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The chronology of periods in the Daniel Larson lore comprises of Eras, Arcs, and Sagas, each representing distinct segments with shared themes, settings, and significant events from Daniel's life. These correspond to changes or phases in Daniel's life.

There's a pecking order with Eras, Arcs, and Sagas. Eras stand at the top, serving as the broader categories that encapsulate various Arcs. Arcs, in turn, contain Sagas, which are more detailed sub-categories within the larger Eras. This structure exists primarily for organizational and categorization purposes, as well as making the chronology of events more clear.

The Arcs and Eras themselves will only be vaguely described, with the linked pages going into greater depth.

Before Era

Main Article: Daniel Larson

Daniel was born November 15, 1998. Not much is known about Daniel's childhood, other than the fact that he was abused by his mother, which led to him being placed in the Tennyson Center for Children, a school for traumatized children. The following is also known, as Daniel has been interviewed about his childhood.[1]

Daniel was at the Tennyson Center for a total of 3 years and would meet Bob Proctor there via a "Reading Buddies" program. Additionally, Daniel's grandmother would end up getting custody of him, over his father. Daniel's father wanted custody, calling his grandmother "a bitch" and implying that she only received custody since she had money.[1]

Daniel's father claimed that Daniel's grandmother failed in raising him, which is generally agreed on by the community as she is considered to have been Daniel's main enabler as a child.

Following Daniel's childhood, even less is known of his activities prior to joining TikTok. His grandmother died on July 24, 2019, apparently due to Daniel's Autism and definitely not due to cancer.

Various abandoned Twitter accounts starting from 2019 have been found. Posts on these accounts vary, however they all seem to indicate that Daniel was very physically active during this time, playing Special Olympics sports, bowling, hiking and more.

Daniel did create a TikTok account in late 2019, @daniellars20, which is still up to this day. However, the videos did not gain traction and he stopped posting for some reason.

Classic Era

Main Article: Classic Era

Daniel created his first TikTok account which actually gained popularity (@daniellarsonfans). During this time, Daniel would likely post similar content to his Twitter, without any influence from trolls. As the COVID-19 pandemic reached the US, Daniel would begin posting more videos on daniellarsonfans, eventually leading to him gaining a small following for his strange videos under the effects of his medication. The classic era notably begins after the posting of the Good Night Everyone video, which gained him his initial traction.

Presidential Arc

See also: Green room, Presidential Campaign

Around April of 2020, Daniel would make a now infamous video of him claiming to be running for president, being one of his earliest documented delusions in the Daniel Larson universe.

Pinterest Arc

See also: Pedophilia, Pinterest

On the 10th of November 2020, an individual of the Daniel Larson community named Flexburger would uncover a pinterest account that belonged to Daniel at one point, and found images of underage girls in questionable positions. This is considered to be the first time Daniel was exposed for pedophilia.

The First Blackout

Main article: The Dark Ages

Daniel would suddenly stop posting on social media from December 2020, until March 2021. The reason for this has been debated by the community, with either Daniel voluntarily going off of the grid following the leaked Pinterest, to his then-case manager Reva taking his phone from him.

Headset Arc

Main Article: Headset Arc

While Daniel made his return to TikTok in March 2021, his popularity would explode again after the events of May 6, 2021. In the days surrounding surrounding May 6, Daniel would enter a war with Flexburger, go nude on live video, and more. In these videos, Daniel is known to wear a oversized headset with microphone, primarily meant for gaming on a PC.

Fog Arc

Main Article: Fog Arc

Between June-August of 2021, Daniel's camera noticeably became more obscure, starting off with a light blur until it got to a point where his face couldn't be discerned. Many called this the Fog, coinciding with the same meme around the time. It would eventually come out that Daniel was given a bizarre instruction to put tape on his camera for popularity purposes, causing the fog-like effect.

The First California Arc

Per the request of his management, Daniel was told to leave his housing to take an Amtrak to Hollywood, but ended up just outside San Francisco in Alameda instead. He would stay in California for a few days, sleeping in hotels. Eventually his then-manager Samantha would instruct his care providers to provide Daniel transport back to Colorado on the 24th of August 2021.

First Homeless Era

Main Article: Homeless Arc, Green Shirt

Homeless Arc

While not many specific arcs or sagas occurred during this specific time, Daniel left the home of his care provider Jonas sometime in mid-December, though the date itself remains contested by the community. While Daniel was told to leave the home by trolls, he did decide to leave given he feared for his safety after Jones allegedly threatened to kill him.

Second Housing Arc

Main Article: Second Housing Arc

Daniel would obtain housing from the Shields Foundation through Reva and would secure housing from the 31st of August to the 16th of October, when he was kicked out after having a meltdown over trolls and his management, as well as the homeowner Miss P claiming to be scared for her life.

Second Homeless Era

Second California Arc/Travel Arc/Dark Ages

Main Article: Travel Arc, The Dark Ages

Following an incident against Daniel's mentor Bob Proctor, Daniel would be given a plane ticket to go to Los Angeles by Bob. While the exact reason for this is unknown, Bob Proctor likely wanted Daniel to get off of his back temporarily and under the 5150 law wanted Daniel to receive mental health treatment. Daniel would leave Los Angeles in February 2023, and begin to travel across America via bus. He would go to Las Vegas, Arizona, Texas, and finally New York, before finally returning back to Colorado in late May 2023. During Daniel's stay in Las Vegas, he would go missing, leading to a Blackout.

Cameo Arc

Main Article: Cameo Arc

Following in the steps of World of T-Shirts, Daniel created a Cameo account on the 31st of May 2023, setting the prices to as high as $1000. By August the account was banned after Daniel failed to do many requests of fans.

Dog Arc

Main Article: Dog Arc

Daniel fraudulently adopted a dog on July 9, 2023, and the dog was "kidnapped" (rescued) by a fan just two days later. This would then lead to Daniel having a severe meltdown inside a Walmart, ultimately resulting in him being admitted to a mental health unit for about 8 days.

College Arc

Main Article: College Arc

Daniel was convinced by Boulder CU frat members that he was now enrolled in the college. Daniel would be given a Fake ID by TwentyTwoDope to gain entry onto the campus. Just six days later, on September 16, 2023, Daniel was arrested for third-degree assault towards a security guard on September 16, 2023 after he was denied entry into an event that Deion Sanders was a part of, but in what many consider to be a complete failure of the American justice system, he was released from jail only two days later.

Reverse Mohawk Arc

Main Article: Reverse Mohawk

The Reverse Mohawk arc would begin as Daniel would receive a hair cut from trolls. He had court the next day and would go on to receive six months probation.

Daniel would then have an insane meltdown inside of Panera Bread, hitting himself and yelling racial slurs at the employees. He was then sentenced to even more probation on November 30. By the time Daniel's reverse Mohawk began to grow out, Daniel would go on to pull a fire alarm at an Olive Garden, argue with Yeat's doppelganger, and otherwise get banned from multiple Colorado restaurants to end off 2023 with a bang.

Beginning 2024, he would get arrested at an airport for his warrants and immediately released on a PR bond. The terms of his PR bond dictated that he needed to show up to all court hearing and progressively pay off his bond, neither of which he did.

January 2024 is considered to be the month where the Reverse Mohawk would end, given his hair had regrown.

The First Jail Arc

Main Article: Jail Arc

On February 3rd, 2024, Daniel was finally arrested for evasion of justice[2] after not showing up to court, which is required under the terms of his PR bond. He would stay in Jail for just under a month before being released on the 1st of March 2024.

The Second Jail Arc/The Ending

Main Article: Jail Arc 2

Daniel was arrested on the 30th of April on 7 counts of making terroristic threats. Given the severity of his charges and the likelihood that he is to remain in prison for a long time, many have seen this as the official ending of the Larsonverse.