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A picture of World of T-Shirts

Joshua Block (born August 7, 2001), more commonly known as World of T-Shirts, is a TikTok star who gained popularity in 2020 for his eccentric personality and funny videos/live streams. Throughout his TikTok career, Joshua has had several online interactions with Daniel Larson. Joshua’s manager, Michael Quinn, is another notable figure in the Larsonverse.

Daniel Larson Records Collab[edit | edit source]

Daniel almost convinced World of T-Shirts to sign a record deal with Daniel Larson Records, but Joshua understandably canceled the deal once he discovered Daniel's past.

Daniel Shouts Out World of T-Shirts[edit | edit source]

In May 2021, Daniel posted a TikTok in which he responded to a viral video of World of T-Shirts screaming the lyrics to "Empire State of Mind" by Jay-Z. In his post, Daniel says, "This message is to World of T-Shirts. In New York."

On January 3, 2023 Daniel posted another video in which he says, "This message goes out to Joshua, World of T-shirts. You need to go back to selling t-shirts because you are not ready for this industry."

On April 27, 2023, Daniel posted another TikTok ominously requesting that his fans, "...stop talking about Josh from past management,"[1] due to the fact that, "...he is banned," with no further clarification.

Before Meeting[edit | edit source]

Upon hearing news of Daniel’s plans to travel to New York City, fans and Michael Quinn wanted to see a meet-up between the two figures. On Reddit and TikTok, many people attempted to convince Daniel to find Joshua and fight him. While it seemed neither were interested, Michael Quinn and both of their fan groups certainly were. The consensus was that even if this did happen it is likely that Daniel would back out, to the disappointment of many.

Later on, 'fans' would continually harass Daniel about doing a collaboration with World of T-Shirts. Many fighting with him, or taunting him by claiming that Joshua was on his way to his current location, as well as a plethora of other creative ways to try to get under Daniel's skin.

After Daniel arrived in New York City, trolls attempted to arrange an 'accidental' meet-up between Daniel and Joshua. Daniel was sent to multiple locations that Joshua frequented, being under the impression that Grace VanderWaal would be at these locations. Joshua expressed multiple times on TikTok that he does not wish to meet Daniel, and even had to leave establishments after Daniel was likely to show up at.

After the Bodega Incident, Joshua posted a TikTok in front of Little India Bodega, the location at which Daniel was assaulted. In the video, Joshua announced that Daniel Larson got punched in the nose at the Bodega, and that he, World of T-shirts, runs New York City.

Meet Up[edit | edit source]

On May 10, after Michael Quinn and Daniel had met two days prior, Quinn got Daniel and Josh to finally meet. Caught on film, as Daniel walked through the doors of the Starbucks at the World Financial Center in downtown New York. Daniel is visibly smiling in the video. The tension of the moment quickly faded as the two shook hands, Joshua then recorded his well known rendition of "Empire State of Mind" with Daniel in the background gleefully waving to the camera. The two broke bread together and discussed Josh's drinking problems, and Daniel's experiences along the west coast on a livestream.

Cameo[edit | edit source]

Around May 29, after creating a Cameo, World Of T-Shirts got an order in which a Daniel Larson fan paid to have him say that he was dating Grace Vanderwaal. Mistakenly however, Josh said that he was doing Grace instead.

In what appears to be Daniel's response, posted around the same time, he announced that both World Of T-Shirts and Michael Quinn are banned from all of his concerts.

Later, this creation lead to fans pushing Daniel to make a cameo, which he eventually did.