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On April 28th, 2024, Daniel began livestreaming while at a Buffalo Wild Wings, where he bought over $53 of food. Unsurprisingly, Daniel was unable to pay for such an expense due to his homelessness and repeat financial irresponsibility, and managed to defraud the establishment before eventually being ejected from the premises. Daniel also complained about his viewers sending donations through TikTok, as he had no way of withdrawing funds from the app.

This incident occurred the day after another ejection from a restaurant called The Pumphouse (located in Longmont, Colorado), for dine and dashing by police.[1]


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Daniel: Alrighty, so now I'm going to talk to the manager.

Daniel: Also, you guys can't tell me what to do, I am my own person, so everybody in the comments saying, "Run" and "They're behind you", nobody is uhh... nobody is behind me. I am my own guardian, so I can do whatever the heck I want.

(Daniel goes silent for 40 seconds)

Daniel: Oh, by the way, thank you once again for the uhh... close to 200 dollars in gifts that I can't cash out. So like I said, so if you're willing to send over 200 in gifts knowing I can't cash it out right now, you guys can easily pay my bill.

[A Tiktok donation crown filter appears]

Daniel: Oh, and thank you for another gift! This is so funny watching you guys fuck up.

Daniel: This is gonna be funny when YouTubers will be covering tonight. How about you guys post what I just said to the subreddit?

Daniel: The subreddit would have a fit, we would go viral!

Buffalo Wild Wings Waiter: So, what is your payment again?

Daniel: So, I was having...

Waiter: You're gonna pay it or not?

Daniel: I don't, I was gonna have somebody pay it...um...but I'm not sure if they paid yet.

Waiter: Ok, if you don't get payment, don't come back here, alright? I don't wanna see your face here again because this is twice now.

Daniel: Ok, cause-

Waiter: You understand?

Daniel: Cause I was gonna have somebody pay... I just...

Waiter: Do you think you understand what I am saying?

Daniel: Yes, I'm aware.

Waiter: Okay.

[Daniel, absolutely bewildered, stares into the camera for a bit]

Daniel: Alrighty! So you guys heard the man. Ah- Ok, don't call me a girl. The person in the comments who called me a girl don't ever call me a girl.

Daniel: Ooh boy! Good thing the FBI is watching, they're reaaaally gonna have a fit with this video. Look at all you guys exposing yourself for complete... like utterly being idiots in the comment section.

Daniel: Once again, for everybody who is spamming me... okay... once again who is spamming me, hundreds of dollars in gifts like I said if you guys can do that, you guys have no problem paying my bill. You guys know my situation, this shouldn't be an issue. And because Jacob Sartorius, another flipping celebrity, decided he was going to steal my ID, which is a crime, that is a federal crime, actually. What the fuck am I supposed to do, I can't do anything. And with my popularity and you guys willing to send donations, you guys just want to manipulate everything. So yes I am calling out my fanbase!

Daniel: Thank you for another gift, that's like a twenty dollar gift, 1 person. Wow! Send me another galaxy! Look it up on Google how much galaxies are! Send me a rainbow! Isn't a freight train 50? Mhm!

Daniel: So now that you guys are exposed, I will be happy to leave and next time when I come in here I will pay before I come in, and I will use the app. So...oh wow! Yep, there is more. You guys at least sent me like 50 gifts in the span of like less than a minute. I hope you guys know that roses are literally 10 cents each. 9-oh 3! 10! Wow!

Daniel: You guys can definitely pay my bill. You guys just want to manipulate everything for views. I support Biden on the TikTok ban, mhm!

Daniel: Alright, sounds-

(Livestream is then cut off)