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On December 16, 2023, Daniel ate at a Denver IHOP, an American multinational pancake house, whilst knowing he wouldn't be able to pay his bill.

Daniel stayed for an hour past getting his bill, waiting for his management to pay. The server, who was dealing with Daniel, pleaded with him to pay, as she wanted to go home and put her children to bed, her frustration increasing given that for the duration of the video (and presumably longer than that) she had stayed past her shift ended so she could deal with Daniel. Daniel, not caring for the service worker who had the absolute displeasure to deal with him, explained that someone else was paying the bill through the app, to which the waitress said that he had said that an hour ago, and it still hadn't happened. Daniel proceeded to change his story, saying that a manager was calling the cops, and he was now waiting for them.

He argued with the server, telling her that he would pay the bill if they called off the cops. She agreed and walked away. Eventually, the police did arrive, most notably same officers from the Olive Garden Incident. They allowed Daniel to leave without paying on the condition that he did not come back, letting him once again get out scot-free with no lasting consequences, further enlarging his delusions of grandeur.




[Video starts with Daniel giggling while facing the camera towards the dining area of an IHop.]

IHop Employee: [While walking towards Daniel's table] Listen, I don't think you understand, I can't go home until you pay your bill.

Daniel: I said I was going to be paying online. I have somebody else that is going to be paying through the app.

IHop Employee: Okay, well you said that almost an hour ago, my shift's been over for almost an hour and I really wanna go home.

Daniel: Right, but the other manager called the cops, so I'm waiting for them to show up, now.

IHop Employee: No, you can pay your bill so I can go home.

Daniel: Well... I now have to wait for the cops as well.

IHop Employee: No, you don't have to wait for the cops, you could pay your bill and the cops don't even have to come.

Daniel: But I thought they were already on their way, so what is it?

IHop Employee: I have no idea what it is, all I know is that I really wanna go home and you're preventing me from putting my children to bed and that really sucks. I was supposed to be home an hour ago.

Daniel: Okay then, I will pay the bill if they call off the police.

IHop Employee: Okay then, make sure that happens and I will talk to my boss for you but can you make sure that happens?

Daniel: Yes, I-I-I will work on that for you.

IHop Employee: Thank you so much [Begins walking away] I would really like to go put my children to bed, thank you.

Daniel: Okay, thank you.

[Video cuts to Daniel's face.]

Daniel: Hopefully that went through that way and... I can't figure out how to send pictures through [unintelligible], so I'm working on the payment right now. That's what I'm doing, so. It won't let me send... it like, it like literally won't let me, uh, send pictures, so.

Daniel: Like literally... people like literally need to learn that like, I am a celebrity. All of my business is done online.

[Daniel flips the camera and shows his IHop receipt.]

Daniel: That's where you pay. That link... and then... [Daniel flips the camera back to his face.]

Daniel: Hahaha okay everyone, got em. It's paid now. Okay, and now I would ask about the other meal too from last time. That'll show them. About how- 'bout how- how about a $100 donation, $50 donation? How about 50 $20 donations? Let's see, can we do another, let's see there's 175 people in this chat right now, everybody donate $50 to this place, that'll teach them a lesson.

[Daniel giggles to himself.]

Daniel: Give them some, Daniel Larson magic.

[Daniel looks around as the cop enter the IHOP.]

Daniel: Hello.

Cop: You remember me from Olive Garden?

Daniel: I do, yeah.

Cop: Yeah? What's going on today, man?

Daniel: So, I had somebody- somebody paying and the IHop wouldn't let me.

Cop: [Speaking with other IHop customers] I'm sorry, you guys, I have people talking over here.

Daniel: Yeah, oh, sorry. I was going to have somebody else pay, and the IHop wouldn't let me and so they called you guys. So that's what I'm working on and they told me to leave after they've already called the police and then I told them since I'm self-employed as well, I should stay until the police show up because if I leave and they've already called, it doesn't make sense. I'm looking at it from that perspective as well [Laughs].

Cop: Are you live streaming today, or not really?

Daniel: I am, um, but, if they told me to leave for that reason, then I would.

Cop: I was just curious, cuz last time that I-

Daniel: And I'm only recording because they called the police. If they didn't do that, then I wouldn't, I wouldn't call, I mean I wouldn't go live.

Cop: Yeah, that's fair. Okay, what's going on or my partner [unintelligible] Can you remind me your date of birth is uh...

Daniel: It's uh, 11-15-1998, and it-

[Live stream lags, cutting Daniel off.]

Daniel: [Quietly] I'm not quite sure how to do that, let me see...

Cop 2: Daniel there's a card on the floor-

[Live stream lags, cutting cop off.]

Cop 2: ... trespass you if you're not willing to leave on your own, so are you willing to leave on your own?

Daniel: I'm willing to leave on my own, um, if I would just need the paper of trespass.

Cop 2: Okay, so you want us to issue you a paper trespass?

Daniel: Um, whatever they want.

Cop 2: Okay, they're willing to just let you go if you're willing to leave. That's just what they've wanted. If you're not willing to leave, that's a different conversation.

Daniel: Right, um... let me see real quick.

[Daniel checks his phone.]

Daniel: I'm going to check and make sure, cuz if this other person is willing to pay for my bill, then I will get the bill paid, so that's what I'm going to check.

Cop 2: Okay, I'll give you a couple minutes to check to see if that's possible.

Daniel: [Now talking to his phone] Uh, Grace, are you seeing my, uh, messages? Um, okay, can you at least hear me in this live? Okay, do you want to try to call in and do it that way? Okay, then I would do that and then I will, um, as soon as it's paid, I will leave.

[Stares at his phone for a little bit.]

Daniel: Let me know once you've called and it's paid. [Looks up to the cops] A person is calling in right now.

Cop: So, how many people do you have watching your stream right now?

Daniel: Um, 277 people.

Cop: 277?

Daniel: [Nods] Yeah.

Cop: Oh wow.

[Few more moments of Daniel just staring at his phone]

Daniel: Let me know once it's done, so I can notify the officers.

[More silence]

Daniel: [Quietly] Okay, perfect...

Cop: What'd you order?

Daniel: I ordered um [He grabs his receipt], I ordered a chicken quesadilla and omelette.

Cop: Pretty good.

Daniel: It was.

Cop: Lucky you. I haven't ate yet, I'm so hungry.

[Daniel looks at his phone again]

Cop 2: Okay, whoever called is not actually paying the check, it sounds like it might be too much, so the restaurant, they're willing to let you go without paying as long as you don't come back to this location. Is that agreeable to you?

Daniel: That's agreeable, can I get like a, a paper that states that by chance or..?

Cop 2: Sure, we'll do that.

Daniel: Okay thank you... Just for company I have to.

Cop 2: It's Daniel, right?

Daniel: Uh, yes.

Cop 2: Last name?

Daniel: Larson, L-A-R-S-O-N.

Cop 2: What's your date of birth, Daniel?

Daniel: 11-15-1998

Cop 2: 98?

Daniel: Yes.

Cop 2: What's your phone number?

[Live stream ends]