Justin Bieber Incident

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On May 19th, 2023, Daniel Larson uploaded a few videos and YouTube Community posts, stating that he needed donations to get to Colorado. In one TikTok, it's made apparent his urgency to get to Colorado is due to have a recording studio session booked for Monday, May 22nd in Denver. He also comments on his YouTube page that he could be in trouble if he does not get back to Colorado by tomorrow. Later, Daniel seemingly abandoned all focus on getting to Colorado after he randomly claims that Justin Bieber bought him a plane ticket to Orlando, Florida and that they will enjoy a week-long vacation together at Disney World.

Daniel uploads a video of his view from a train. Later Daniel confirmed twice that he had made it to JFK Airport; the comments were posted roughly two hours apart. Daniel then updated his fans by stating he was drunk, and intended on being drunk during his plane ride. Daniel expressed excitement over the possibility of riding Space Mountain soon. Daniel then posted "Who is ready for the explosion". He confirmed that things were on schedule, presumably meaning his travels to Orlando or the plane itself. An hour later, things take a turn when Daniel uploads a comment stating "We have a major concern and problem". His comments briefly return to the previously positive tone, when he thanks a fan for a music sale. Immediately after that, Daniel commented that "the trolls ruin everything" and that "there is a major issue". He then states that he "just got fired", and that "there is a major miss understanding". Daniel then threatens to sue anyone who calls the airport he was in. An hour later, Daniel states he will be having a fan meetup at the Statue of Liberty at 10:00 pm Eastern time. As expected, he never went.


Since every piece of information on the May 19th incident can be sourced from the words of Daniel Larson himself, the credibility of the information and what exactly actually unfolded can only be speculative. As a result, many fans have pieced together narratives and theories that they think best explain the information given by Daniel.

One of the most popular theories is that Daniel was deceived, by either his current "management" or a troll, who led Daniel to be under the impression Justin Bieber gave him a plane ticket to Orlando, Florida. Many people debate whether Daniel was given a fake plane ticket or if he even received a ticket at all.

A few people have speculated that Daniel was kicked out for commenting on an explosion while at JFK airport. This is an unfounded claim. However, many people agree it was very dumb for Daniel to do such a thing, and could have led to him being in trouble.

Due to the fact the last ferry to the Statue of Liberty leaves at 3:30 pm, many people agreed that Daniel would be unable to get to the Statue of Liberty. Some people have theorized that Daniel commented about the Statue of Liberty to deter people from knowing his actual location. This theory is not proven, but supported by Daniel's history of giving false information on his location.