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Bianka Kiszka, also known as Barb, is a former manager of Daniel Larson, who later became a troll. She was active as a manager from January 2022 to March 26, 2022. Bianka was the briefest of Daniel's known managers, only lasting for two months before eventually leaving on her own accord. Bianka wanted to help Daniel and improve his living situation, much like other managers such as Ox. However, Daniel's relentless texts and verbal assaults caused her to eventually retire from the role.

After managing him, she started to believe that Daniel was a bad person. The reasons for this change in opinion came from her (albeit, dubious) claims of finding CSEM on his devices, along with Daniel severely mistreating her and several other managers, once even spam calling her while Bianka's boyfriends school was under threat by an active shooter. Bianka, unlike most managers, has actively spoken out against Daniel and at one point planned to make a video, 'exposing,' him, although nothing came of this and the video was seemingly never created.[1]

Initial Involvement

Bianka initially reached out to Daniel in January 2022, seeking to become his manager, wanting to help Daniel maintain a stable financial flow and live an easier life. She would do so by providing him with financial donations in the forms of cash and gift cards. She eventually gained access to Daniel's finances, but had minimal access to his social media accounts, more or less letting Daniel post whatever he wanted.

When her actions and intentions with Daniel were questioned, she responded on Reddit with a list of things that she had supplied for Daniel during her time as his manager as proof that she only had good intentions.

Even more, Bianka was one of the first people to suggest that Daniel make a Cameo account, years before the Cameo Arc. Bianka, through her Reddit account, u/Vivid_war8262, responded to a post asking why Daniel had not set up a Cameo account, dated February 28th

In the same thread of comments, Bianka had also claimed to be in contact with Bob, Andrew, who was his case manager during this period, and Daniel's therapist at the time, whom she had not named but is presumed to be Tiffany. She had attempted to provide them with insight as to what was going on with Daniel via a Zoom call that has most likely become lost media.

Bianka had also claimed to be in regular contact with them via email and Zoom meetings if anything urgent were to happen, though these claims remain unverified. Bianka denies the manager label, only referring to herself as Daniel's 'friend.' She claimed that her intentions at the time were nothing but good, which would obviously not last given what happens next.

Bianka Leaves

Bianka's final Discord message to Daniel before removing herself from his management team.

On March 26, 2022, Bianka sent a message in the Discord server she and other managers had been talking to Daniel in, although the contents of it were not on the best of terms. Bianka had pinged Daniel, following up by sending a lengthy message as to why she could no longer act as his manager.

There is much to take away from this message. Most notably, the mistreatment Bianka claims to have faced. This is highly believable due to the several outbursts Daniel has had in the past.

When this screenshot was posted to the Daniel Larson Subreddit, Bianka was met with much criticism regarding her decision to get involved with Daniel in the first place when his erratic and unpleasant behaviors were already common knowledge. As such, Bianka did not take this well, responding to almost every comment on the post to defend herself and speak out about the way Daniel had supposedly mistreated her.

When responding to the person who'd posted the screenshot, she'd reinforced that Daniel had treated her horribly, even claiming that at one point, Bianka's boyfriend was in danger as an active shooter was at his school. While Bianka attempted to get into contact with him, Daniel spam called her, then resorting to calling her a 'bitch' when she hadn't answered. This, however, should be taken with a grain of salt as there's no evidence of the aforementioned shooting happening.

Bianka then claimed that she had a Bachelor's Degree in forensic psych, and before managing Daniel, she had cared for multiple autistic people that were in a far worse position than Daniel. Therefore, she would not take criticism from people who had no education and/or experience in the field.

Before this comment, Bianka claimed that she knew, "...a lot about autism," as she had volunteered for a housing service, much akin to the one Daniel was in, before. Additionally, she claimed that her brother was autistic. Bianka had also stated that even when managing Daniel, it does not work as he will never take the support he is given as he wants to live in a world where he can be delusional in peace.

Even so, it is very important to know that despite her claims, there is no evidence to prove that Bianka had any background in psychology or knew how to properly care for a mentally disabled person. The 'background' that she had mentioned was from high school, and Bianka never named any of the mandatory internships from her supposed study of psychology. Even more, what she is doing is against the American Psychological Association's guidelines. If Bianka possessed such a degree, she would know this. The circumstances of her relationship with Daniel, and the manner in which she spoke about it online, was very unprofessional and unethical, considering how much information Bianka willingly released to the public when in a professional setting it would most likely be kept private due to HIPAA guidelines.

Bianka claimed that she attended college at age 16, and graduated at 20 with her BA in psychology. Her attendance at such a young age would suggest a bright pupil, however her posts are filled with constant grammatical errors. On top of that, the energy, time, and expertise needed to work with someone like Daniel is something she was not qualified to do, especially over the internet. While she claimed that her intentions were purely only to help Daniel, Bianka's many dubious statements provided less trust in herself.

One of the main reasons for Bianka stopping her management of Daniel was his outbursts, however, these are common amongst those on the spectrum, something that anyone educated in psychology should know. It would be different if Bianka was just a friend, however Bianka presented herself as some kind of therapist or mental health professional who was 'qualified' to be taking care of Daniel. She ushered herself into his life through getting his number, then attempted to manage his livelihood, and was upset by some of the most common symptoms of autism. If Bianka really were a psychologist, this would be extremely unprofessional behavior, and even more, she'd immediantly have her license taken away from her.

It is also theorized that Bianka had allegedly faked being Grace Vanderwaal in order to gain Daniel's trust, as Andrew had told her that it could potentially be unsafe for her to reveal her real name or face. However, the validity of this claim is unconfirmed.

Daniel Hate Arc

Following the end of her management role, Bianka began to start an active hate campaign against Daniel.

Bianka showing that the $50 Daniel claimed was stolen was, in fact, still in his account.

She began by dispelling rumors that she had stolen money from Daniel. Sometime after Bianka's departure, Daniel made a TikTok claiming that she had stolen $50 of his TikTok live donations. Bianca later disproved this in a post she to the subreddit.[9] She claimed that the money had never been in Daniel's possession in the first place, as he had never created a PayPal account to store any of the money in.

This post was met with backlash, much of it being people asking Bianka to move her 'drama' with Daniel to someplace else, as they did not care. However, this did not stop Bianca from fighting off claims that she had stolen money from Daniel.[10][11]

Her attempts to defend herself were ultimately fruitless, as she had been downvoted and failed to convince the various members of the Subreddit. Bianka had also perpetuated the idea that Daniel was a pedophile and had videos of little kids and babies liked on his TikTok during the time, which she was aware of as she had access to his Pinterest.[12]

Bianka also alleged that Daniel had tried to buy child porn, and was liking videos of children on TikTok. However, this post has since been lost due to it being marked as spam.[13]

A few days after this, she completely removed herself from Daniel's life, as well as the Subreddit, although she still does occasionally use her Reddit account.

The return?

Bianka was seen nearly a year later during the Bodega Incident, in which her voice could be heard. She was the individual who claimed to be Olivia Vanderwaal, one of Grace VanderWaal's relatives. The reason for Bianka coming back is unknown, but following this incident, Bianka has yet to be seen again.