meals a year. This ratio would be 208 which is why it is believed that DL is wrong about robbing $50,000 dollars worth of food during this four year time period.