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Jonas in a suit.
Name: Jonas
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Jonas, sometimes known as Jonaz[1] or Jonez[2], is a former caretaker of a group home that housed Daniel Larson as well as other people such as Gavin, who Daniel featured in multiple Tiktok videos doing various things (usually daily life with the occasional video of him fighting Jonas or Gavin fighting Jonas.) Whether Jonas has actually engaged in a physical altercation with Daniel is unclear, but it seems likely.

Mac 'N Cheese

A frequent meal served by Jonas was Macaroni and cheese, which on one occasion Daniel claimed it was made without milk. Daniel calling Jonas an asshole, claimed he poisoned it, with jalapenos, "little things", and ranch or honey mustard, going on a tirade then spitting it out in the sink. While this seems like one of Daniel's nonsensical moments, some r/Daniellarson users speculated there might have actually been ranch instead of milk in the mac 'n cheese.[3]


In a perceived retaliation against Jonas, Daniel turned the stove on, let the water run in the sink, and messed with the microwave clocks during the night to mess with him. Making goblin noises and laughing in the process. He also ended up turning off the sink, then gets up on the kitchen counter, turns on the sink faucet again, then sprays what is presumably a cleaning spray.

Daniel messing with Jonas

On November 25, 2021, Daniel said that he would send Jonas back to Africa once his live reached 6000 viewers.[4][5]

The November 28th Incident

See main article: Bing Bong Video

On November 28th, 2021, Daniel went live on TikTok claiming to be hypnotized and began "worshipping" Jonas in what seemed to be him mocking Jonas. He repeatedly bowed and hailed Jonas, referred to him as his "king" and the "chosen one" and urged his viewers to do the same while throughout the live his phone can be heard vibrating and receiving phone calls.

Part way through, he starts singing repeatedly singing "bing bong" while stiltedly dancing, and would abruptly "throw up" off camera, resuming his worship of Jonas almost immediately after. Whether he actually threw up is debatable. At 3:50, Daniel starts begging Jonas to cum inside him, during which he receives a phone call that seemingly freezes his live for 30 seconds. Afterwards, Daniel claims to be a member of the Illuminati, who prays for "a great future, and our work in time travelling." After he says this, he sits in silence for 37 seconds and then ends the live.


Daniel would have various fights with Jonas throughout his time living with him.

The Media

Date unknown. Daniel has an argument with Jonas, the video starting with Daniel repeating "I'm not gonna put you on the media." [1]

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