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Quacko, pronounced by Daniel as "Cracko",[1] is an infamous troll and manager of Daniel Larson and an enemy of the r/Daniellarson subreddit[2][3] and eventual enemy of Daniel himself.[4]

Quacko's main goal was to be Daniel's producer and to make music for him, despite creating music in Adobe Premiere Pro, which is a video editing software, not a music creation software. He also may have tried to make money off of Daniel, as he had a merchandise store listed on the Daniel Larson YouTube channel. Whether he owned the merch store or not is unclear.

Eventually Quacko removed the merch store from the YouTube page (likely because people were getting mad at him for having a merch store available) and attempted to cover up its existence entirely via removing it from the community tab and video descriptions. However, he forgot to remove the merch store from the description of the video titled "Daniel Larson - Old Town Road". An archived version of the webpage with the description intact (in case Quacko ever removes it) is available here.

The Daniel Larson YouTube channel is eligible for monetization, but Quacko states he never set it up to go to a bank account.

Videos involving Quacko

Quacko has been mentioned explicitly by Daniel in a multitude of videos but the most unhinged is the video below. In this video Daniel can be seen walking in the dark ranting about Quacko. He states that Quacko had called him using Bob’s phone number which is possible due to Sim Swapping. Daniel then continues his rant by talking about getting the FBI involved and saying how his probation officer is on the offensive against Quacko. He then says the n word a few times along with threatening to stab himself. Humorously he ends the video by saying "dead men tell no tales" with a drawn-out cadence.

Quacko's Influence

It's not clear what exactly Quacko had pushed Daniel to do, but speculations can be done in order to portray a better picture. According to Daniel, Quacko hacked Daniel’s accounts several times, even though there isn't sufficient evidence proving he hacked anything. Quacko also may have been behind the Sleepy Joe incident.

According to CDQ, another troll, Quacko also influenced Daniel to purchase sex toys from the back of a Spencer's.


Quacko was eventually doxxed after he had upset the r/Daniellarson subreddit because of his gatekeeping of Daniel.