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Elisabeth Shimer
Notice her distinct lack of eyebrows.
Name: Elisabeth Shimer
Aliases: Lisa
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Alignment: Daniel Larson’s mother
DOB: November 4, 1976
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Race: White
Nationality: American
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Parents: Nancy Shimer (1947–2019)
Daniel William Shimer (1943–2015)
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Arcs Involved: Before Era

Elisabeth Lee Avey (née Shimer, pronounced: [shy-mer]; born November 4, 1976)[2], name commonly mispelled as Elizabeth, is the ex-lover of Travis Larson, adoptive daughter of Nancy Shimer, and most notably, the mother of Daniel Larson and his late siblings, Joyetta and Olivia Larson.

Daniel's father has remained a rather unpopular figure in the Daniel Larson community, but the same cannot be said for Elisabeth. She has remained consistently disliked, even by Daniel. Elisabeth has been accused of being neglectful and abusive, which is questionable, although somewhat substantiated due to the fact that Daniel was relocated to the Tennyson Center during his childhood. Despite this fact, Elisabeth accused Daniel of, actually was, assaulted by Daniel when he was 18 years old, striking her. Despite these mutual accusations of abuse, Elisabeth’s behaviors seem to have rubbed off onto Daniel during his childhood, as much like her son, she too has an interest in music.

There are also extremely tenuous (and more importantly, unconfirmed) claims of Elisabeth sexually assaulting Daniel when he was a young child, which may have kicked off his pedophilia. This claim comes from question Daniel asked on his Quora page "Has your mother ever given you a hand job as a kid?" as well as a testimony from a person claiming to be a caretaker of Daniel's, claiming Daniel had a "history of child sexual abuse (to him and by him)." although it’s called into question as to what this means. However, it's probably unlikely, given Elisabeth becoming paralyzed, and Daniel's history of physically assaulting his mother.

Nonetheless, after Nancy's death, Elisabeth wished to keep absolutely no contact with Daniel, presumably having put a restraining order on him along with Travis. This is most likely due to the physical assault she had endured, although the claim of this restraining order on him has yet to be confirmed.

As of current, Elisabeth lives in assisted living with a care provider on account of being in a wheelchair, and seeks to have no contact with Daniel.


Not much is known about Elisabeth's early life, but what information can be found will be pieced together to form a somewhat consistent timeline of events.

Elisabeth is the adoptive daughter of Nancy Shimer, who had presumably adopted her through connections from her job as a social worker. Elisabeth was adopted prior to Nancy's divorce, although her relationship with Nancy's husband and biological children is unknown. While unconfirmed, Elisabeth herself most likely suffers from the same mental disabilities Daniel has, or is at least somewhat mentally challenged. These claims come from her appearance, which is generally not seen in able-bodied individuals, and disabilities such as autism having very high heritability rates. However, until further information comes out, it will remain unknown exactly what she suffers from.

In 1990, Elisabeth enrolled in YPIA (Young Peoples Institute of Arts and Academics), where she graduated from in 1993.[3][4] From 1995 to 2004, Elisabeth enrolled in Antelope Valley College, graduating in Music and Performing Arts.[5][6] Not long after enrolling in AVC, Elisabeth would meet Travis Larson, who, not long after, would help conceive Daniel with, to which she'd give birth on November 15th, 1998.

Daniel's mother grieving the deaths of Joyetta and Olivia.

Later on, on March 27th, 2001, Elisabeth would conceive children with Travis once more, this time being twins. She'd soon give birth to Daniels only siblings, twin girls Joyetta and Olivia Larson, though the twins passed away the following day due to RH incompatibility.[7]

Elisabeth would move to Colorado in 2009[8], when Daniel was 11. According to Youtube comments, her reasoning for moving to Colorado was due to the mental and physical health support, which both her and Daniel would need (Elisabeth more so, as at this time, she was in a wheelchair). Though, not long after, she would have no custody over him, as Daniel would begin living in the Tennyson Center. While the reason stated for Daniel being taken away was due to neglect and abuse, it is unconfirmed as to what Elisabeth (or Travis) did to him.

Elisabeth's tweets about her "music career"

Daniel has stated that his mother “couldn’t take care of him anymore,”[citation needed] and given the fact that at this time Elisabeth was disabled and in a wheelchair, it is very likely that her disability impacted her ability and to care for him, resulting in neglect. Even so, it is hard to tell what is true about Elisabeth and what is not, due to Daniel constantly going back and forth on whether he was abused or not. This seems likely, though, as in 2010, Travis and Elisabeth had parted ways. According to one of Elisabeths facbeook posts, this occured after Travis told Elisabeth to stay away from Daniel, as he'd "never get better". With this absence, it most likely added an extra factor of difficulty to parenting Daniel.

With her new husband, James Avey,[9] who she'd get engaged to on January 1st, 2011, she would co-own their business, Avey Incubator Inc in 2010,[10] which sold animal incubators.

Elisabeth, and James Avey (Daniel's step-dad)

Something that is interesting to note about Elisabeth is her affinity for singing, which most likely influenced Daniel to pursue a career in singing. On her YouTube account, she would upload several videos of her singing, the most infamous being tributes to various people, namely Daniel. One of these videos was directed towards Daniel, where she sang "I Won't Give Up", which was posted on the 28th of September, 2014.

On Elisabeth's Twitter account, she would frequently post about going to a music studio to work on her original songs, although these claims of having a music "career" and having "fans" are obviously untrue.[11]

Sometime after Daniel was adopted by Nancy, Elisabeth was soon given access to see him once more, though the exact date is unknown. She had also made a tribute video to Joyetta and Olivia, wherein she sang "Angels", sharing various pictures of them after birth. Elisabeth shows an intense love for both of these children, although by the time the video had been posted, it had been well over a decade after their births, presumably showing more love for them than Daniel.

Later life, and poor health

Since Elisabeth was roughly 20 years old, she had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of lupus, an incurable genetic autoimmune disease found predominantly in women, which caused her multiple health related issues.[12]

While Travis lives happy life with his new wife and child(ren), same can't be said for her.

As of March 10th, 2010, Elisabeth has been put on chemotherapy and immunosuppressants due to her lupus, which eventually left her wheelchair-bound.[13] In 2015, she went into partial assisted living, where her[See discussion page, do not cite] health would continue to deteriorate further which is evidenced by her posting on Facebook about her being in and out of the hospital on a daily basis.

On February 8th, 2016, Elisabeth posted on Facebook that she is paralyzed from the breastbone down, causing her to be in a wheelchair permanently.[14] This should be remembered, as her being in a wheelchair would not prove to be positive within the coming years.


Elisabeth disavowing Travis. You go, girl!


Main article: Travis Larson

Like many other aspects about them, not much about their relationship with each other is known. But, according to Facebook posts, their relationship deteriorated around 2010, coming to a screeching halt after Travis called Daniel a lost cause, insisting he would never get better.

After this, Elisabeth insisted that she did not need a man in her life, claiming Travis to be "..obsessed with sex" and not caring for others feelings. These posts kicked off a constant theme of not needing a man in her life. However, this did not last very long, following her engagement on January 1st, 2011.

After their breakup, Travis left her for another woman not long after Daniel was taken away. Following their breakup, Travis had at least one daughter with his new partner, named Aurora Larson.


Main Article: Nancy Shimer

Got anymore of them pixels?

Elisabeths relationship with her adopted mother is most unknown. What is known is that through connections as a social worker, Elisabeth was adopted by Nancy. Though, it isn't known at what time or year she was adopted. In June 2022, in comments made under a video uploaded by Papa Gut, she elaborated on her relationship with her Nancy, where she claimed that Nancy had not liked her moving away to Colorado in 2009, resulting in Nancy "spreading lies", said lies being unclear. Additionally, Elisabeth reaffirms the claims about Daniel's mental health issues.

What is important to know is that these claims about Nancy are most likely not true. Due to her disability, and Daniel (in Flexburgers words) "being an asshole", she was unequipped to care for him, especially given Travis's absence. Despite Nancy's enabling, It is most likely that Nancy called child protective services to get Daniel into a home where he could be properly cared for, which ended up being the Tennyson Center.

Danny boy, and his absolute smokeshow of a mother. Talk about getting the Genetic middle finger.


Main article: Daniel Larson

Daniel is Elisabeth's first and only biological child after the death of her twins.

Elisabeth's relationship with Daniel can be best described as shattered. Daniel has claimed that Elisabeth was abusive to him during his childhood, though the exact nature of this abuse is unknown, as one time he said that she and Travis beat him with belts for "15 years", and at another time, saying that she had never abused him at all. However, in Facebook posts made in the early 2010's, Elisabeth would wax poetic about how much she loved Daniel. Even after Travis left her in 2010, Elisabeth still made an effort to try and get her back into her life, but eventually gave up on Daniel herself.

One of Elisabeths nicknames for Daniel was, "Danny Boy", which he'd grow to detest and hate being called. Daniel also alledges that Elisabeth hated being called "mom" or "mother", and demanded that Daniel call her "mommy", otherwise she'd get upset.[16] However, like many others things, it should be noted that Daniel is extremely delusional and his statements should not be taken at face value.

This would not serve her in the long run, as In June 2022, Elisabeth would soon came out about Daniel beating both her and his grandmother for "ten straight years", painting him as the abuser. This got to a point where Daniel was even arrested, having to serve 44-45 in prison for 3rd degree assault against his mother.

In June of 2022, Elisabeth would leave comments on videos made by YouTuber Papa Gut, detailing her experiance with Daniel while he was living with both her and his grandmother,

In the comments, Elisabeth would go into further detail on a number of topics relating to Daniel, including Daniel's various disabilities that were beyond autism (such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder), his history of physical violence against both her and Nancy Shimer, the interpersonal relationship between the three of them, and how Daniel even went to jail because of this physical violence.[17]

Suffice to say, she has absolutely no more love for Daniel has grown to despise him, despite being the only (biological) family she has still left.

Other Social Media Accounts

Example of a troll pretending to be his mother

While there are various social media accounts that can be verifiably identified as Elisabeth, there are also several TikTok and social media accounts with her name, but none of them have been verified, as most are run by people using her photos to impersonate her. Most of them re-upload videos from her YouTube channel to try and add validity, but some have caught the communities attention by leaving comments on Daniel's videos. But what is important to note is that none of these accounts are real, as most of them have been created very recently and have no information to prove that they are the real, authentic Elisabeth.

When seeing an account claiming to be Elisabeth or any of Daniel's other family members, take it with a grain of salt, as it is mostly likely run by trolls or impersonators.


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