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The Second Housing Arc (lesser-known as the Orange Shirt Arc on r/daniellarson) was an arc spanning August 31st, 2022 to December 10th, 2022. The arc is part of the larger Homeless Era, despite Daniel briefly being housed by the Shields Foundation from August 31st to October 16th. The arc was preceded by the First Homeless Arc, and culminated with the infamous December 10th Incident, after which the Travel Arc began.


Daniel Larson had been homeless for over 6 months after running away from Jonas' house during the First Housing Arc in March 2022. This event is often considered the end of the Classic Era, and marked the beginning of the Homeless Era. In this home, Daniel would destroy the walls, have physical altercations with the caretakers, and generally cause chaos. Both Daniel and Gavin would have frequent meltdowns, where police were called to the residence. After running away from the group home, Daniel relied on fan donations to assist him while homeless. He also committed several crimes while homeless, consisting of dine-and-dashing, trespassing, and various degrees of property damage. Despite his hardships, Daniel worked out a new housing situation with his case manager Reva, and moved-in to state-subsidized housing ran by the Shields Foundation on August 31st, 2022.

Miss P's House

After receiving housing from the Shields Foundation, Daniel would move into a house run by "Miss P". Daniel claimed to be the only client living in the home with the care providers, where he had a large bedroom with new furniture, and his belongings. His belongings consisted of board games, books, magazines, and the various things fans would send to the house, including a large toothbrush and several sex toys. Despite the generous accommodations, Daniel began claiming his care providers were abusive due to them taking his phone away.

Significant Events and Incidents

Pizza Crisis (9/1)

Ox ordered Daniel a pizza during his first night at the new housing, but it was delivered to Daniel's previous address. This caused a meltdown where Daniel remarked "I am living in hell" on Youtube and posted dozens of videos angrily calling Ox out for his mistake.

Property Damage (9/2)

Within 2 days of Daniel moving in, he had already put several holes in the wall and broken a large window during meltdowns. These holes were “caused” by trolls, according to him. He later went on to destroy most of the bedroom, ripping out pieces of the wall and breaking the window a second time after it was replaced. The window was later boarded up with plywood, and it is assumed most of Daniel's personal items from the move in were left behind in the house.

Star Bar Ban (9/6)

While at one of his favorite karaoke bars, the Star Bar, Daniel was kicked-out and subsequently banned for a period of time due to trolls calling the business. They made various threats, warned the Star Bar of Daniel's online behavior, and claimed that he was planning to "destroy everything."

Doxxing (9/15)

Within days, Daniel's address was already leaked online, being posted in discord servers and r/daniellarson despite attempts to hide it. One person on r/daniellarson ordered Daniel a large glass dildo sex toy, which Daniel called a "foot-and-a-half long horse dildo" and promptly threw out. Several pizzas were being ordered to the house daily, with Daniel claiming that over 5 pizzas were ordered to his house within one day.

Walmart Incident (9/29)

At a Walmart in the Denver-area, Daniel was allegedly arguing loudly with the Shields Foundation over the phone. When employees attempted to kick him out of the store, a meltdown took place where Daniel either ran into or punched a glass entry-door, breaking it. There is no known footage of this incident, but subsequent court documents regarding property damage and criminal mischief suggest that he was cited at the scene without being arrested.

Public Meltdown

On September 30th, an r/daniellarson user posted a video of Daniel having a meltdown somewhere in Denver. He was filmed repeatedly hitting himself and unsuccessfully attempting to break several windows on a nearby building. Due to the sweatshirt he was wearing, it can be assumed that the meltdown took place sometime in the Summer of 2022, after Daniel had run away from Jonas' house.

Eviction from Miss P's House

On October 16th, 2022, Daniel had a monumental meltdown over Oxis' discord, causing hundreds of dollars worth of property damage to the Miss P's home. Daniel proceeded to kick more holes in the wall and ram his head into the wall, claiming that the Shields Foundation was "blaming me for my fucking career." Miss P called the police and Daniel received a $1000 citation. Miss P told police that she feared for her life, and Daniel was trespassed from the property, resulting in an escalation of his meltdown. Daniel roamed Denver while posting a series of videos targeted at the Shields Foundation, accusing them of calling him a "bitch ass motherfucking liar," "clapping on him," and "partying on the phone." During this meltdown, Daniel used the N-word several times and broke a window of either a car or nearby business. Daniel unsuccessfully tried to go back to the house later that night, and was arrested. Daniel was released from jail on a PR bond on October 17th. As of March 2024, this was the final time that Daniel had access to organized housing.


After being evicted from Miss P's house and his subsequent fallout with the Shields Foundation, Daniel was intermittently homeless, though he spent few nights on the street due to Bob renting motels for him and fan donations. Daniel's daily life was generally uneventful during this time, as he is notably less-interesting when homeless. His activities were mainly limited to begging for donations, dine-and-dashing almost everyday, getting banned from businesses, and causing various mischief at the motels he stayed at.

Significant Events and Incidents

Abandoned at Walgreens (10/20)

Daniel was picked-up by a group of fans/trolls who drove him to Colorado Springs. After stopping at a Walgreens (referred to as "ralgreens" by Daniel), they left without him, leaving him stranded. Daniel attempted to walk back to Denver, making it as far as Monument before being rescued by fans, who then brought him back to Denver.

Crackhead Elevator (10/25)

In late October while homeless, Daniel decided to spend the night in the elevator of some sort of public structure, where he was joined by several other disheveled-looking people. They were visibly inebriated and appeared to be under the influence of opiates while "nodding-out."

Oxis Meet-Up (10/26)

On October 26th, Oxis and Daniel met in-person for the first time, where Ox bought Daniel food and drinks, and brought him to a casino. Daniel can be seen wearing a "Code Rainbow" sweatshirt that Oxis had made, with the intention of starting a line of Daniel Larson merchandise.

IHOP Ban (11/6)

Daniel is kicked-out and banned from a Denver-area IHOP for attempting to sleep in their bathroom overnight.

Olive Garden Ban (11/16)

Daniel is banned from a Denver-area Olive Garden after dine-and-dashing on his birthday.

Motel Ban (11/19)

Daniel is banned from a motel after kicking several holes in the wall and causing hundreds of dollars worth of property damage.

Lucky Strike Ban (11/23)

Daniel is kicked-out and banned from a Lucky Strike bowling alley near downtown Denver while livestreaming due to fans repeatedly calling the business.

December 10th Incident (12/10)

(See December 10th Incident)

End of Second Housing Arc

Immediately after the December 10th Incident, Bob bought Daniel a plane ticket from Colorado Springs to Los Angeles, likely in an attempt to take a break from Daniel and get him somewhere warmer for the winter. This effectively ended the Second Housing Arc and the Travel Arc began.