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The following occurrence of the fog was posted in July 2021 on one of Daniel's previous TikTok accounts, @daniellarsonishere.

The Fog refers to a period of time in 2021, wherein videos Daniel recorded would have a blurry, fog-like effect placed over it due to him putting tape over his camera.

The first known video of the fog is from November 15th, 2020, and in the following months, it would disappear and reappear, it being so severe in some videos that Daniel was no longer visible. The comments under these video often said "The fog is coming", referring to a TikTok meme where users warned each other of a vague, lovecraftian, and threatening "fog." Daniel has never responded to any of these comments, probably never knowing what these comments were referring to.

There was much speculation as to what "the fog" actually was, as there was no concrete evidence for any claims made about its origin. Before Daniel confirmed the cause of the fog, one of the believed causes of the fog was that Daniel damaged his phone’s front and/or back camera in what was presumably a meltdown or from water damage, with one related theory being that he tape over the screen to protect his phone. Another theory was that The Fog was caused due to Daniel ejaculating on his phone and letting it dry.

Daniel Confirming the Origin

In October of 2023, Daniel claimed on the @daniellarsonfreedom TikTok account that the fog was caused by management telling him to place tape on his camera before peeling it off to bolster “extra publicity.”[1] Based on the numerous theories and evidence including DMs from the time,[Citation Needed] this has been proven to officially debunk the Fog Arc.

The Fog has made periodic appearances in different, most notably through "The Glare," where Daniel's camera would seemingly be blurred due to glaring from light sources surrounding him. These would be more prevalent during the winter months between 2021-2024.

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