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Name: Jared Appel
Aliases: Titan.Co
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Alignment: Management
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Gender: Male
Race: White
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Jared Appel, also known as Titan.Co, was a 14-year-old boy who was one of Daniel Larson's managers. He is most infamous for being involved in a scheme to exploit people with mental disabilities, and attempting make money off of Daniel. He collaborated with Samantha, another co-manager, to exploit Daniel by using him to sell Zoom meetings. Notably, during Zoom meetings with his team, Jared was known for yelling at people, which caught the attention of Reddit users. This led to discussions about how a 14-year-old like Jared was managing Zoom meetings to earn money alongside Samantha.

Jared's primary venture was his online shop, Titan.co, where he sold World of T-shirts merchandise and laser-etched debit cards. He had a team of employees who were also 14-year-old friends. It is unclear how he got involved with WOTS.

Despite his initial success, Jared's reign was publicly short-lived. He was doxxed by a 16-year-old Reddit user going by the username "Webbb." Through blackmail, Webbb coerced Jared's team into arranging a Zoom call with Daniel. When Jared eventually refused further demands, Webbb leaked the dox on Reddit and Discord. Nevertheless, Jared maintained contact with Samantha for a few months, during which they pressured World Of T-Shirts to post videos promoting her soap shop on TikTok. presumably Jared was still a manager for a while in the shadows.


Jared first came into the Daniel Larson community sometime in 2021.

Impact and Effect on Daniel

Daniel's relationship with Jared appeared strained, as evidenced by his desire to harm Jared in 2023.

Life After Daniel

grown titan

Following these events, Jared seemed to be doing well. He entered puberty and focused on enhancing his physical appearance as a look-maxing sigma. Additionally, he frequently engaged in role-playing on Discord.


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