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Name: Clark
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Alignment: Management
DOB: Unknown (early to mid 20s based on appearance)
Gender: Male
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Griffin, better known as Clark or Clark & Associates, was one of Daniel's most notable managers, along with being a troll who, under the guise of being a lawyer for the VanderWaal family, became a self-proclaimed "assistant helper" of Daniel's,[2] despite not helping Daniel very much at all. He is also the manager who has spent the most amount of time with Daniel, managing him for a whopping 10 months. Clark is now considered by many on the subreddit to be the next lolcow.

Clark is very controversial, mainly for fueling Daniel's dangerous delusions of being in contact with Grace VanderWaal and her family, getting his associates to role-play as Grace and other famous people across several discord servers, and on a lesser scale, convincing Daniel that he was attending classes at UCLA.[2][3][4] He is also known for gatekeeping content of Daniel, leading Daniel into potentially dangerous situations where he has freaked out in public such as the Golden Hotel Incident and the Olive Garden Incident, financially enabling Daniel by supplying him with cash and gift cards,[5][6] and being behind every call made to Daniel whilst he was in jail.

Clark initially found Daniel during the Las Vegas Arc, to which he then "played the long game" until he managed to gain the title of Daniel's manager. His "firm's" name is watermarked on the Folsom County court hearing footage, as well as several other videos. Since then, Clark has been involved in many incidents, such as the Golden Hotel Incident and the Olive Garden Incident both wherein he convinced Daniel that he and Grace had bought a reservation at said establishment. When it was found there was not one, it ultimately resulted in Daniel causing damage to property inside the establishment and screaming profanities at the staff.

On December 17th, 2023, Clark was doxxed by one of Daniel's most prolific managers, Flexburger, after he did an interview with LarsonLeak,[2] a channel Flexburger himself owns. Despite his identity being exposed, Clark still opted to manage Daniel, unlike many others who had quit after having their identities exposed.

However, on February 28th, 2024, Clark vanished from the Daniel Larson community and demanded for personally identifiable information about himself to be removed from his article from this very wiki, so people could not track him. It was assumed that he officially cut ties with Daniel. However, this didn't last very long, as on May 1st, 2024, a phone call between Clark and Daniel was leaked online after Daniel was arrested by the FBI on April 30th, 2024. It wouldn't be until later on that Clark gave him a straightforward call revealing that Daniel's entire internet life was a complete lie (from that all people claiming to be Grace VanderWaal were fake and that the real Grace never interacted with him nor would she even appreciate the likes of him, to that Tina VanderWaal's only time that she ever interacted with him was to tell him to leave her daughter alone, to revealing that and that he needs to face the consequences for his actions because of all the federal offenses he committed, etc).

Clark has cemented himself as one of Daniel’s most controversial managers, as during the wake of the Second Jail Arc, he as well as other members of management were investigated by the FBI regarding threats Daniel had made.


Prior to managing Daniel, Clark "had a decent thing going" for himself after he graduated from high school, losing his luck after getting expelled from college due to him constantly drinking and "doing a lot of stupid things." After attending rehab, Clark channeled his obsession with drinking into Daniel. Seeing as Daniel was ripe for exploitation in the lead up to his interactions with him, Clark obtained his number from an unknown individual and started to message him until he gained Daniel's trust.

Before becoming Daniel's manager, Clark was originally in a fake LBI Entertainment group before the end of 2023, trolling Daniel and likely being behind the Olive Garden Incident.

After becoming Daniel's manager, Clark alleged that they spoke more than 10 hours a week, to a point where it was interfering with his work schedule and relationship with his parents.[2] This got to the point where Clark was reprimanded at his job for speaking to Daniel so much, so much so that his parents caught Clark talking to Daniel on Thanksgiving.[2] This is given the fact that due to Daniel's homelessness and lack of resources and a job, he has almost nothing to do all day but talk to people on the phone and post on social media.

Clark needs to record phone calls according to Daniel McDougall

Trolling and Manipulation


Clark and his associates mainly had conversations with Daniel in a Discord server, wherein they would roleplay as Daniel's delusions (most notably Grace VanderWaal) to gain Daniel's trust. These conversations came as far back as November of 2023 and can be found in the November 1st - November 13th DLTFM Logs.


Main article: UCLA Arc

Also known as the Second College Arc, Clark and a few trolls deceived Daniel that he had been accepted into University of California, Los Angeles. Clark had convinced Daniel that he was paying for his classes, which consisted of absurd and questionable topics (such as the first king of “Ancient Texas” being “Ishid Anfarded”). This deception only lasted for 11 days, ending when Daniel was arrested on February 3rd, 2024.


Clark was one of many people who gaslit Daniel. Many of these gaslighting incidents led to Daniel having outbursts, such as The Golden Hotel Incident, in which Clark insisted Daniel had a reservation for a room when he did not.

Clark’s Retirement from management

While he had “officially” retired from being Daniel’s management on March 1st, 2024, only to return in April 2024, Clark officially retired from being management in May 2024 following the April 30th arrest.

"Clark Out"

Clark claimed to have been investigated by policemen that arrived to his place of work, showing a video of police scouting his workplace. From here on, Clark went radio silent especially to his management team which had led many to believe Clark was facing criminal charges for coercion and his involvement with Daniel. However, this was not the case as Clark revealed that while he was told by secret service agent Daniel MacDougall to not interfere with the investigation, he himself along with the rest of management would assist with the investigation in the end, bringing Daniel to justice.

Following the release of Larsonleak's video, Clark would make a post on the subreddit defending his own actions before ending the post with "Clark out", a saying that has become popular within the subreddit associated with Clark.

Clark would cement himself as a separate lolcow within the Daniel Larson community, with his role and his means of getting rid of Daniel being a subject of immense debate, with the community being split upon the morality and tactics of Clark's actions to get Daniel locked up.

While Clark has retired from management and the creation of content, he has still been loosely involved in giving content to the community.