The Anti-Semetic Incident

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The Incident

In early 2023, Daniel Larson made a controversial TikTok video where he called World Of T-Shirts a Jew, remarking "well, that explains a lot".

History of Anti-Semitism

Daniel has a serious history of antisemitic language, videos, and beliefs. This is probably best highlighted in two things- his belief in the New World Order and Goldberg Shacklestein.

New World Order

Daniel fiercely believes in a common antisemitic conspiracy theory called the New World Order. The New World Order is the theory of a totalitarian mega-government, or a deep state, is controlling the whole world. Anti-Judaism is very thick in this theory. The theory is often cited to believe the world is controlled by a "Jewish Elite". There is no evidence for this idiotic theory, especially considering such a government with so much to lose would obviously try to kill anyone trying to expose it. Even Daniel's belief in this is a lovely piece of evidence towards the fact that Daniel has very low intelligence.

Goldberg Shacklestein

Goldberg Shacklestein is a fictional leader of the New World Order. Daniel believes he is trying to find and kidnap him. He also believes Goldberg wants his semen, for whatever reason.


He later made an apology for it, yet again making a video where he repeated the words "I repent", probably not knowing what it means.