July 3rd Community Tab Incident

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The incident began with posts discussing an apparent court case, claiming that it was a copyright-related lawsuit. This was actually used as a result of his Spotify being hacked- the apparent "use" of these were to scare people that were "....impersonating" him on Spotify. Immediately after posting this, Daniel threatened to "fucking bomb [Spotify's] fucking headquarters and Sue the living shit out of them".

After posting a few more times about Spotify, he discussed a new argument with his mentor Bob Proctor- blaming the Denver County Court and as such threatening to bomb the courthouse. After more miscellaneous posts, Daniel declared it was "Code fucking death" and that he would be nuking the Reddit headquarters.

The incident ended with him declaring that if he was arrested, he would "want the White House burned down" and that "This is only the Start of the war", even posting "Daniel Watterson versus the government 😱". The end of the meltdown also included references to Daniel's knowledge of Chris Chan, mentions of a discussion with Putin, and his current situation with his family.

After this incident, he presumably went to bed. 15 hours later, he decreed that he had deleted TikTok.