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Papa Gut.

Papa Gut is a YouTube commentator who is prevalent in the predator catching community. Papa Gut made his first video about Daniel in May of 2021, and has since made 20+ videos about Daniel.

Daniel Larson is aware of Papa Gut's existence and has spammed his comments section, as well as called for his help on multiple occasions.

Papa Gut's YouTube videos about Daniel are, unlike the other popular YouTubers who have covered Daniel, shorter-length update videos rather than hour-long documentaries.

Feud with SmokeyMcC

On December 13, 2023, Papa Gut made a video talking about the Olive Garden Incident. The video he was reacting to was SmokeyMcC's video about the incident. Then a raged Papa Gut got mad and wished that Smokey's children have a mental illness. Then on December 25, 2023 Smokey made a video covering the biggest week in lolcow history and on the Wednesday section, Smokey talks about Papa Gut, He talks about how Papa Gut defends Daniel Larson (ex: Daniel's Pedophilia) and how fucked up for Papa Gut to wish that on his unborn children. He ends of the video the segment of calling Papa Gut a red flag. Then on the same day Papa Gut makes a video about Daniel Larson. The video covered his perspective on Daniel Larson, which he talks about how he should be back in housing with no internet, how the trolls need to stop getting him to harass employees and how he believes that Daniel is not a pedophile in his opinion. Then at the end of the video he makes his apology to Smokey, Papa regrets how he acted towards him and his unborn children and he took full accountability of it, he apologized and said he wishes he apologized sooner. Smokey has not reacted to his apology.


Papa Gut is controversial in the Daniel Larson community. He often acknowledges this, and is a known critic of the community.

The Daniel Larson community claims Papa Gut is uneducated and biased when talking about Daniel, and he was enabling Daniel's actions.

Papa Gut claims that the Daniel Larson community is uneducated about mental illness (Papa Gut's partner works with mentally handicapped people), and that they engage in the stalking and harassment of a man who does not have culpability in his actions.

Of course, this is all offset by the fact that Papa Gut commonly participates in the community, not just in a surface level way, but by actively calling himself a "Larsonian" despite the fact that he is clearly not heavily involved.


Papa Gut is seen as an unreliable source of information in the community for the reasons stated beforehand. Ultimately, while Papa Gut can be used as a source of information, his videos should be taken with a hefty grain of salt for a few reasons.

  • Bias
    • Papa Gut, justifiably or not, has a bias towards Daniel and that should be accounted for.
  • Potential lack of context and outdated content
    • Papa Gut does not make documentaries, and instead makes updates for Daniel. This is a double-edged sword, as while he often strikes the iron while it's hot, his videos can be inaccurate and can be outdated if new information went out.
  • Monetary reasons
    • Papa Gut has a monetary incentive behind his participation in the saga which can definitely affect his, as well as every other Daniel Larson YouTuber's, credibility.

Ultimately, while you can use Papa Gut as a source of information, don't blindly believe him at face value and try to find better sources. There is something to be said for reading between the lines as well- his bias towards Daniel is heavy and can cause him to slightly alter the truth.