Machete Incident

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An extremely graphic photo of Daniel's horrific injuries.

On April 25th, 2023, Daniel Larson recorded a video on his @daniellarson00663300 TikTok account of him running down the street announcing to the camera that he was attacked, declaring the situation a code red and saying that he will give updates to the situation soon. He would make a static follow-up showing his hand, it having a small cut on it and his hand appearing bright red.

In a follow-up video on the 26th, he would claim he was both attacked with a "marchete" and a baseball bat by a diabetic African-American woman who asked him for a cigarette.



Daniel: So... I just got attacked last night. And the person was African-American female wearing... kind of, like, a tank top... barely anything on. Walked up to me, saw me, and asked if I could get them one cigarette, uhm, that they're... diabetic, they need a cigarette, otherwise, they're gonna have a seizure I said, "I'm sorry, I don't carry cigarettes on me", they said I was being racist for saying that.

Daniel: The person was carrying a marchete... and just started like, going like, 'if you don't get me a cig- one cigarette- I will beat the living crap out of you, get up now, take me to go get a cigarette!' and then they started beating on me, like, a hundred... bats, pretty much."