April 6th Meltdown

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The April 6th Meltdown was a significant meltdown that occurred on April 6, 2024 around 4:00 PM MDT (22:00 UTC), during the Homeless Era. Daniel displayed an unusually high level of anger during the meltdown, yelling in a guttural tone instead of his trademark high-pitched "Mickey Mouse" voice seen in other meltdowns, to the point where he was foaming at the mouth. The meltdown was instigated by a combination of factors, including being kicked out of Buffalo Wild Wings as well as an exchange with a troll impersonating Bob Proctor. The meltdown featured him making specific terroristic threats against Bob Proctor as well as numerous government entities, which would end up being a factor in his arrest only 24 days later.

Daniel had another meltdown the same day, although it was less intense and was triggered by trolls. The second meltdown took place about two hours later.

The content of the meltdown included: screeching, minor self-harm, usage of the N-word, and extreme violent/terroristic threats including bomb threats. The April 6th Meltdown is considered to be one of the more extreme meltdowns Daniel has had to date, with similarities to the August 29th Meltdown. The meltdown also serves as one of the most clear examples of Daniel’s debilitating mental health. Daniel live streamed the entire chain of events to his YouTube channel, with the first meltdown being swiftly taken down by either him or YouTube, although the less extreme second meltdown can still be accessed on YouTube.


The meltdown appears to have a been a culmination of multiple factors. Leading up to the meltdown, Daniel was kicked out of a Buffalo Wild Wings as part of a troll-orchestrated fabrication of him securing a job interview there. In a brief livestream, Daniel appears distressed and is running away from the restaurant. He insinuates that the police have been called after an attempt to Dine-and-Dash. The original video on YouTube was titled "Daniel Larson just got his new job threatened by the manager at Buffalo wild wings 😡", but the "job" was fabricated by trolls, likely in an attempt to instigate an incident.[1]

Right before the meltdowns occurred, Daniel posted multiple disturbingly detailed images of his of trench foot on his community tab, as well as multiple audio recordings of him talking to his doctor regarding his trench foot. Despite the pain and suffering caused by his lack of hygiene, Daniel still insisted on walking at least 20 miles to Boulder Colorado in order to attend court there, complaining frequently about his trench foot in multiple livestreams and community posts during this time. April 6th was also an extremely cold and windy day in Colorado, this is believed to have been a major factor in his meltdown.

Technically there were two separate meltdowns occurring on the same day, about an hour apart, both in the format of YouTube livestreams. The first livestream, by the far the most extreme, was about 5 minutes long and was quickly taken down by YouTube.

Daniel started a stream titled "Bob help me NOW" around 4:00 pm, in a full-blown rage. The video begins with Daniel hitting the ground, and screeching twice before flipping off the camera, calling Bob the N-word and threatening to "bomb his house till the day he dies". He repeatedly yells "bomb", "kill", and "murder" to express his frustration with "Bob" and entities he believes to be persecuting him. Daniel frequently screams threatening phrases and hits himself during meltdowns, likely due to autism impacting his ability to process negative emotions. He further threatens to bomb "every police station in the world" and federal entities including the White House, the "Feds", and Daniel MacDougall. Daniel's mouth, face and even hair becomes coated in his own windblown saliva and snot, while displaying his trademark "angry tongue". He hits the ground and his groin repeatedly towards the end of the stream. It should be noted that the "Bob" involved in this incident was a troll that instigated the meltdown. Bob Proctor cut ties with Daniel in late 2023, after a second incident involving Daniel assaulting Bob in his car. The video was recorded in an extremely windy environment, where portions of Daniel's speech are obscured. The clip on the right is the first 30 seconds of the incident.

The second meltdown was far less extreme and occurred at the ending section of a 30 minute long livestream.[2] This livestream can still be accessed on YouTube under the title "Daniel Larson 20 miles to Boulder Colorado". During this second meltdown, he does the Angry Tongue several times, flips the camera off, and insults Bob using obscenities before ending the livestream. This second meltdown appeared to have occurred as a result of trolls tracking him down due to him obviously showcasing his location in the background, or at least his perception of people tracking him down based on trolls in the comment section. The April 6th Meltdown took place almost a year to the day after Daniel was confronted in a bodega during the Travel Arc.




[Daniel is having a huge meltdown.]

Daniel: Oh my god!

[Daniel starts hitting the ground, groans, screams, does the Angry Tongue, and screams again. He hits his head, does the Angry Tongue and flips off the camera]


[Daniel hits himself in the head once]

Daniel: BOMB!!!! BOMB!!! BOMB!!!! BOMB YOU!!!! BOMB YOU!!!! BOMB YOU!!!! (groans, hits his head some more) KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL!! YOU'RE A FUCKING NIGGER BOB! YOU'RE A FUCKING NIGGER!!! KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL!!! KILL! MURDER! KILL!! KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL!! KILL FUCKING MURDER!! MURDER!! This is a message to every fucking police station IN THE WORLD!! FUCKING KILL KILL KILL!!! KILL! MURDER!! This is a message to the fucking feds! If you fucking don't listen to me, I will fucking kill you too! Murder! Bomb you! The fucking White House too! Bomb you! Go ahead and ban my channel! (gravelly voice) Make sure I'm homeless for the rest of my fucking life!

[Daniel hits himself in the head more]

Daniel: You did this to yourself bitch! You did this all to your fucking self! Bomb, bomb, bomb! Bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb!!!! Bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb!!! Kill kill kill kill kill!! (hits his head more, death metal growl) This is a message to Daniel MacDougall! You didn't listen to Bob and me, and this is what you get! (moves arm like a bomb dropping) BOMB!! AAAAGH! (hits his leg for 5 seconds) Go ahead and take away my housing, bitch! Go ahead and take away my housing! I will bomb the White House if you do! (voice calms down) Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill!! Kill kill kill!

[Second meltdown]

Daniel: (after being relatively calm for a while) Shut the fuck up and don't tell me to run!

[stops for a while, angry tongue, heavy breathing, flipping off the camera]

Daniel: Fuck... fuck! (hits his head a bit, then flips off the camera while doing the angry tongue, more heavy breathing) My god!! Bob, help! Bob, help! Fuck you Bob! Help! Oh my god! Fuck you bitch! Fuck you Bob! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU!! [ends stream]

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