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Not to be confused with the Second Jail Arc following an unrelated April 30th arrest. For other uses, see Jail (Disambiguation).

Daniel's mugshot from his evasion of justice charge.

The Jail Arc or the First Jail Arc is a period of when Daniel was placed into jail for almost a month.

On February 3, 2024, Daniel Larson was arrested for evasion of justice and placed into Arapahoe County Jail following multiple failures to appear in court. He was transferred to Boulder County Jail on the 14th, and the arc ended after he spent a total of 4 weeks in jail on March 1st, 2024 when he was released on a year of probation. However, he would be arrested the next month and again on April 2 for the same charges, and again on April 30th for Use or Threatened use of an explosive and Interstate Communication of Threats.

This was considered the third longest time Daniel was in jail behind the November 2017 Arrest, and the longest time in 2024 before the Second Jail Arc.


In the previous month, Daniel was arrested in the Denver International Airport for his multiple active warrants after getting into a confrontation with an officer. Following his arrest, he was released on a PR (personal recognizance) bond, a special type of unpaid bond introduced as part of Colorado's 2021 bail reform that is granted exclusively by judges for typically non-violent or trusted inmates who would not be able to post bond otherwise,[1][2] despite the fact that Daniel is a repeat and violent offender who regularly does not show up to court.

Even though Daniel was set up with an exceptionally lenient arrangement by the court, Daniel still purposely did not show up to his hearings for weeks in favor of doing things such as going to fake UCLA college classes and focusing on his 'career' as a celebrity. His failures to appear in court resulted in a warrant for his arrest being issued and Daniel was eventually arrested on the 3rd of February for evasion of justice.

The Arrest

Daniel went live in the early hours of February 3 while strolling around outside, claiming that cop cars were following him around throughout the livestream, even going around the block three times looking for him. At the end of the stream, Daniel abruptly stated that he was going into lockdown and the stream ended.

Daniel’s paranoid livestream before his arrest

This could have been chalked up to a simple delusion at the time, but soon after, someone on the r/daniellarson subreddit claimed that Daniel had been arrested whilst on the phone with Clark, his then manager.[citation needed] Daniel was arrested on a fugitive warrant, specifically evasion of justice, as Daniel had purposely missed several court dates. Daniel was booked and jailed in Arapahoe County in Colorado, his initial bail getting set to $20,000 before being lowered to $500.

On February 6, reddit user u/Impressive-Falcon856 posted body cam footage of Daniel being arrested, which was acquired after paying a sum of $174. The whole Aurora police department received an email briefing about Daniel, along with his threats about shooting up a hospital, and were told to immediately apprehend him when seen. When arrested, his phone was also taken into evidence.

It is speculated that the authorities are planning to make a case out of Daniel's various threats, public outbursts, and potentially, his pedophilia.

Bodycam footage of Daniel's arrest (individually archived videos)

[Officers are at the mall, and they approach Daniel]

Officer 1: (on radio) It's 682, we're gonna go ahead and make contact with him right now.

(Another officer is already dealing with Daniel)

Officer 2: Put your hands behind your back, calm down. You're under arrest.

Officer 1: Hey, buddy, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay.

Officer 3: Relax, Daniel. Relax. You're under arrest. You have a warrant for your arrest, relax. Okay? Deep breaths. Calm down. You're good.

(Officer 2 handcuffs him)

Officer 3: It's gonna be okay, buddy, we're gonna figure out the warrant, okay? So just relax, everything's okay, you're gonna be okay.

Officer 1: (on radio) 682, we got him in custody right now, we're gonna be walking him out of the food court. (to Daniel) We'll have you stand up, okay, buddy?

Daniel: OK.

Officer 1: How's your day going other than this?

Daniel: Um, it's okay. I just have class that starts in...

Officer 1: What kind of class?

Daniel: I just go to college. Uh, marketing, something like that.

Officer 1: Oh, heck yeah, man, heck yeah.

Officer 3: We're gonna take you straight up this way.

(they start walking him out, an additional officer is leading them)

You're gonna be good, man. What's up, baby sauce? This way? Okay. This is 21, thank you, sir. You got like three of them. The one that they want you for is the one that's out in, I believe, Boulder. Talking about a probation violation or something, so you clear that stuff out with them. It's gonna be all good, okay? Yeah. You got a bag? Do you know if my phone broke by any chance? I don't think, no, we got everything here. Your phone's right here, your charger's here. Do you know if the screen broke or anything? Nah, you're good, bro. Nah, it should be good, look. The phone. No, phone's right here. No, no, no. Okay. Okay, good. Here, I'm gonna lift your chair. Thanks for being cooperative, my man, I appreciate it, okay? We had a couple conversations at the mall, right? Yeah. Yeah. You're good, you're good. You got your, so you want to explain it to them real quick? Yeah. So what we're gonna do to you is issue a trespass from this mall. It is for life, so you're not welcome back. We have all your information here. We're just gonna get a picture of you, and then after today, you're just not welcome back here. Okay. So as long as you stay away from the mall, you should be all good, okay, brother? And it's for life? For life, yeah. Okay, so if you don't want to look at the camera real quick. So we got, you got a bag, property bag? I, oh, yeah. Okay, yeah, it's right here. You want to switch sides with me? Yeah, man, I got you, I got you. All right. All right, have a seat, bud. All right, Mr. Larson. You get those warrants and everything taken care of, and then we'll see you out here again, okay? Okay. All right, brother. I wasn't aware of the warrants. Okay. I am aware of the warrants. Okay. All right. All right. All right. All right. All right. All right. All right. I wasn't aware of the warrants. Okay. I just have been staying at a hotel. Okay. On this end of town. I got you. And I am, because I'm, like, self-employed. Okay. I didn't have enough money to get to the court. Gotcha. And all of my paperwork and all of my stuff is at the hotel. I got you. No worries. So the good thing about this is you're going to get one of these warrants cleared up, okay? Okay. There's two other warrants that's in the system for you right now. So make sure once you get... Denver and Denver, right? And Jefferson? Yeah. One is Denver and one is Jefferson. Once you get those cleared up, you ain't got nothing to worry about. Just if you ever in the future was to get a ticket, at least call them to let them know that you won't be able to make it and they can try to reschedule some stuff for you so you don't get those warrants cleared up. That's what I was actually working on doing as well. Okay. Already. Okay. I saw you guys in there. It's okay. And I was, like, I don't know if, because I was told that, like, I can't leave the state of Colorado. I got you. I thought I was following the rules. So I was, like, I am more than aware that you guys probably know about the warrant, but I didn't think that you guys could arrest me on the warrant. Some of the warrants are, some of them are listed, like, you know, either citywide or whatever, or statewide. The one that they wanted you on was a statewide. So anywhere in the state can pick you up on that one, which is why we can't charge you with the, or take you in on the other two. So that's why I'm just keeping you updated right now. When you get done with this one, make sure that you take care of the other two, okay? Because I don't want you getting jammed up again. Okay. All right? And do you know which jail? Yeah, our jail right across the street. Okay. Okay? And then I'll give you, since we made contact, I'm going to give you my business card or whatnot, okay? Do you know what type of warrant it is? It's a probation violation warrant. All right? Okay. Do you know if it's a bent warrant or? It's like a $20,000 warrant. Okay. All right? So just when you get down there, they'll probably be able to explain it a lot better than what I can. And then you just take it from there. Okay, brother? Okay. All right. I'll leave my business card inside the property bag or whatnot, and that'll be it. All right? Take care of yourself, brother. Do you know if it's like a PR or? I'm not too sure. Okay. Just when you get down there, ask them all that stuff, and they'll be able to tell you, okay? Okay. All right, brother. You take care of yourself, man. Oh, Lee. Hey, bro. Business card. Oh. What's the business card? Oh, it's garbage. I'm throwing it out. Oh, you got a business card? Oh, me? No. Well, actually, yeah, I do. Yeah. You want my business card? Yeah. Give it to everybody. Yeah. I got mine in here. I'm going to put it in the car. I appreciate you, bro. Yes, it's... Garbage. Hey, so I've got to sign this on the fugitive side, but if you have a report with him, I'd be... I mean, I can go down, I can book him, and I can do whatever you want me to do, or I don't know if you were planning on booking him or... I don't... Either or is fine. I don't... I'm okay. Bye, boss. All right. 2-18. We're off to the jail for the doorman. Copy. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Okay. Uh-huh. Yeah. Okay, do you want... Do you want to get checked out by medical? Okay. Okay. Yeah. Yeah, I'm guessing the main thing is they tell you that so you don't stiff up and raise your arms. Do you want a sergeant to meet us at the jail? It's right over here. You can tell them your concerns if you wish. You want to do that? Okay. 2-18 to Cruiser 21. Yeah. Here. I'll have him stop by here. 2-18, I'm trying to race Cruiser 21. 2-18, I'm trying to race Cruiser 21. Uh-huh. Out of Boulder. Okay. How what works? Yeah, so that means that at some point you were given some type of protection order with stipulations. You broke a certain stipulation, maybe more than one, and therefore they issue a warrant. Yeah, this is not one of those. No. Yes. Boulder, so they'll take you to Boulder. Okay. 2-18 to Cruiser 21 on channel 2. Okay. 4-44. 4-44, I just want to please say 2-18, go back to active angle over there. Great, 4-44. 2-18 on tag. Cruiser 21, are you here? Hey, Sergeant, can you meet me at the jail? Gentleman here would like to talk to you about the way he was arrested. Okay. Uh-huh. Yeah. So, I didn't really have time to really like message him. Okay. And, uh, he asked me to get him after I missed going to meet him as well. Okay, I don't think, I'm not sure this has to do anything with that at all. It could be. It could be that one of the stipulations is that you are to meet him every so and so. I can't really tell you. It's Boulder again, so I don't know how they do things there, you know? Right. Wow. What you got? I got a... Hmm. Yeah. What questions do you have? I'm Sergeant Davis. I was one that was there. So, hi. So, when I was met with the officers that arrested me... Uh-huh. They grabbed both my arms and put them behind my back. Uh-huh. It's called arrest control. Right. Okay. I feel like it was kind of aggressive. It may have been a little aggressive. Yes. Okay, do you know what kind of warrants you have? I do, yes. Okay. Do you think that due to the fact that you have a history of being violent with other people, that maybe that's why they did that? Because here's the thing. Right. If they do that, and then that keeps you from being violent, then that keeps you from being hurt, doesn't it? Right. Okay. And I agree. Okay. I just feel like it was aggressive for the meaning of what they were trying to do at that time. I feel like if I was being aggressive, then I feel like that makes sense. Okay, did you make statements that you were going to shoot up the Aurora Mall? I did not. Okay. On TikTok, you did not do that? No. Okay. Well, that's possibly one of the things that you got these warrants on, is because of that. Okay? So that's up for debate, but that's the information that we have. So we don't know if you're armed. We don't know what other weapons you may have on you. So what…What do you use to, what part of your body do you use if you're going to use a weapon? You would use your hands, right? I would use my hands. Exactly. So we want to have control of your hands. And so for our arrest control and the way that we do arrest controls, we gain control of the hands and there's certain ways that we do that. It's a twist lock and sometimes it's uncomfortable, right? It's not the most comfortable hold to have your hand twisted like this, okay? But what does that keep you from doing? Keeps you from fighting, huh? Right. Okay. Yes. All right. I, another thing is I am extremely popular on social media, so it doesn't surprise me that one of my fans would have called the Aurora Mall and then claimed I said something I didn't because that happens all the time as well. Okay. All right. All right. So I'll give you my card, my business card, okay? Okay. If you have a logic complaint, there's a complaint number on the back or you can call me directly, okay, from the card if you have any other questions, okay? I would tell you that you're probably going to get a better return as far as someone talking to you if you just call me if you have any other questions, okay? Okay. All right. Does that work? That works. Okay. Thank you. So, you good, Alexis? Oh, definitely. So we'll put this in your property, wherever he has, where's your property at? I'll go get it in the car. Okay. You lay right there, it's fine. Yeah. So he'll, this will be in there. Okay. Any other questions for me? Not really. I mean, I know how the jail process works. Okay. And it's kind of not great. But I was going to go ahead and also call my probation officer and let him know, like, this is why I can't do this. Okay. They'll probably do that for you. Okay. They'll call in and do all that stuff. But just ask them, make sure that they do call your probation officer, okay? Okay. All right? Yes. Any other questions for me? Nope. I think I'm good. Okay. Just hope I get out and I can go about my day or whatever. Do what I need to do and go back to my probation officer. Okay. That's my hope. Okay. All right. Thank you. Thank you. All right. He's grabbing stuff out of the car real quick. Okay. 26. That's swings. Crews 21, he's out getting something from the car. Do you know if I'm going to be transferred or I'm going to be booked here or I'm going to be booked here? What's that? Do you know like if I'm going to be booked here or transferred? Yeah, so you're booked here and then they'll transfer you to where that warrant is out of. And then I'll get booked there. Yeah, I don't know how that works. I don't know how the jurisdictions work as far as that goes, but that's usually what they do. They have their own booking process. So you'll go through that. I haven't been in here over here. It hasn't changed a lot. It's still the same nasty green color and well, actually, the color used to be kind of cool. But now it's so related to this dirty and nasty. Yeah, just like we're going back and forth, handcuffing him to the bench. So now we're back to handcuffing him to the bench at all times. Okay. Benches are kind of low. Okay. They are. Okay. Yeah, I got it. So I don't know if those are the new ones. So I have the warm one on the top there. So this is a wrap out and then wrap and then Adams. And Adams, we don't have to get the charges applied. Hopefully there isn't one. Yeah. No notaries. Of course not. Go ahead. They kind of simplified it. I don't know if they've, the last one that I looked at looked about the same, but it looks, it's supposedly a lot easier to fill it out. Warmest arrest affidavits. Is probation violation a felony or a mistake? Depends. Okay. This one is a mistake. Yeah. Okay. Yep. You good? Yeah. Okay. Thank you. Did you need any? So what was he calling you about? I guess 116 is dealing with a possible child abduction. And I guess everybody and their mamas there speak Spanish. So I'm the only Spanish speaker in the city probably. An actual abduction. It sounds like it. Yeah. Okay. All right. Let's see what we got on that. Shit. Yep. Sir. End of contact. End of contact. Okay. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Court appearances

Possible first appearance

On February 5, 2024, a "Daniel Larson" was scheduled to appear in court, which would have been live streamed.[3] During the brief moments that the live stream was up Reddit users reported that a lawyer stated that this was not the Daniel Larson they were looking for.[4] Many believe that the lawyer was lying in an attempt to avoid having rowdy people in the live stream,[5] however there does seem to be some evidence to suggest that it was actually a different Daniel. Evidence includes Daniel Larson not being in Boulder county at the time according to vinelink, and Daniel Larson claiming that he did not have a public defender in a leaked call that took place a day after this court appearance. Nonetheless the live stream was shut down by the court due to trolls.[6]

February 13 no show

On February 13, 2024, Daniel was scheduled to appear in Jefferson County Court at for case C302023M6716. The intent of this appearance was an arraignment but due to being in jail in Arapahoe County, Daniel did not appear.[7] The judge set a new date for March 27.[8][9]

February 14 appearance

On February 14, 2024, Daniel appeared in court[10] for a hearing on advisement.[11] According to Reddit user /u/EffectiveRun-8848, during the hearing, Daniel's attorney stated that he had been diagnosed with autism and PTSD, and that Daniel had friends assisting him with finding shelter via motels. They also told the judge that Daniel had made money on TikTok through his fame. The judge ordered a psychological evaluation and a new court date February 23.[12] Daniel's bond was set to $5,000 with a $500 cash option.[13] He was then transferred to the Boulder County Jail.

March 1 appearance and release

On March 1, 2024, Daniel appeared in court for a hearing. He was released, and sentenced to one year of probation.

Future appearances

Performing a six-month search on the Colorado Judicial Branch website for "Daniel Larson" returns two future dates: an "Rtrn on Summ for Rev of Prob" for case C72023M1704 in Boulder County on March 1, 2024, and a review hearing for case D72023DR823 also in Boulder County on April 4, 2024. Without obtaining the case details, which are accessible for a fee, it is difficult to determine the alleged offenses associated with these appearances.

Due to being in jail, Daniel could not be in Jefferson County for his court date there, which was postponed until March 27.

For his charge carrying the $20,000 bond there is a court date February 15.[14]

Time in Jail

During jail time, Daniel called Clark four times. He was also allegedly raped by his cellmate.

First call

On February 8, 2024, Flexburger shared a phone conversation between Clark and Daniel while he was in the detention facility. The call took place on February 6.

Call begins at 1:13


Automated voice: Hello, this is a call from Daniel Larson an inmate at the detention facility

Daniel: Thank god, okay, yeah so apparently this all pretty much Bob's fault, but it's because, don't tell him this...but it's because I haven't been going to my, um, probations meetings because he won't give me my money to be able to get there

Clark: Okay so I have a couple of things to tell you I guess because I don't know have you had any contact with the outside world yet?

Daniel: No I haven't

Clark: Well uh, sadly Toby Keith passed away

Daniel: Who?

Clark: The guy who sings red solo cup

Daniel: Right so Toby Keith passed away...what the hell?

Clark: Yeah [laughs] well how's- well how's... so how are you doing so far?

Daniel: Well sigh I am doing okay

Clark: Do they have you in general population like with a bunch of people?

Daniel: I guess it's considered protected custody general population

Clark: Oh okay

Daniel: Yeah so I am not quite sure, but everyone is friendly, everyone is kind, I'm getting some help from the inmates, you know, trying to cope but...Yeah I don't-I don't know why they put my bond so high

Clark: I know! $20,000!?

Daniel: Worst case scenario yeah, and I don't think I'm going to be here too long

Clark: No, I mean max, is what I was looking into and I think 120 days

Daniel: Well that's a 100 a max of 120 days is still a decent time but...

Clark: I mean yeah that's scary

Daniel: Um, yeah it is scary, but..yeah

Clark: Your body cam footage just came out like 2 hours ago

Daniel: Wait a minute so the fans leaked my camera footage?

Clark: Yup, all of it

Daniel: From the jail?

Clark: Yeah they put hands on you...hard!

Daniel: Oh yeah-yeah they did-they did

Clark: And you also called me a minute before it happened so I placed all those pieces together

Daniel: Yeah and did you see how the phone dropped?

Clark: Yeup and you were asking if your phone was broken, yup

Daniel: Yeah that's crazy the fans leaked all the camera footage

Clark: All of it

Daniel: Did they also leak the ones from the jail?

Clark: Yup, when they are asking you the questions in jail, and they even leaked stuff you couldn't hear where the cops are talking about how you are big on TikTok, and how you pulled the fire alarm, and you have all these people on TikTok that follow you, and then there was an ununiformed police officer who I honestly think was MacDougall, was MacDougall there?

Daniel: I don't- I don't think it was Daniel MacDougall, but I do believe it was somebody from the FBI

Clark: Yeah, and I do- I did see your friend too, the like- the black security guard? They were telling, the other cops were scared to approach you. They were like "he could be armed and dangerous!" and the one guy was like "we could get this done in five minutes." It's like a whole thing, they like surrounded you in the mall! It was crazy.

Daniel: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I don't know why they were acting the way they acted. But anyways, yeah. So, *sighs*, I'm... I'm okay, uhh...

Clark: Thank god!

Daniel: Yeah, um.. my main concern is, you know, just how we're going to get this taken care of, you know?

Clark: Exactly.

Daniel: Um, I know for a fact Bob can't do it all, um, you know? I don't know if Grace can, I don't know, you know *sighs* I think it's gonna take a team effort, but...

Clark: I mean, if we already got in contact so far, we're off to a good start.

Daniel: Yeah, yeah. I probably shouldn't even say this, but it's not a problem, but whatever. But I also, um, haven't even a public defender yet.

Clark: Geez!

Daniel: They're saying that as far as safety goes, they are not allowed to tell me when I'm being transferred, which does make sense.

Clark: Sheesh! Well, yeah cause they don't want your fans coming to bust you out while you're being transferred.

Daniel: Yeah

Clark: And also, your mugshot's gone viral too.

Daniel: (chuckling) My mugshot?

Clark: Yeah, it's viral!

Daniel: So, so, so... cause I'm in general population. Did they leak those those pho- those videos too?

Clark: No, no, there's no videos of you with like other prisoners, just getting checked in.

Daniel: Just getting checked in. Wow, okay. Well I mean the fans are go- the fans have done that before.

Clark: True.Daniel: But... and I mean there's nothing I can do, you know?

Clark: Have you been eating well? Or...

Daniel: Uh, I've been eating OK. Is Grace OK?

Clark: Yeah. Oh my God, she was shocked! And I was like, cause we didn't think- we thought you would be out by the morning and then everything just kept getting worse and worse.

Daniel: Right.

Clark: Um, you- so what have you been doing to fill your time? Have you been writing songs or working o-

Daniel: I can, I can write songs, um, at the point I would probably, now that I have contact and I can confirm that.

Clark: I was gonna say that!

Daniel: My main concern is just trying to, you know, keep getting the bail stuff.

Clark: Exactly. I mean, and I can also leave messages to the community for you. Like if you want to say anything to the Reddit or anything, I can like, tell them, you know?

Daniel: Yeah. Uh, what I would- what I would say if we said anything to the community is, uh, if we could try to help, like all with teamwork to try to pay the bail?

Clark: Yeah. I agree, I'm gonna try and get on that straight away.

Daniel: What I would do is set up a Venmo, um, CashApp and GoFundMe, and I mean GRIND, you know?

Clark: Yeah.

Daniel: I'm pretty s- I'm pretty sure it will get up there fast if people grind.

Clark: And, and..

Daniel: You know, like, like give it like, 4 days max.

Clark: Exactly, and another thing is you could even like, you know how the famous artists, sometimes they like, they pu- they do stuff over the phone, like music and everything.

Daniel: Well, I don't- like we probably can't do that, but that doesn't stop me from..

Clark: True.

Daniel: ...being able to publish lyrics.

Clark: True!

Daniel: You know how- you know how artists have done that before.

Clark: There's no stopping.

Daniel: Like, anyways, I don't- I don't wanna waste our...

Clark: True

Daniel: ...you know, time and money right now, alright?

Clark: OK

Daniel: I will, I will call you in the morning.

Clark: OK

Daniel: Alright?

Clark: Ok, s-

Daniel: I am normally out from like, breakfast to lunch and then from dinner till 11, no, 10.

Clark: 10. OK.

Daniel: Yeah, 10 Colorado time.

Clark: Well, do you know what time it is right now?

Daniel: I... I don't really do anything. You know, I'm either playing cards with the rest of the people in the, you know, big room. But when I'm in the cell, I'm either just like, waiting or you know, very at the feeling thinking, you know, but...

Clark: Geez!

Daniel: I will probably start working on lyrics. I was- my big concern right now, just about college. I thought I lost contact with you.

Clark: Don't worry, Daniel. I never give up.

Daniel: Yeah.

Clark: I- I knew what I had to do.

Daniel: Is Grace freaking out though?

Clark: Yeah, she is...

Daniel: OK

Clark: ...and so is the whole UCLA thing cause the votes came in later that day and you won, but then since you were nowhere to be seen, Cheng took over. So you gotta take your place back once you get out.

Daniel: Well... well, yeah and that's not good because I mean, we already know his rules and stuff for UCLA for the government,

Clark: Yeah.

Daniel: Is like... technically it should be in violation of the US.

Clark: It- yeah I don't understand.

Daniel: Like, like I don't know why he wants to put like damn dog, even though it is legal to eat dog in like China, I don't know why he's trying to get that in the US now.

Clark: Psh, yeah, that's weird.

Daniel: And he's an international student. Who knows if he's lying or not to the entire school just so he can run for student government. I don't know.

Clark: True, and then did you meet- have you met some friends? You said you were playing cards so... it's like war?

Daniel: I... I haven't really, I don't want to call them friends, but I- I've met some nice people.

Clark: Yeah... yeah.

Daniel: I grew up myself with the people I... don't wanna say I trust, but I feel comfortable with.

Clark: Yeah, and is your cellmate a nice person?

Daniel: My cellmate is okay. Sometimes I- I feel like I would do better in my own cell but other times I feel like company is better.

Clark: Yeah, yeah.

Daniel: But, um, what i've been told, um... it's just what I've been told by the other cellmates th-

Automated Voice: You have one minute remaining.

Clark: Oh shoot!

Daniel: Yeah, um... yeah, but anyways, I'll talk to you tomorrow, okay?

Clark: Okay, I'll be ready.

Daniel: Alright.

Clark: Alright.

Daniel: Bye.

Clark: Stay safe, Daniel.

Second call

On February 12, 2024, TikTok user @.larsonleak uploaded a small section of a call between Daniel and Clark. During the phone conversation Daniel says that the cell's tablets have WIFI access and that other inmates have been showing people Daniels photoshopped images and nudes. The description of the TikTok video seems to indicate that the call took place on the same day.


Daniel: Apparently so, because of the uh, tablet things that they have here, one of the video calls.

Clark: Yeah.

Daniel: It's got wifi, of course it's charged, just like anything, right?

Clark: Yeah, that's fine.

Daniel: They do have, they do have tablets, and people are going around to, nail to nail, showing all of my, um, photoshopped, not even the real photos, but photoshopped, photos of, you know...

Clark: Are you serious?

Daniel: Yep.

Clark:Jeez, so they, they-

Daniel: The ones that we are trying to have taken down, are the ones that are being shown.

Clark: Oh, so like the nude pictures?

Daniel: Yep.

Clark: Jeez, did you see that, like, today?

Daniel: Yes. So, I had to move, I actually had to move cells, and now I'm in a cell with two other people.

Third call

On February 14, 2024, Flexburger released a second conversation between Clark and Daniel. This call featured a video element in which Daniel can be seen while in jail. This is the last call while he was in Arapahoe County Jail.


Clark: Jeez are you good?

Daniel: Let me see if I can hear you better

[Daniel's video turns on]

Clark: Oh! There you are Daniel, jeez you're looking good

Daniel: Yeah, so

Clark: Have you been working out?

Daniel: It's just to a point- I don't really know what to really do at this point

[video cuts to later, Daniel's video is off]

Daniel: ...and he's telling me to tell the courts that if they don't get me housing, Bob's gonna kill himself and all this weird stuff, and it's like, no, like, please just, you know like, I don't wanna be involved in all that garbage.

Clark: Jeez!

Daniel: And it's not the court's job to get me housing.

Clark: It's not, I mean, it's- I mean- so Bob's threatening the court to kill himself if (chuckling) they don't get you-

Daniel: Yeah, well he, he- he's 70 years old.

Clark: Yeah

Daniel: You know, and he's acting like being 70 years old gives him the authority... and all it's doing is it's bringing down my life. And it's like, it's framing me is what it's doing.

Clark: It's making you look worse than you- and right now since you're sitting in jail, it's not the best situation.

Daniel: Right.

Clark: Here try-

Daniel: And in the end, he should be the one to bail me out, because he's the one that's been giving me all my money.

Clark: Exa- and he's the one that didn't get you housing or anything, so he screwed up everything.

Daniel: Right.

Clark: Here, try and see if you can turn your camera on. I want to see if you're doing good.

Daniel: I have to go back downstairs, cause it only- the camera only works if it's connected to the walls.

Clark: Jeez!

Daniel: But, let me see.

Clark: OK.

[video cuts again, Daniel's video is on again]

Daniel: Yeah, so what I would do is talk to Tina and kind of go from there.

Clark: Okay. I can do it for you.

Daniel: Um, and then in the meantime, I guess... um, I should go for now to save battery and to save money.

Clark: OK, yeah, smart.

Daniel: OK

Clark: Alright

[video cuts again]

Daniel: ...tonight will message you back.

Clark: Okay. Stay safe Daniel.

Daniel: Alright?

Clark: Yup. Stay safe.

Daniel: Ok, can you hear me?

Clark: (louder) Yeah, stay safe!

Daniel: OK. Message Tina and Grace and see if they can bail me out. (does a thumbs up)

Clark: OK. Peace.

[hangs up]

Fourth call

On February 23, 2024, Flexburger released another video call between Clark and Daniel. This conversation is the longest out of all four, is the only one that took place in the Boulder County Jail, and is the last one to take place during this arc. This call took place on February 22, 2024. Clark and Daniel talk about his ongoing legal challenges and a plea deal, Clark's frustration with Cheng at UCLA, financial concerns, Daniel's plans with Grace, and a video update for the Reddit. Clark also gives Daniel some advice if other inmates gang up on him, after discussing his own arrest.


Clark: We're clo-oh, shit! I gotta end the recording, hold on. Oh, fuck! I forgot to record.

[video turns on, Daniel is seen]

Clark: *groans* I didn't, bro!

Daniel: Waiting for the DA to come up with a plea deal. What we're thinking is, um, we're going to negotiate a, um, I think it's going to be, um, reinstate the probation.

Clark: So you would have to do another 6 months to a year probably?

Daniel: I think it would be another year, yeah.

Clark: OK. I mean th-

Daniel: Restarted for another year.

Clark: That's better than jail time for sure.

Daniel: Mhm. *nods his head* I already have 20 days. I don't know yet, but they're thinking they might add that.

Clark: OK, so your public defender said that they might take the time that you've already done and add it to your sentence.

Daniel: *nods his head* Yes.

Clark: OK, that, th- that is a good sign, I mean, they're screwing you over, it's the legal system nowadays.

Daniel: It's- it's crazy.

Clark: I mean. have you been OK though? Like I mean, have you been meet- do you have any friends in this one?

Daniel: Yes and no. Kind of, I mean... not really friends but I mean people I can talk to, yes.

Clark: Yeah, I mean I see those people in the back. They look like they're good people. *Daniel nods his head* Yeah, you play some cards tonight, you know. So there is a couple things to discuss, Cheng, or Cheng has kinda been trying to get me expelled from UCLA.

Daniel: What the...

Clark: Yeah, he- he thinks that I have some say and that I'm a criminal and all this, and I spoke out against him saying that he's been trying to bring politics to the United States that have nothing to do with what we're talking about. And it's complete bullshit and I'm sick of what he's doing. We need you back. We need you out, I mean!

Daniel: Yeah, I- I agree.

Clark: So, I mean, have you been eating again well? Like, uh, what did you have for dinner?

Daniel: I've been eating fairly okay, um, I've been extremely concerned about Grace, and, um... I wanna move things forward with, but I need to be out, I need things to go smoother financially.

Clark: I, I agree. I mean, what would be your plan, do you think with Grace when you got out? Like, how would you wanna move it close, like how would you wanna like, tie the knot I guess?

Daniel: I think... I think I need to get enough money, save up rent. I feel like I need to get that done within like a month or two, two months max. And I think, um, as soon as I get an apartment, Grace can move in with me.

Clark: I- I mean, yeah. You- I mean like it would be a one bedroom, but you should be able to afford that in Denver at the latest. Um, there's also a YouTube- that Jacob Markovich guy, he said he like, was filming you from in jail, is that- that's false.

Daniel: He might have been, I don't know, but he might have been. I did a video call with somebody.

Clark: Oh, oh shit.

Daniel: ..in Arapahoe.

Clark: Oh, you did a video call with someone?

Daniel: Yup.

Clark: Jeez, OK. I mean, who really cares, let's be honest.

Daniel: Yeah. Are you ok?

Clark: Oh yeah, I'm OK. It's been like a rough, it's been a rough two weeks dealing with everything, I mean, you hit- you hit 67K on the Subreddit! And, I mean, I got arrested and they took my phone so I had to get a new phone, and I bailed out though, pretty easily. I don't know when my court is, but...

Daniel: What happened to get you arrested though?

Clark: Um, they said I had warrants out and uh, I was like, I went back to St. Louis to see my grandma that's in the old folks' home, because you know I'm in New York, and they said I had warrants out in St. Louis apparently and they took me in to the St. Louis County Jail, and I was like, "What? I haven't even been to St. Louis in like 5-6 years!" (lie) so I don't know.

[video cuts to later]

Daniel: Yeah, my hope is as soon as I get out of here, you're gonna talk with Grace and figure out how she wants to... to help move things forward.

Clark: Probably gotten, I mean a wave of just kind of freedom while in jail, but at the same time I mean, it's kind of like housing you know. You have like, you have a curfew, you have to wake up at a certain time, and do all that. Um, have you been keeping busy though? Like, have you found any new things to be doing or what have you been doing?

Daniel: I mean I really haven't been doing much. I've been playing cards with a couple people, um, I've been playing rummy.

Clark: Rummy?

Daniel: Yeah

Clark: OK.

Daniel: Mhm. I've been like thinking about Grace and thinking about us and how we want to try to move things forward. Besides that, I just haven't really talked to her because I've been stuck up in here.

[Video cuts out for a second]

Clark: Yeah, I mean, I mean I'm glad that no one's like, tried to assault you or anything at least.

Daniel: *unintelligble*

Clark: Um, did they put you on any medication or are you still just taking the protein shakes?

Daniel: Nope, *unintelligible* shakes, and I'm not on medication right now.

Clark: Okay, yeah, I mean that's probably best to be honest. Some of that medication makes... I mean changes your mind, you know. I don't know what Latuda does, but I know you don't like it, so.

Daniel: Yeah

Clark: Uh, what else can I... I mean, we still have a bunch of time.

Daniel: Yeah. I think... You know, I was thinking on when I get out, I was gonna put out a couple more songs in the recording studio.

Clark: Okay, have you been thinking of lyrics while you've been, uh, in there?

Daniel: Yeah, I've been saving up as well.

Clark: Oh, y-

Daniel: So, money when I get out

Clark: Ha- oh, so you haven't been like spending money on ships or anything and commissary?

Daniel: Nope.

Clark: Nope?

Daniel: No.

Clark: Dang, you're a hard-headed guy.

Daniel: Yeah. Are you watching like, TV or something?

Clark: Uh, no I'm not. Are you?

Daniel: No, I just see how you're looking at the camera and then you look away and I'm just wondering what you're watching.

Clark: I just get distracted 'cause I have ADHD. (pause) Yeah. Um, are there-

Daniel: I do too.

Clark: *chuckles* Are there any gang...

Daniel: I don't know if I do, but, yeah.

Clark: I mean you def... I mean, autism, ADHD, same thing, you know. Um, are there like, any gangs in there or no?

Daniel: I don't know. Pretty sure there is, but I don't really care.

Clark: Oh yeah, you're- you're just kind of staying on your own.

Daniel: Yeah.

Clark: Um, I mean, other than that, we're just gonna keep trying to get money to get you out. Bob has still yet to respond to me. Has- have you gotten a hold of Bob recently?

Daniel: Yeah, I actually got a hold of Bob earlier today, and he was saying that he... *sneezes* it was kind of interesting what he said. He said that he was struggling to get a hold of you and you weren't messaging him, that was what he said. And then I said, can you message him on the same number as before, which is how I got back a hold of you after I got to Boulder, right?

Clark: Yeah.

Daniel: And, so I know that like, somebody is lying, like I think it's Bob-

Clark: I think he bl- I think Bob accidentally blocked me like a year ago before I- before I had full contact with you on my number, I'm pretty sure I texted him and he blocked me.

Daniel: They think it is too, um, and then he also told me that he was kind of, um, having a hard time believing that, like me and Grace were together.

Clark: I mean, the dude wants to believe what i- I mean, what does he not believe you're in jail right now too? Like, *chuckles*

Daniel: He could definitely bail me out. He's refusing to, and we told him about the UCLA thing and he's like, that's great. He knew I was doing well, and then now he's just like, fuck it, I don't care. And then I'm like... he's blaming the fact that Grace is a millionaire, if she has enough money to bail me out, but at the same time we know how Tina kinda controls a lot of her finances right now.

Clark: Yeah, I t-

Daniel: So, with the fact Tina's an asshole, we can't really do any..

Clark: Exactly, and.. and Tina's pretty much, like, super hol- hard to get a hold of, and every time I get a hold of her, it's like, oh, Grace is practicing or Grace is doing what, and I'm like, well Daniel needs some fucking support right now.

Daniel: *unintelligible* It's pretty much how Tina is too. It's just always the same loop. You know, Grace is the only one besides you and me who actually are really trying and I think with me being stuck in Colorado, that's only making it hard, you know?

Clark: I agree. Um... Oh are you in the trustee pod right now?

Daniel: Yeah, basically

Clark: So all those guys are like, good guys and everything.

Daniel: Yeah.

Clark: OK. Uh...

[video cuts to later]

Daniel: Yeah, um... yeah, I'm having a brain freeze.

Clark: Yeah, I mean- Oh, I was gonna ask what movie did you watch, uh, last night?

Daniel: I didn't watch really a movie. I was watching, um, oh! It was Godzilla last night...

Clark: Woah!

Daniel: ...and then today, I watched hockey.

Clark: Oh, you guys watched hockey today?

Daniel: Yup.

Clark: Like the Colorado Avalanche?

Daniel: *looks behind him* I think it was Vanc- no it was Chicago or something.

Clark: Jeez! I mean, uh, do you have a cellmate in this one?

Daniel: No, so, kind of the room that's like right behind me, they have me like, sleeping on a cot.

Clark: Oh, so you don't even have a cell?

Daniel: I don't even have a cell. Free to roam. Yeah.

Clark: Fuck. Have you been sleeping on the floor? Jeez! I mean...

Daniel: Yeah. I mean it's overbooked here too. Like, the jail's overbooked, so I have a feeling that like, they are gonna get me out here soon.

Clark: Yeah, I mean, they don't even give i- I mean, that's bullshit to be honest.

Daniel: It kind of is, but...

Clark: I mean, at least, at least are being nice to you I guess.

Daniel: Yep. *sighs* What was I gonna say? I think... I mean the one thing that's been really helping is like, just thinking of Grace, you know? Um, I was going to also say, 'cause I know Grace is *unintelligible* get out. Like I said, I'm gonna try to really focus a lot more on me and Grace, and trying to fix that and try to move things forward with that.

Clark: I agree. I mean, it's about time, everything. I mean... to be real, you've not- you haven't been locked up, or you haven't been away from social media this long in about, I mean how many years? Since you started, right?

Daniel: I mean, the good year, yeah. So everybody is panicking, yeah.

Clark: Oh, no, I know everyone's panicking. I get like a million calls a day from people in the Reddits, like spams, it's so- it's a bunch of bullshit. I-oh, wait! Do you have a message? Oh, do you want to put your face in the camera? I can take a video for the Reddit if you want.

[Video moves to show Daniel on screen]

Daniel: Sure.

Clark: OK, here we go. I'll take a video for you. Daniel is safe everyone! He's doing well, we need to bail him out if he can't get out by this Friday. But if he wants to say anything, here you go Daniel.

Daniel: Yep, I would just say, I agree with my friend here Clark, if anybody can help bail me out if I'm not out by Friday. I would appreciate it. Thank you.

Clark: Than- all right. Perfect.

Daniel: *unintelligible* Yeah. I should be fine until Friday and I think I'm- I should get out, so.

[Video cuts out, audio only]

Clark: So, I mean, yeah-

[video cuts to later, Daniel is seen again]

Clark: Um, is there anything you want to say to Grace I guess? Like uh... what, we can send a video to Grace I guess too, or just give some encouragement.

Daniel: I would just say... Grace, I would just say like, I appreciate her being there for me and fighting along with me.

Clark: Yeah, and you know that moderator Slim Jim, he got arrested for like, sexual assault or something, so he's completely out of the picture.

Daniel: Damn OK.

Clark: Yeah, that- that piece of shit!

Daniel: Yeah I mean, I haven't really heard anything about him, so.

Clark: Yeah, I'm pretty sure he was just like, sleeping with a bunch of minors or something, so yeah he went to jail.

Daniel: Yeah.

Clark: Um... oh dang you got like two pieces of clothing on right now!

Daniel: I don't have much more time because at 10, they do lock me down until 4 AM.

Clark: Damn! They wake you up early!

Daniel: Yeah, but what I would say to Grace is I just... you know, I want her to keep her head high.

Clark: Keep her head high, yeah.

Daniel: Like, I mean, she's gotten arrested, same bullshit I'm going through. You know?

Clark: Does anyone have phones in there that you can use at all or no?

Daniel: Nope.

Clark: Jeez, so it's a hard life in there.

Daniel: Yeah.

[Someone is in view on Daniel's camera]

Clark: Dang, that guy looks like- oh shoot he's coming behind you!

[Man leaves the shot]

Clark: Nope

Daniel: Yeah there's a door right here.

Clark: Ohhh!

Daniel: Yeah, that's open, so.

Clark: I mean, I hope they're treating you nice and everything, and do they still think you're a snitch, or?

Daniel: Not, *sighs* not really, I mean...

[video cuts out, audio only]

Daniel: ...they've been joking around with me here, you know.

[video is back]]

Clark: Oh yeah, there's another guy on the ground in the back too it looks like.

Daniel: Yup, there's two people out here, and yeah.

Clark: Jeez!

Daniel: Mhm, but yeah. I would say that like... wanna give it maybe 42 hours and I'll be out.

Clark: What I would say about, yeah let me check what day. It's about to be Thursday in about three hours, it's 9:50 right now.

Daniel: Yup.

Clark: So I w-

Daniel: It- it's like, it's... are you in New York?

Clark: Yeah. Yeah, well no it's two hours a- it's uhh.. it's-

Daniel: Two hours ahead?

Clark: Yeah, it's about- it's about to be 1 AM, yeah.

Daniel: Be 1 AM, okay.

Clark: Um, I did also hear that, uh, like... Gavin. Apparently he got arrested too in Colorado and people found his mugshot, so I hope he's not in the same jail as you.

Daniel: ...think he would.

Clark: I me-

Daniel: Like, he should if he was.

Clark: I mean, he would be probably in the special needs jail or whatever.

Daniel: OK

Clark: Yeah, yeah.

Daniel: Yeah... I would just say to Grace that like, no one's trying to get me out and... I have court on Friday at like something AM, so...

Clark: Early.

Daniel: Yeah. Should be today.

Clark: Um, I was gonna say. I should play you a... play you a song on here since the quality's better. Do you want me to play you a song now?

Daniel: Not really right now, just because time and everything.

Clark: Oh, Kanye dropped a new album, but...

Daniel: Kanye West?

Clark: Yeah. Yeah he's got this new song it's like... I don't know, it's... the world's going crazy right now.

Daniel: Yeah. I mean, it always does at this time of year too.

Clark: Um, I'm just glad you're safe and that no one's hurt or anything, cause I have heard in the Boulder County that there might be some gangs and people that like, have gangs and stuff.

Daniel: *unintelligible*

Clark: Yeah. Um, other than that what did you have- did you eat? What did you have for dinner tonight?

Daniel: I bought beans and um... *looks around for a bit* that's pretty much it for dinner. Um... but I'm about to get ready for bed. Um, it is... let me see... three more minutes I think we have.

Clark: Alright, I do have a tip for you, this is what I learned when I was in juvie when I was a kid. If anyone- if anyone fucks with you, you gotta beat the living shit out of them so they can't fucking do anything ever again to you. Don't let anyone mess with you, Daniel. Nope.

Daniel: So yeah, just- I would tell Tina that like, the odds of me getting on Friday is... I wanna say 85%?

Clark: 85%? OK.

Daniel: 85 or 90%. So, um... besides that, just uh, if you can show Grace the video and say I'm OK, and um, tell her that like, because you know how to call me. Right?

Clark: Yeah, yeah. I mean, I figured it out and it's cheap. Video calls are way cheaper than anything else, to be honest.

Daniel: Yeah, tell Grace if she wants to set one up, tell her that like she-

[call suddenly terminates, notification says "Time limit exceeded"]

Clark: Noooooo!! Fucking RIP.

Release from Custody

Daniel was released from jail on March 1, 2024 following a court hearing and sentencing to one year of probation, thereby ending the Jail Arc[15].

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