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Name: Ivan Nedeljkovic
Aliases: Ox, Oxis
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Alignment: Former Friend
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Gender: Male
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Nationality: Serbian
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Ivan Nedeljkovic, better known as Ox, or Oxis, is a was one of Daniel Larson's former managers, friends, and most infamously, enabler. He is most notable for assisting Daniel in various ways, and running the Daniel Larson Twitch account and the subsequent links that branch off from it. Ox is a very controversial figure in the Daniel Larson community, whom many have criticized for blaming most of Daniel's actions on his mental illnesses or trolls who have gotten into contact with him.

Over time, managing Daniel became too much of a hassle for Ox, resulting in him distancing himself from his management role. He still takes a small role in assisting Daniel such as being trying to be Daniel's point of contact in case he needs anything. Additionally, Ox has tried to help Daniel be sent to an institution where he will be away from the internet, although his attempts have ultimately failed.

As of recent, Ox mainly lurks in places such as the Daniel Larson subreddit to defend him from pedophile allegations, despite the abundant evidence, along with trying to combat criticism of himself. Ox is mainly criticized for his supposed savior complex, along with his borderline obsession with Daniel. It is believed that Ox was one of the top sources for Daniel-related content on TikTok, at least for a time.

Ironically, In Ox's journey to help Daniel, Ox only caused Daniel, along with many members of the community, to despise him.

Introduction to Ox

Not much is known about Ox's early life, but some information can be gleaned from posts on the r/Daniellarson Subredditand subsequent subreddits made about him.

Ox first started his life in Michigan where he was an athlete in high school. After this, he took an interest in acting and moved out to Los Angeles to attend a school for acting. While in California, he was cast in a movie called Hell Trip in 2018, in which he played a character named Logan Turner.[1]

Following this, Ox took an interest in becoming a social media influencer, starting out on a TikTok account named OxTheGoat to document his, "Off the grid van life," during which he made videos about his life living in an RV. He also had an Instagram account dedicated to his brief stint as a model, however this was unsuccessful. However, in 2022, he rose to fame due to his TikTok content covering AIOPM's, which refers to lolcows with disabilities who use TikTok as their main platform. His channel initially focused on Daniel Larson and another controversial TikToker, Joshua Block, also known as WorldOfTshirts.

Ox claimed that Daniel, along with many other disabled TikTokers, were being manipulated into creating unsavory and often sexually explicit content by trolls. His TikTok about this topic quickly went viral, gaining hundreds of thousands of views in just a few weeks.

However, in the summer of 2022, Ox began to face backlash after becoming one of Daniel's managers. Despite the backlash, Ox continued to create content with Daniel and even went on to meet him in real life, even then, Daniel reacted negatively to Ox, creating multiple videos about him, and even making one in which he threatened to bomb his house.


Ox is often heavily criticized for how he acts towards Daniel and others in the community.

Many in the community have criticized Ox for many of the same reasons they criticized Papa Gut. Ox seems to ignore Daniel's troubled past and instead blames his actions on either manipulation or mental illness.

u/BrianTheLarsonist, a longtime moderator of the r/Daniellarson subreddit, stated in a post that Ox had blocked all communication with him shortly before the attempted mass flagging campaign on the subreddit. Allegedly, Ox had insulted him numerous times and refused to listen to him regarding Daniel's Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and how Ox giving Daniel money could cause him to lose his SSI. It was later found this was never a problem because everything was in Ox’s name.

Other complaints with Ox include him having some form of hero complex, believing he was 'saving' Daniel from trolls. Some of his uploads to TikTok include him threatening action and stating he is gathering evidence against them. Some dub him a "clout chaser" but these claims are disputable.

Nonetheless, Ox provided the majority of Daniel’s food and dozens of hotels sept-august, got him his new Colorado state ID, monitored Daniel’s socials for trolls, and attempted to assist Daniel in California, which did not end up going well.


Ox is a largely controversial figure in the community, with many debating whether or not he's a genuine person trying to help Daniel out, or a person with a hero complex causing trouble.

Some reasonings that make Ox controversial include:

Twitch Streams

Ox has been the subject of scrutiny for his handling of the Daniel Larson Twitch live streams, in which numerous incidents occurred such as Daniel's phone number being leaked to hundreds on air. Ox also seems to have heavily monetized the Twitch page itself by providing multiple donation links and a fully-fledged merch store all based on Daniel's image, but Ox states that all of the profits earned through these means go to assist Daniel and not himself. A large array of screenshots were provided in Daniel’s official Twitch discord to prove these claims. This is a large point of contention in the community however as the merch website features Daniel only by name and does not depict any images of him in either the modeling photos or on the merch itself, as well as the DaniellarsonTv Twitch streams being mostly comprised of face cam video of Oxis himself.

r/Daniellarson Subreddit Raid

In late July of 2022, Ox amassed his Twitch and Tiktok audience to instigate a mass flagging campaign against the r/daniellarson subreddit, claiming that the usage of NSFW content of Daniel was the reasoning behind the attack. While proving to be unsuccessful in banning the sub, it caused many in the sub to immediately dislike him and cause a fury storm of posts expressing their disdain for him.


There are numerous instances of Ox threatening to dox people who he deems to be harassing and abusing mentally disabled creators online. Ox claims to have already amassed a lot of information. One of Ox's prime targets is a user by the name of Murk, the suspected troll behind Dave VanderWaal.

First Falling Out

As with a lot of fans who try and help Daniel. Daniel ends up having a hard time seeing any good that may have helped him. On July 30th, 2022 Daniel uploaded a video saying that Ox was a bitch, Ox then stitched the video from the same account responding to the attack referencing a famous Daniel video about Quandale Dingle.

Nuclear Attack

On August 2nd, 2022 Ox made a donation goal to prank Daniel with a fake Nuclear Attack video, causing more tension between the two.

Meet Up

The "Code Rainbow" sweatshirt that was gifted by Ox

On October 26th, 2022 Ox met Daniel Larson in person for the first time. Ox gave Daniel a pink sweatshirt that said "Code Rainbow" a reference to one of the hundreds of codes that Daniel has given his "Emergencies". They had lunch and live-streamed during the visit on the "daniellarsonsafe" TikTok account. Ox bought Daniels lunch which according to Ox was a large amount of food. During the stream they gambled some of Ox's money, Daniel once made a smart gambling move by depositing $5 and pulling out when he had $5.11 profiting a sweet 11 cents.

Ox Quits

On January 15, 2023, Ox uploaded a video in which he explains that Daniel is refusing services for him in Denver and will never be going back, citing his warrants and court date absences.

After trolls were able to convince Daniel to block Ox, the two met up and Ox explained that he would no longer help Daniel with trolls online. Daniel said that they were friends and that Ox would still try and get him some dry clothes.

Ox goes on to admit that it took him a while to see that Daniel and his trolls are like "yin and yang"; Since Daniel wants so badly to be famous and to be dating Grace, and trolls will always pretend to be something that can achieve that Daniel will always fall for it.

Ox told Daniel some harsh realities, such that Daniel is a laughing stock and has never met grace. Ox reported nothing seems to get through to him, and he has no control over Daniel, "he will never be off the internet, and he will never be somewhere where he is watched 24/7". Ox says he will watch from afar and intervene if "something super wild happens".

Post Fallout Involvement

Despite their falling out, and Ox’s harsh words against Daniel in their last meeting, Ox was engaged in the April 1st Q&A hosted on Discord by Daniel’s new managers. Ox offered the new managers a lot of advice, keeping a neutral opinion on their voluntary management, while offering advice on how to handle Daniel's behaviors and keep him at bay. While Ox talked a lot about his experience with Daniel's negative attributes and behaviors, he did so in a way that was not necessarily to persuade the "managers" to not wish to interact with Daniel. Ox would continue to keep up with Larson, posting an update on his TikTok.

On April 6th, Ox uploads another update outlining Daniel Larson HQ's involvement in recent incidents and his intervention that put an end to their trolling of Michael Quinn.

Reddit AMA

On April 17th, 2023, on the r/daniellarson subreddit, Ox, under the name "YungDaddyOx," hosted an AMA. Below are some highlights.

How do you see this ending? Will Daniel ever go back to assisted living? - NYgirl78

Potentially. Low odds though. I think it’s going to be like this a while. Court won’t punish him, he won’t listen to reason. He is effectively in a limbo of hell and delusion.

what’s your thoughts on daniels pedophilia? - harmilk

I do not believe it is excusable, but it is understandable. I’ve had my back and forth a with this, but as I realized there was some stuff that was not troll created and he is a sexual deviant I was a bit pissed because I put so much time into his health and he told me it was never him. But I also came to see just how disabled he is. I spoke to some guys who interviewed me recently who were great and one of them basically hit it on the nose and said “we generally don’t give disabled people unfettered access to kids” or something along those lines. To be honest this is a common issue with severely disabled and not having that right from wrong. He is not functioning what so ever. You can claim oh he made it this far and he’s survived on the streets. Dan by no means would survive without his fan base homeless and would absolutely be dead by now.

Why does Dan keep falling for these fake Graces, Tina Vanderwall etc, etc? [...] - No-Top83

I think Dan isnt so much in love with grace so much as hes in love with the attention and consistency a “grace” has provided in his life for the past few years. He never had any stability growing up, he was raised in an abusive household from the day he was born up until the Tennyson centre. It has been so incessant that I think he as totally lost touch with reality and fantasy. He is autistic and has both bipolar and schizophrenia, He doesnt know what a relationship is and was never given the tools to differentiate a healthy from a bad. It’s just a massive cocktail for disaster, and i think thats why its been so easy for people to troll him. His delusions paired with someone willing to be grace will always align.

Is Daniel a threat to society? - Animator_Green-light

Him combined with his trolls, absolutely. Eventually something is going to happen that will wind up being very bad. This sub will try to disappear and people are going to get looked into. I am just watching from a distance right now, try to prevent what I can.

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