The Toothbrush Incident

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The Toothbrush Incident is one of Daniel Larson's many incidents that have occurred in the pink room. In this video, he inserts a toothbrush into his anus, takes it out, and brushes his teeth with it.

Daniel started the video visibly naked, addressing his relationship with Grace VanderWaal, saying that him stalking her was over, this of course being another lie. He proceeds to get into position with the toothbrush in hand, exposing his rear. Then, he inserts the bristled end of the toothbrush into his rectum, eventually taking it out after a few seconds. He then gets into another position sitting on his side, and starts to brush his teeth with the same toothbrush.

As you could probably tell, Daniel was manipulated to do this by his management, more specifically Flexburger. The footage was found and posted to the Daniel Larson subreddit on July 21, 2022[1] after the Pink Room Arc had taken place. Although the common belief is that Daniel was manipulated into doing this, some prominent trolls have stated that Daniel genuinely believed this would arouse Grace. Therefore Daniel may have thought that this would advance his relationship with "Grace" and given his well-known sexual deviancy this statement may be true.

Update: The video previously linked in the reddit has been removed. Here currently known working link (NSFL).