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Name: Samantha
Aliases: Sabbath, Sabbathstd, Sabbathstd88, Samanthaestede, DanielLarsonTimes, Fierce.Businesswoman
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Alignment: Management
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Gender: Female
Race: White
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Tegan Rain Sharp, better known as Samantha or Sabbath, was one of Daniel's many managers. She was an extremely controversial figure in the Daniel Larson community for several reasons, mainly for introducing Daniel to topics such as antisemitism, as well as doxxing individuals who stood in her way. She started off as a TikTok micro-celebrity who made posts to spark rage in people, most notably a video of hers where claimed that eating meat was rooted in racism. She was claimed to be 14-15 years old during this time, although this cannot be confirmed, and is most likely false as there is no evidence that points to this. Afterward, she became one of Daniel's managers, so trusted by Daniel that Samantha was in control of Daniel's Instagram and TikTok accounts during her tenure.[1]

Infamously, while under the moniker of Goldberg Shacklestein, an antisemitic caricature, she introduced Daniel to antisemitism which he still shows traits of to this day.

Samantha is also the creator of "STD Soaps", a brand of soaps she had sold on Etsy themed after STD's, AID's, period blood, and other bodily fluids and diseases.[2] While being Daniel's manager, she was also known for getting Daniel into contact with another notable troll/manager, Jared. What is interesting to note is that Daniel is not the only one Samantha had managed or had an influence over, as Samantha was known for constantly associating herself with autistic and/or mentally impaired individuals so they can advertise her Etsy shop among other things. To promote her soap shop, Samantha and Jared even attempted to convince World of T-Shirts to make videos regarding it.[3]

Samantha's tenure as Daniel's manager, despite her significant influence on his actions and statements, was relatively brief, beginning in August 2021 and concluding around December of the same year, although specific dates are difficult to ascertain. Allegedly, after Samantha had confronted Daniel about his pedophilia, specifically his alleged possession of inappropriate images of children,[4] she was fired.

Samantha's place in Daniel's history is hard to find considering a lack of archiving and preservation, but this page attempts to piece together what is left.

As of 2024, Samantha still continues to influence mentally disabled individuals to create content for her TikTok account, as well as starting a career in "financial domination".


Samantha originally started out as a TikTok micro-celebrity, making posts about political and racial topics, however her TikTok account has since been banned and it seems as though she has lost access to a majority of her accounts.[5] She later branched out into Daniel Larson content on a now-deleted TikTok account named DanielLarsonTimes, which was active in late August of 2021 to presumably October of the same year.

On her account, Samantha frequently posted video updates about Daniel. A particularly notable and controversial aspect was a now-deleted (and possibly lost) video where she was talking to Daniel during his stay in a psychiatric hospital, which lasted a few days to a week, beginning on October 13, 2021. The exact reason for his admission to the facility remains unknown. However, what stands out about this phone call is that it didn't take place over Daniel's usual phone, which he presumably didn't have access to, but rather via a hospital phone. This detail highlighted the close relationship between him and Samantha. This was immediately questioned by people in the Subreddit, causing outcry among multiple people, worried if Daniel was in contact with a troll.[6] In a post named, "Larson and the mental hospital. A message to the Larsonists," a member voiced their concerns about Samantha, referring to her as Sabbath, and how she managed Daniel and his affairs.

Samantha on the DanielLarsonTimes account denying being his manager.

Later on, this account was discovered to be Samantha’s.[8] When this was revealed, she started to delete multiple videos before eventually deleting the account all together.[9] However, when people began to speculate that she was Daniel's manager, she resorted to insulting commenters while denying the accusations. The reason for Samantha hiding her identity is unknown.

Shortly after this, Samantha stopped concealing her role as Daniel's manager and publicly acknowledged it in the following weeks. In a subsequent interview with a user from the subreddit, she explained her motivation for becoming Daniel's manager: aiming to distance him from his previous managers in hopes to help and protect him.

Impact on Daniel

One may only speculate Samantha's actual feelings in regards to Daniel. At the start of her time as Daniel's manager, her intentions are believed to have been nothing but positive. She did well-intended deeds to help Daniel and his situation, such as giving him money to buy McDonald's, and trying to help him build healthy life habits. She is also said to have gifted Daniel clothes on at least one occasion, although under the guise of them supposedly being designer. At one point, Samantha had bought clothes for Daniel and mailed them to him through a PO box, gifting him a pair of shoes, two pink t-shirts, and a pair of pants.[10] [11]

However, her efforts to help him ceased when Samantha realized that Daniel was beyond saving, and even when given the ample opportunity to receive help and support, Daniel refused to take it. Samantha helping Daniel is corroborated by multiple posts on the Reddit, although the reasoning for her trolling him and making him post offensive things is unclear.

The many options of soaps Samantha has to offer!

Samantha is allegedly a Nazi, although this is most likely not true. Samantha convinced Daniel to believe in the antisemitic rhetoric of figures such as Adolf Hitler. Furthermore, she had created the character known as Goldberg Shacklestein, manipulating Daniel into believing that the offensive caricature was real and was coming to get him. This, in the end, worked. Before her being his manager, Daniel had not exhibited any behaviour of potentially hating Jewish people, but even after her firing, he still showed it in some aspects of his life.

Something to note about Samantha is that in almost all of her usernames, there is a constant theme of STDs. Samantha, at one point, got Daniel to advertise her, "STD soaps," which was the name of a shop she ran on Etsy, presumably to get Daniels fans to buy her products. This Etsy shop, even though no longer selling products, sold different soaps and hygeine products that were themed after items that most people would not ever put near their bodies, such as soap themed after period blood, cigerette ash, and AID's fungal deoderent.

Samantha's time as Daniel's manager was marked with a distinct tinge of paranoia, during which she had Daniel say and do increasingly bigoted and dangerous things. She also manipulated Daniel by acting as a potential love interest to him, which explains videos in which he can be seen talking about her breasts.[13] At one point, Samantha stole a portion of the money Daniel had been making from live streams to put it into crypto, she also defrauded him. In a TikTok made on November 1, 2021, Daniel talks about this, at the very end he once again says the n-word.[14]

Interview with u/Temporary_Night_6809

A user of the Daniel Larson Subreddit by the name of u/Temporary_Night_6809 conducted an interview with Samantha on November 8, 2021. They later posted a paraphrased version of their conversation onto Reddit, titling the post, "MY INTERVIEW WITH SABBATH‼️‼️‼️"[15]

Many things can be taken away from this interview, most notably the corroboration of claims that Samantha had sent Daniel money for food (which he instead wasted on unrelated items). What's also notable is Samantha's reasoning for wanting to be Daniel's manager. Here, she claimed to have wanted to 'protect' him from the prior managers who'd convinced Daniel to expose himself in the past, who she is referring to is most likely Flexburger. In the interview, Samantha had also dispelled rumors that were floating around at the time. These rumors included her access to things such as his Social Security info or Cash App, that she was obese, that she had stolen from him, and that she had doxxed anyone so she could keep Daniel to herself (but she never denied that she'd doxxed people in the past).

The validity of these claims is debatable, but it is plausible that Samantha did try to help Daniel, only for him to blow her off.

The user who conducted this interview claimed that they had contact with Samantha, who told him that she'd had access to Daniel's phone at one point. In it she alleged to have found child porn.

They also firmly believe that Samantha did indeed want to help Daniel during the start of her managing him, which is somewhat believable.


The reason for Samantha’s firing is not entirely clear, although it can be inferred from various comments and videos Daniel himself has made.

What is known is that Samantha was in fact fired twice. Samantha was initially fired following Daniel making a TikTok wherein he exposed her for stealing his money and using it to invest in Ethereum along with other cryptocurrencies, which in the interview covered above, she refuted.[14] However, she was later re-hired, presumably under a different name. This name is theorized to be Sabbath, but it is unclear.

YouTube community posts threatening Samantha and Jarred.

During the end of her career as Daniel's manager, Samantha at one point asked Daniel about the information Flexburger had leaked in regard to Daniel's extensive history of being inappropriate towards children. This line of questioning led to her eventual firing. She could have also asked about the supposed 'child porn' on his devices, but once again, it is unclear. Whatever the specific question may have been, it is known that Samantha asked Daniel something about his pedophilia, thus resulting in her firing and removal from Daniels management. Not long after her firing, Daniel started a livestream on TikTok in which he called her the n-word.[18] Daniel was the one who fired Samantha, as she did not leave on her own accord or for other reasons.

This is corroborated by u/Temporary_Night_6809, who is an arguably verifiable source as he had contact with her during this time. He'd made a comment on Reddit regarding the reason of Samantha's firing, which reads as follows.

Samantha was not well liked in the community due to her bigotry, so as soon as her firing came to light, she was immediately doxxed, which resulted in her parents receiving messages that informed them about their daughter's involvement with Daniel. This caused her to remove herself from every facet of Daniel's life, even deleting her own Reddit account.[20]

Following her doxxing, Samantha has not come back and shows no signs of doing so, much like Anti Chloe, although Samantha is not nearly as innocent. This does not mean that Samantha will stay gone forever.

However, in June 2023, Daniel mentioned Samantha out of the blue on his YouTube community tab, declaring that he'd burn her house down, also threatening to murder Jarred, who had presumably worked alongside Samantha during the time in which she was his manager.


Samantha's new account.
Samantha, as of 2024.

In 2024, it was discovered that Samantha was running a TikTok named fierce.businesswoman". On this TikTok account, she uploaded multiple videos where she is seen manipulating mentally disabled men into giving her money, as well as performing embarrassing and degrading acts for her on camera. Most of her victims were from Discord or the dating app Bumble. These videos show that even after leaving Daniel, she hasn't changed very much.

On her new TikTok account, she is a self proclaimed "findom" and is beleived to be some sort of sex worker, frequenting websites in which her followers can buy items for her. She also claims that the men featured in her videos aren't actually mentally disabled, and are holders of jobs such as lawyers. On her TikTok livestreams, she is seen drinking Tito's vodka, threatening to call the police on her "haters", and crying hysterically for seemingly no reason whatsoever. She also appears to be a misandrist, showing a lot of hatred and disgust towards the male sex.[21]

On her Twitter/X account, she was seen having a Larson-esque meltdown following being talked about on R/Daniellarson, claiming that she was the "victim of a witch-hunt" because of people assuming that her "subs" were mentally disabled, or in her words, "retarded". She then claimed in the same rant that she was being targeted by "alt-right extremists on Reddit who want me dead", implying the subreddit was at fault for her recent woes, though she failed to provide proof of anything that would suggest it. [22]

In the end, it appears that Samantha has not grown very much ever since her interactions with Daniel.

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