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Daniel Robert Larson
Daniel, outside of Longmont Recreation Center on June 9, 2019.
Name: Daniel Robert Larson
Aliases: Danny, Danderson, Mr. President
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DOB: November 15, 1998 (Age 25)
Gender: Male
Race: White
Nationality: American
Height and Weight: 5'10", 119 lbs
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Daniel Robert Larson (born November 15, 1998),[1] also known as Danderson, Mr. President, or "Zoomer Chris Chan", is a 25-year-old mentally ill online internet personality, self-identified singer/songwriter and fashion model, convicted criminal, president of the United States, and celebrity who's engaged to former America's Got Talent star, Grace VanderWaal, despite them having never met in person.

In 2020, Daniel gained a sizeable following due to his strange content and unusual appearance. Upon discovery, people began to troll him for amusement, due to him resembling controversial internet personalities such as Chris Chan, or Terry A. Davis. In an attempt to get Daniel to notice them, individuals often pretended to be teams of managers who stroked his delusions of fame and fortune. Daniel fell for this hook, line, and sinker. This would eventually turn Daniel from a well-meaning, albeit odd person, into someone with genuine problems, who regularly broke the law and posted deranged content.

Daniel would consider himself a celebrity, specifically, a world-famous musician despite him not selling a multi-platinum album, and the glaring fact that he is a homeless vagrant. Despite this, he is the creator of the smash-hit songs Roaring Thunder and Something More, as well as being the mind behind several violent and/or disturbing meltdowns and incidents, making him (if anything) more infamous than famous.

The primary reason behind his behavior is attributed to Daniel's several mental disorders, and his unwillingness to receive help for them. The specific disorders are not known, although Daniel is confirmed to have autism,[2] as well as bipolar disorder, PTSD, and, most notably, schizophrenia. Confirmation of any medical diagnoses is unclear, but he has resided in a specialized educational environment for children with diverse needs, as well as disability housing, which suggests some professional assessment.

Daniel's content is regularly hosted on his many TikTok and YouTube accounts, which he is widely banned off (as well as many real-world locations). This is due to behavior such as him exposing his genitals on a live stream, his pedophilic tendencies, use of racial slurs, and assaulting multiple people in real life, most notably, his elderly mentor.

From 2021 onwards, Daniel's life would continue in a downward spiral, as he'd move from house to house before eventually becoming homeless, contracting scabies, proclaiming himself to be in a relationship with Grace VanderWaal, being exposed multiple times for pedophilic behaviour, hopping from manager to manager, adopting a dog, defrauding a taxi driver, assaulting a bodega employee, attempting to enroll in college twice, pulling a fire alarm at an Olive Garden, facing multiple arrests, making several terroristic threats against the government and eventually being charged for it, and becoming significantly more mentally ill than when he first started posting onto the internet.

There has truly been no internet personality such as Daniel Larson, with his story being described by many as "same shit, different day". Even after years of people trying to help him, Daniel shows no signs of stopping his incredibly dangerous behaviour, choosing to only live in his hand-crafted delusional world. It had even gotten so bad to a point where police intervention was required to get him to cease his activities, where Daniel may stay forever.

In short, Daniel's story is one that is not fated to have a happy ending, leaving his life as a tale of bad parenting, the effects of untreated mental illness, gullibility, narcissism, sexual deviancy, criminal activity, and, most importantly, a tale of the world watching a man deteriorate through each and every day.

Before Era

Childhood and Adolescence

Daniel, at 5 months old.
Daniel's (late) siblings, Joyetta and Olivia.

Daniel Robert Larson was born on November 15, 1998 in Lancaster, California, to parents Elisabeth Lee Shimer and James Travis Larson. His parents were fairly young when they gave birth to him. While Elisabeth's age is not known, his father was only 20 at the time of his son's birth. Daniel's genesis could have been spurred by claims of his father being "obsessed with sex", though this cannot be confirmed. In 2001, Daniel's mother would also give birth to his late siblings, Joyetta and Olivia, who would pass away due to RH incompatibility not long after birth.[3]

Observing Daniel’s facial features, including a thin, flat upper lip and small eye openings, there is speculation about the possibility of him having Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.[4] However, this can’t be proven, and furthermore, Elisabeth's impaired state adds complexity to the situation.

When Daniel was a toddler, he was said to have been playmates with his neighbors dog. In one of his TikToks, Daniel indicates that he murdered this dog. As he chased the dog around, it jumped over a spiked fence to which it impaled itself due to not being able to jump over in time.[5] While Daniel obviously was not the one who killed the animal, this small anecdote was most likely the starting point of his violent tendencies.

It's like he never even changed.

In 2010, Daniel was relocated to Colorado at the age of 11 by his mother following her separation from his father who viewed Daniel as a “lost cause”.[6] The decision to move was also influenced by Colorado's reputedly better mental and physical health support opposed to California's.[7] This was due to Daniel's severe mental health problems which were starting to bud as the years passed. This was also due to Elisabeth becoming wheelchair-bound after years of fighting lupus.

As confirmed by his mother, Daniel, even from a young age, displayed severe signs of disabilities such as autism, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia.[8] This may be because his mother, as well as his father, may be mentally challenged to some extent. It is unclear what condition they suffer from.

One would believe Daniel to be a normal child, but even at a young age, he was noted as being extremely violent with his mother, as well as having fantasies. This would be a sign of things to come.

More of Young Daniel

Daniel's childhood was wrought with tenuous claims of neglect and alleged sexual abuse, which, if true, may have left him with childhood trauma which exacerbated his already chaotic behavior as well as contributing to his later pedophilic tendencies. A worker who is said to have helped him during childhood went on to say Daniel had a, "history of child sexual abuse (to him and by him)"[9] although what this means is unknown. It has not been confirmed if this person actually helped Daniel, leaving its validity up in the air.

However, claims of Daniel being neglected is confirmed by multiple people, even by his own classmates. Additionally, Daniel's father allegedly forced him to smoke cigarettes as punishment.[10]

DDRC describing Daniel to potential foster parents.

This is evidenced by the fact that, at about age 11, Daniel was taken away from his mother by the State of Colorado due to being neglected and facing alleged abuse,[11][12] which Daniel and a later news report reaffirm. Due to this, Daniel claims that he bounced between 10-15 foster homes. This is also evidenced by leaked documents the DDRC sent to potential fosters families/host homes. These documents warns families that Daniel, "has a history of property damage, kicking animals, self-injurious behavior, and verbally threatening or hitting providers when he's upset" which corroborates claims of him being extremely violent, even in childhood.

Elisabeth has claimed that Nancy, her adopted mother, as well as Daniel's grandmother, spread lies about her abusing her son,[8] but the validity of these claims has yet to be substantiated. However, It is extremely likely that Elisabeth was unable to take care of Daniel due to being disabled and functioning solely in a wheelchair, difficulty only added by the separation of her and his father, as well as difficulty from Daniel. Because of her disability, Elisabeth went into assisted living in 2015 when Daniel was around 16-17.

According to Flexburger, a person who would later make contact with him:

Daniel was placed into several foster homes[12] before his grandmother, Nancy Shimer, took legal guardianship of him.

Despite her kinder treatment of Daniel, Nancy was known to be enabling of his bad habits, according to both of Daniel's parents. It is claimed that at the tender age of 3, Nancy rewarded Daniel with M&M's after he painted on her house's walls, opposed to punishing him.[citation needed] Due to this enabling, Elisabeth and Travis attempted to gain respective custody of their son, before ultimately failing. When Travis attempted to file for custody of Daniel, Nancy refuted it by saying that Daniel, "didn't even know his father", which heavily calls into question what their relationship was like. Because of this, Travis grew to have an extreme dislike of Nancy, allegedly calling her a bitch as well as claiming the only reason she had obtained custody of Daniel was due to her greater financial situation.[13] Though, unlike his father, Elisabeth was eventually given visitation rights to see Daniel.

Daniel would attend the Tennyson Center for Children, an assisted living facility for schooling, rehabilitating, and assisting children with intellectual disabilities and children who faced neglect, abuse, and other mistreatment. At this school, he met his mentor, Bob Proctor, via a reading buddy program wherein they played board games and read together.[14] Even after the program concluded, Daniel and Bob still remained close.

Daniel even made it on the news, evidenced by a 2012 news report on KWGN. While not entirely focused on Daniel, it would would document his time at the Tennyson Center, where he lived for 1 1/2 years prior to Nancy gaining custody of him, as well an interview with his grandmother.

Our beloved Danny Boy.

During his childhood, Daniel was almost exclusively referred as "Danny". He was even called this in his schools yearbook and in the news report he was featured in. According to his classmates, Daniel was a very violent person, even in class. One of his classmates remarks at a time wherein Daniel threw a chair at a window which resulted in a light fixture being knocked down.[15]

And according to this same classmate, Daniel had a habit of running in the hallway in an attempt to evade staff. Due to this behavior, Daniel was given a guardian that followed him around throughout the school day due to him no longer being trusted alone.[16] Daniel claims that this was not because he was unable to be trusted, but instead, he was followed due to the positive relationship he had with his teachers.[17] Considering Daniel's penchant of habitual lying, this is most likely a lie.

Just like his childhood, his time in school was wrought with alleged claims of mistreatment and bullying. Daniel claims that the Tennyson Center was a "very violent place".[18] According to Daniel, the Tennyson Center had a brick room only lit up by a single window, dubbed the "Timeout Room", where they'd place Daniel on several occasions. His reasoning for being thrown in these rooms for reasons such as excessive crying, and not cooperating with teachers. Other students would be physically restrained due to being violent, however, this seems to have never happened to Daniel.

When in school, Daniel claimed that children would tease him by calling him "Danny Phantom", a nickname derived from the fictional character of the same name. Though, this seems very unlikely, as according to a classmate, Daniel barely reacted to being called this nickname, and even more, he was so reserved that people barely ever paid attention to him.[19]

According to his Linkedin page, Daniel was a volunteer dog walker for the Humane Society of Boulder Valley in January of 2012, although there is not much more information about this.

Sometime in 2014, Daniel started attending several musical theater programs. It is unknown who set him up for these programs, but it can be inferred that his grandmother was the one who introduced him to it. Daniel's mother could have also introduced him to it, as she is documented to have liked to sing (evidenced by the multiple song covers she has made), just as Daniel would later into his life.

Roles Daniel played in various musicals.

Daniel is known to have played in at least 8 musicals, although very rarely getting leading roles - the only time in which he did was King Triton in The Little Mermaid Jr. This would set the groundwork for his desire to be famous.

In many of the photos from his time in musical theater, Daniel is visibly smaller than almost all of his classmates, only exacerbated by his odd bowl cut hairstyle. It can be assumed that Daniel has some sort of physical disability that causes him to look like this, but this cannot be substantiated.

Daniel, at the opening of Sobesky Academy.

Daniel would start attending Sobesky Academy in 2016, the year it opened. It should be noted that Sobesky, while having a large population of children with special needs and behavioral issues, was not a special-needs only school. This was due to Sobesky being an alternative transitional school, which aimed to rehabilitate troubled students and help them sort through their issues to attain academic success.[20] Due to him never being reintegrated, there are questions surrounding the validity of his high school diploma.

Daniel's time in Sobesky is mostly unknown, as Daniel seemingly hasn't talked much about his high-school years, opposed to his time in the Tennyson Center which he seems to hold in higher regard. Though, according to one of his high-school classmates, Daniel, even in high school, had an escort, which implies that Daniel had violent tendencies even then.

Despite being reserved, he would occasionally hit himself and have meltdowns, which would result in him being put in "close and lock", much akin to the Punishment Room. The reasons why he is so much worse now compared to his time in school could be due to Daniel being heavily medicated when he attended Sobesky and Tennyson, opposed to nowadays where he almost always refuses to be put on antipsychotics. He was often described as someone who was quiet, a "total wallflower", and "pretty normal".

Daniel, despite being unable to do basic math, to a point where a classmate described him as having academic retention, took math up to Algebra 2.

Could Daniel possibly be a furry?

It is unknown what Daniel did for most of high school career, but, he is known to have acted as one of the mascots for his schools softball team. Daniel was said to have been obsessed with singing even during high school, however, there were no mentions of Grace VanderWaal. Despite this, sometime when Daniel was around 17, him and his grandmother were watching America's Got Talent. It is said that when Daniel was watching it with her, his grandmother remarked that he may sing with her on stage some day. Despite the questionable validity of this statement, Daniel convinced himself (even though at the time Grace was 12, and he was closer and closer to becoming 18) that he was apart of Grace's life. This was the birth of his obsession with her.

Daniel, graduating.

Much to everyone's surprise, Daniel, while still attending school, was arrested after an instance in which he physically assaulted his mother, who at that point was fully paralyzed and unable to walk. He claims that this situation was aggravated after she had cornered him, but when looking at his charges, there is much doubt to be had in his story. Due to this, he was imprisoned for 44-45 days, delaying his graduation from Sobesky. Due to this incident, it would almost instantly ruin him and his mothers relationship, considering that as of now, Elisabeth wants absolutely no contact with her own son.

Daniel would graduate from Sobesky Academy at the age of 19 in 2017. After this, he never attended a college or a university. It can be inferred that he continued to live with his grandmother after this.

Adult Chronicles

What a good girl!

2019 would seem to be the year where Daniel would lose two of the most important people in his life. On April 11th, 2019, Daniel had to put his (or more accurately, his grandmothers) dog, Broadway, down, due to her battling cancer.[21]

"A nother day at work."

Even more devastatingly, on July 24th, 2019, Nancy, Daniel's grandmother, passed away from cancer when Daniel was 21.

Before her death, it can be assumed that Daniel was still living with her. On the day she died, Daniel was attending a Special Olympics event, before being informed of her death. Instead of seeing her in her last moments at the hospice center, Daniel instead chose to stay at the event to show that he was a "fighter". This event is an albeit small showing of how much respect Daniel had for his grandmother, as he could not even be bothered to see her as she died.

After her death, Daniel was sent to a state-run group home program for the disabled. This disability service gave him a job at a thrift store sometime in 2019,[22] where he allegedly had $500 stolen from him via a gift card scam. This incident can be used as an example of Daniel being trolled even before social media.

Future Daniel would never do this.

Sometime in 2019, Daniel would start posting to TikTok using the account @daniellars20, which he hardly used. He was also using other social media sites, such as Twitter and Instagram. It's unknown where he obtained a phone from, but it is likely that he bought it himself with the income from the thrift store he worked at. His first known Twitter account is @DanielL26324766, where he'd post about his experiences in the special Olympics, as well as videos of himself hiking.

Daniel, opposed to what he'd become later in his life, seemed to be more physically fit, as he was enrolled in the Special Olympics and went out for frequent hikes. Even more, he would frequently post the amount of steps he'd attained on his Fitbit.

Classic Era

Main Article: Classic Era

Headset Arc

A cropped meme of the May 6th incident.

After returning to social media in March 2021, Daniel immediately declared war on Flexburger after discovering that he had been the one who leaked his Pinterest account. Notably, Daniel is constantly wearing a gaming headset in many of the videos from this time. In response to this, Flexburger pretended to be a man named "Josh"[23] and manipulated Daniel into flashing his penis on TikTok live in front of 500 people, thus resulting in an immediate and permanent ban from TikTok and Flexburger being doxxed by r/Daniellarson, which surprising did not end his communications with Daniel.[24] In order to circumnavigate the ban, Daniel created many different alternate accounts, which would also get banned, with Daniel failing to establish any long-lasting accounts on TikTok at this Time. As a result, Daniel moved to YouTube and Likee.

The Fog

Main article: The Fog

This instance of the fog was posted in July of 2021 on one of Daniel's previous TikTok accounts, @daniellarsonishere.

Daniel embarked on his first distinct "arc," known as the Fog Arc. While there are foggy videos from all the way in November of 2020,[25] the fog would begin appearing regularly in his videos, reaching its apex around July. Following the instructions of his management, he covered his camera with tape, resulting in a hazy, fog-like visual effect over his recordings for several months. This arc coincided the peak of "the Fog" meme, which was a meme warned viewers of an ominous, Lovecraftian fog. Many comments on Daniel's videos referenced this meme, with phrases such as "The fog is coming." It's probable that Daniel didn't fully grasp the meaning behind these comments. Daniel released Roaring Thunder on July 15, which became his most well-known song. It was around this time that The Fog started appearing in his videos.

During this period, he shared various notable videos featuring this "unique visual style." One of the most memorable videos he posted was on TikTok, in which he said, "Rest in Peace George Floyd, the police should be terminated."[26] In addition to these more serious videos, Daniel continued posting, with videos such as him rubbing his nipples to Darci Lynne and Grace VanderWaal,[citation needed] apologizing to "Penus Ajun Grill,"[citation needed] and a three-minute altercation with his caretaker Jonas.[citation needed]


Main article: California

Daniel took the midnight train to California on August 20, 2021,[27] in a failed attempt to meet his father, Travis Larson,[citation needed] who was actually a troll impersonating him,[citation needed]which was possibly Samantha, his manager. Some highlights of Daniel's brief stay in California include threatening Grace VanderWaal's boyfriend,[citation needed] shaving himself a mohawk,[citation needed] and accidentally ending up in Emeryville instead of Los Angeles. Soon after, his manager Samantha relocated him back to Colorado Springs.[citation needed]

Return to Colorado

Daniel would go silent for a week after his TikTok account @daniellarsoninsocal, registered to document his time in California, was banned.

Daniel would make his account daniellarsonhotmess around the time of his return, uploading a video of him declaring his hatred for the police in a video of him twerking while mouthing off about how bad they are.[citation needed] In another video in which Daniel is visibly inebriated, he exclaimed that he, "...wants there to be riots."[28]

In November of 2021, Goldberg Shacklestein was first mentioned by Daniel. Goldberg was actually Samantha, one of Daniel's managers, incognito. According to Daniel, Shacklestein was the supposed leader of the New York mafia.

One video was posted around that same time in which Daniel, Jonas, and Gavin had a verbal altercation.[citation needed] This video was the first of many such posts. Around late 2021 to early 2022, it became quite common for Daniel to interact with trolls posing as either Grace VanderWaal or Jojo Siwa. Oftentimes these trolls had such an influence on Daniel that he would fulfill requests on their behalf, even if the requests were degrading or incriminating.

2022 / Homeless Era

The exact date of when Daniel became homeless is unknown, with the last known video of him confirmed to be in Jonas' house with a confirmed date being from December 6th, 2021.[29] Daniel cut ties with Jonas for currently unknown reasons, meaning that Daniel had lost his last professional source of mental healthcare, which caused him to further succumb to the influences of his management and manipulators.

Headset Arc

2022 had a rough start for Daniel; he would record videos of him humping his camera for Grace and take out his anger on inanimate objects when he was upset. His behavior was so bad that his then-manager, Bianka, quit for fear of mistreatment. Things only went downhill from there, as he posted videos of him crying in bathrooms, punching himself in the genitals, and ranting endlessly about Grace VanderWaal.

On May 13, Daniel went viral for the Porch Charging Incident. The conflict started when the owner of the property that Daniel was trespassing on asked him to leave, to which Daniel responded by calling the man racial slurs. Daniel's unhinged posting seemed to end when he ran the Denver Colfax Marathon. He stopped posting anything of interest until June, in which his unhinged posting would begin yet again.

Daniel, after getting arrested for criminal mischief, got into a conflict with his case manager Andrew, and as a result, would start to blame him for anything and everything that went wrong in Daniel's life. He began to have a large amount of micro-meltdowns over him where he, as usual, hit himself and said slurs, claiming that Andrew stole money, damaged his career, and leaked a photo of him masturbating completely nude in a public bathroom.

Daniel, after the end of the Andrew conflict, started showing up to protests which were ongoing, following the overturning of Roe v. Wade. On the 27th of June, he would attend an open mic where he told his life story, how he exposed himself on TikTok, his obsession with Grace VanderWaal, and that his grandmother died of cancer because of his autism. This incident would get his name out to many Roe v. Wade protestors and people online, resulting in him getting recognized by multiple people at another Roe v. Wade reversal protest.

Briiink would make his first appearance 2 days later on a livestream. Briiink would run into Daniel his charging his phone, where he got an autograph and paid Daniel money. It's also around this time that Quacko started to manipulate Daniel.

The day after this, Daniel would re-enter his dispute with Andrew, as well as start to post about his impending court case for criminal mischief, where he begged for thousands of dollars for "court," not specifying why exactly he needed it. Andrew would generously handle this for Daniel and open a bank account for Daniel, and Daniel would repay him by claiming that Andrew stole "$3,000 a month that's coming into my name."

At the end of June, a ton of events would happen: Bob would re-enter the limelight after telling Daniel that he could not finance Daniel's music career, Daniel would get kicked out of a school for trespassing, made a new TikTok account, Daniel would premier his song "Something More," would expose the fact that r/Daniellarson2 made a Discord where they manipulated him and Daniel would do a Q/A on r/Daniellarson 2.

Daniel kicked off July with yet another meltdown, this time over Quacko telling him to delay his release of "Something More," which Daniel would release that day. He would then go around town getting banned from multiple restaurants and a hotel. He would then enter a feud with a TikTokker named Kanye556 after Daniel defended his use of the n-word by saying it was okay because he said it with an "a" instead of an "er." He would then claim he entered a coma after this due to heatstroke, continuing his schizo-posting after this with seemingly no issues at all.

Return of the Headset

After an interview with Monkeyman56783, he decided to part ways with his case manager, Andrew. Contrary to expectations of a negative outcome, he surprisingly started a Twitch channel, generating enough income to afford a hotel, an Airbnb, and a $400 pair of headphones. During this period, he increased his interactions with Briiink, who, despite knowledge about Daniel's controversial past, engaged in activities like buying meals, going bowling, and visiting Hooters with him.

Subsequently, an incident known as the Toothbrush Incident occurred, involving a leaked video of Daniel engaging in unconventional behavior. This led to the July 2022 Electronic Destruction Spree, marked by the smashing of headsets and electronic devices. In a sequence of events, he replaced his items only to destroy them again, including a Spiderman-branded headset intended for children. On July 25th, Grace VanderWaal's mom, Tina VanderWaal, warned Daniel via Facebook Messenger to stop mentioning her daughter, expressing concern for her family's well-being, and later reiterated her plea publicly, urging him to stop involving them and seeking legal intervention if he persisted. Daniel would then respond with "I understand... I'm killing myself tonight."

Daniel, after a break in posting, would reveal his new manager and enabler, Ox. After firing him almost immediately, Ox, for an alleged change, would positively influence Daniel; he would get Daniel an ID, and made Daniel apologize for saying the N-word. He would then stop this string of good influence by convincing Daniel that there was a nuclear attack on livestream for money, which would get Ox fired and reported to the police, and Daniel's Twitch account banned.

Second Housing Arc

In July 2022, Daniel sought assistance from the Developmental Disabilities Resource Center (DDRC) for housing and legal matters, eventually securing housing shortly thereafter. Daniel would be hospitalized for trench foot at the beginning of August 2022. By August 31, he had moved into a new home, marking the start of the Second Housing Arc, though details about this period remained sparse. However, an incident captured on video during his eviction suggested that Daniel may have inadvertently disclosed his address, leading to unwanted deliveries and disruptions. Within days of moving in, he caused significant damage to the property and exhibited behavioral issues, resulting in his eviction on October 16 and a subsequent citation. Reports from his housing provider indicated concerns for personal safety, raising questions about Daniel's behavior during his tenure. Following his eviction, Daniel spent time with new acquaintances at Dave & Buster's on October 19, before allegedly being abandoned at a Walgreens in Colorado Springs the next day. Stranded and refusing shelter due to perceived fame, Daniel embarked on a journey back to Denver, where he typically resided, despite concerns about his ability to survive the harsh winter conditions, having never experienced homelessness during this season. Notably, he once spent a night in an elevator with other homeless people.

Los Angeles Arc

See also: California

On December 10, Daniel had a meltdown that escalated into a physical altercation with Bob. This resulted in Daniel being immediately flown out of Denver by Bob. Daniel became homeless in Los Angeles, California. Upon Daniel's arrival in LA, a series of erratic behaviors ensued, marked by financial struggles, confrontations with fans, and clashes with authorities. Despite attempts to stabilize his situation, including alleged housing arrangements and intermittent apologies for controversial statements, Daniel's behavior remained unpredictable. His involvement in various altercations, from attempted dine-and-dash incidents to confrontations with security personnel, exacerbated his challenges, while his social media presence continued to attract both attention and controversy.

The Los Angeles arc would continue through early 2023. Daniel experienced a tumultuous period marked by a variety of incidents and controversies. Starting with his arrest for attempting to dine and dash at The Cheesecake Factory on January 19th, Daniel's journey in LA continued with encounters such as being kicked out of establishments like Target and facing difficulties charging his phone due to his growing notoriety, Amidst personal struggles, including accusations of being unmanageable by his associate Ox, Daniel dealt with his YouTube channel's suspension and a ban from a shopping center.

In January, Daniel's public display of scabies caused concern in his community due to the health risks involved. His habit of scratching, combined with his long, bacteria-filled fingernails, heightened the risk of infection for both himself and others. Daniel's visit to Disneyland further endangered others, prompting the community to start warning the locals about Daniel. Eventually seeking medical attention after severe itching and bleeding, he was diagnosed with scabies and initially neglected treatment in favor of indulgence. A later hospital visit led to treatment, marking yet another chapter in Daniel's saga of poor health.

Travel Arc

Main articles: Las Vegas Arc, Travel Arc

Daniel would leave Los Angeles in February 2023, and begin to travel across America via bus.

Las Vegas Saga

Daniel arrived in Las Vegas on February 13, 2023. Subsequently, he faced challenges, including being expelled from multiple Vegas casinos where the security demonstrated efficiency. Contact with Daniel was lost on February 16, and he took a brief hiatus from posting, although fans reported spotting him in the streets of Las Vegas. On February 23, Daniel returned to TikTok, describing an incident where he was allegedly assaulted by individuals he referred to as 'fans,' resulting in a fractured skull. He mentioned receiving support from a sober living home in Nevada, but later, he was expelled from the 'Sober Homies' group and issued a peculiar threat involving fireworks inside a casino, leading to a TikTok ban. His activities continued until another hiatus from March 2 to 15, during which he claimed to have spent time in a mental hospital in Vegas. On March 17, Daniel departed Las Vegas and headed to Phoenix.

Arizona Saga

Daniel's travels led him from Las Vegas to Phoenix, Arizona on March 18, where he documented his journey through videos and interactions with fans. After mentioning discontinuing medication (Latuda), he sought donations and mentioned plans to head to Tucson. Upon arriving in Tucson, the following day, he detailed financial struggles, seeking funds from viewers to travel further. His time there included interactions with strangers who seemingly supported him, offering gifts and even purchasing items for him, as documented in various selfies and videos. He engaged with many fans, danced with a group of younger men, and acknowledged receiving free meals from a fan.

On March 21st, Daniel posted a video walking along a road in Arizona, withholding the town's name for safety reasons. He revealed canceling his planned trip to El Paso due to receiving death threats, expressing the need for security before visiting. Although he didn't disclose the town's name in the video, users on the /r/DanielLarson subreddit identified it as Benson, Arizona, approximately 50 miles southeast of Tucson.

Texas Saga

Daniel arrived to El Paso, Texas, on March 22. His intended destination was actually Roswell, New Mexico, but he got on the wrong bus. Daniel would be confronted by the police for dine and dashing, though he somehow paid the tab.

Daniel's March 24 arrival in Big Spring, Texas, sparked a whirlwind of bizarre events. Initially losing and then miraculously finding his debit card, he delved into a series of erratic videos, claiming emergencies involving trolls, alleged stalkers, and fabricated scenarios involving Grace Vanderwaal and a supposed assailant named Ivan. He shifted between claims of receiving cease and desist letters from record labels, being fired, and encountering alleged stalkers in white and black pickup trucks. His videos documented his escalating paranoia, including encounters at Walmart and a gas station, where he believed he was being followed and threatened. Daniel's live streams on TikTok showcased his erratic behavior and unfounded safety concerns, culminating in police encounters and calls, a breakdown triggered by alleged comments from Tina Vanderwaal, and claims of evading an assassin in a white pickup truck, eventually prompting him to leave Big Spring, supposedly accompanied by hospitalization after receiving threatening messages.

Daniel's journey continued with tumultuous encounters in various Texan cities. In Sweetwater, he arrived and promptly encountered distress over a perceived security threat, leading to attempts by followers to have him removed from the Greyhound station to no avail. Despite accepting odd jobs for cash (surprisingly) and claiming collaborations with Playboi Carti in Atlanta, he left for San Antonio where his presence caused disturbances leading to his eviction from a Greyhound station, followed by a similar pattern in Houston. His erratic behavior and claims of threats resulted in confrontations with businesses and the police, culminating in confrontations, refusals to pay for meals, and even being kicked out of a Dave and Busters. Daniel's live streams were plagued by harassment, including disturbing phone calls and alleged stalking, prompting him to seek police intervention multiple times and, ultimately, to flee Houston.

New York Saga

Daniel's turbulent journey continued as he traveled to New York City with the help of new managers, aiming to meet Tina and Grace VanderWaal for an investigation and personal reasons. However, his arrival was marked by alleged death threats, security concerns, and a fan-driven transportation from the airport to Jersey City.

Daniel faced multiple sightings and doxxing throughout New York, encountering both supportive fans and confrontations, leading to the Bodega Incident, where he was harassed and later checked into a hospital for a black eye and concussion. His interactions with fans included generous gestures such as meals, gifts, and paid accommodations.

Amidst the chaos, Daniel engaged in online hostilities with Michael Quinn and World Of T-Shirts (Joshua Block). Daniel would also post a couple of anti-Semitic TikTok videos, including references to Adolf Hitler, likely because Joshua Block was Jewish, claiming that "it explained a lot." His time in New York and New Jersey included a visit to the American Dream Mall, eviction from the mall by troopers, and a hospital visit for Trench Foot.

On May 8, Daniel met with Michael Quinn over lunch, and on May 10, he finally met with World Of T-Shirts. In the following days, Daniel would proceed to get a citation for trespassing, as well as having a meltdown from missing his bus to Orlando. He was also fooled into thinking that Justin Bieber had paid for a trip to Disney World.

Cameo Arc

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The Travel Arc would finally end as Daniel left New York, returning to Denver on May 20. On May 25, the infamous "Haagen-Dazs Incident" would occur, where Daniel would be kicked out of said ice cream shop due to an altercation with employees, as well as a meltdown following shortly after. On May 31, Daniel created a Cameo account, initially charging $30 for custom videos. Over the following month, he adjusted the prices, at times reaching over $1000. Daniel eventually realized the need for lower prices to boost accessibility and increase sales, settling on $10. However, the prices continued to fluctuate, occasionally going back up to $100. Despite the high prices, Daniel failed to consistently fulfill the actual requests made by paying customers, sometimes outright ignoring them while thanking them for their money. This led to a decline in his review score, ultimately resulting in his ban from Cameo on August 16.

Dog Arc

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A photo of Zola after being rescued.

On July 9, 2023, Daniel Larson adopted a German Shepherd mix named Zola from the Longmont Humane Society in Longmont, Colorado, to which he then renamed Music. He intended her to act as a "guard dog." Given Daniel is obviously unfit to take care of an animal, multiple people immediately showed concern. This concern soon turned to rage as footage of Daniel neglecting Zola via not giving her enough water, as well as contemplating giving her nachos.

It was revealed that the shelter Daniel adopted her from hadn't conducted a background check on Daniel, leading to them being horrified as his online history and subsequent harassment faced by the shelter came to light. Despite calls to return Music to the shelter and worries about her well-being, Daniel continued posting videos with her. The community intensified efforts, leading the Longmont Humane Society to take steps to remove Music from Daniel's care, as well as permanently banning from the premises. Concerns for the dog's safety grew due to Daniel's documented erratic and violent behavior, evading authorities, and distressing videos of Music wherein she was whimpering. A collective community effort successfully located Daniel and Music, which culminated in WeenWeenMusic, a user of the r/Daniellarson subreddit, and a member of the Ceel Team 6, a rescue party led by former YouTuber Goated Mines, rescuing Music and returning her to Longmont on July 11.

The situation escalated dramatically after Music was taken from Daniel. He reacted intensely, leading to Daniel going into a Walmart, where he proceeded to destroy multiple stands of merchandise as well as an attempt to hijack a bus full of senior citizens. After being released from police custody, Daniel's response included making videos and live streams where he claimed to have contacted emergency services, alluding to creating bombs, ultimately leading to his admission into a mental health facility for the next week. After a period of psychiatric evaluation and treatment, Daniel was released from the mental health ward on July 19.

College Arc

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On September 10th, 2023, Daniel Larson announced on YouTube that he planned to enroll in college, specifically stating that he would be attending CU Boulder in 2024. Subsequent community posts and a livestream followed, where Daniel discussed his enrollment process and shared details about his intended major and minor subjects.

The context behind this decision involved Daniel's interactions with members of Phi Kappa Tau, a fraternity of CU Boulder students, who convinced him that he was a student. Videos of Daniel at a frat party, including ones where he promoted the fraternity, were posted on his TikTok and YouTube channel.

While "attending" CU Boulder, Daniel claimed that he needed to leave for Golden, Colorado, citing a court appearance.

Daniel was arrested for third-degree assault towards a security guard on September 16, 2023, but in a complete failure of the American justice system, he was somehow released from jail just two days later. The bodycam footage was released on September 21, 2023. Daniel was subsequently arrested again on October 3, for failing to appear in court.

Reverse Mohawk Arc

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Further Reading: Timeline (2023, fourth quarter), and Timeline (2024, first quarter)

On October 23, 2023, some "fans" would give Daniel a haircut. However, these were actually trolls who partially cut Daniel's hair in what was immediately dubbed a "Reverse Mohawk" and abandoned him before finishing the haircut as they claimed their car had been stolen. This left Daniel looking more unstable than ever, with the unfortunate coincidence that he had a court date the following week. Unsurprisingly, Daniel did not fix his hair, and on October 31, Daniel would receive a six-month probation in court.

Still with the reverse mohawk, Daniel would have a meltdown inside a Panera Bread on November 10, seemingly because his fans were "leaking his location" leading to him aggressively punching himself as well as exclaiming self-harm threats, racial slurs, and psychotic screams.

On November 30, Daniel would go back to court and be sentenced to 12-month probation, 48 hours of community service, be fined, and be subject to anger management classes from the Boulder CU arrest.


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Throughout January of 2024, Daniel would start attending another college, specifically UCLA. Unbeknownst to Daniel, this was a clever scheme thought up by his manager Clark, where he was taught several false things, from "Ancient Texas" to the empress of China, Mai Coo Chee Itch.

Jail Arc

One of Daniel's many, many mugshots.

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Going into 2024, Daniel would continue his escapades, completely unaware that this would be the year that he would be arrested over 5 times, which would eventually result in him being at risk of going to jail for over 65 years. After getting chased around by trolls, he would be arrested at an airport on January 9th for his multiple active warrants before being released on a PR bond. The terms of his PR bond required him to progressively pay off his bond and show up to all of his court hearings. He would do neither, instead favoring buying expensive meals he often times could not pay for, attending fake college classes, and narrowly evading justice on a multitude of occasions.

He had the police called on him multiple times, such as when Daniel was, once again, chased around by trolls, as well as when he got kicked out of a hospital (which he threatened to start a mass shooting at post-ejection), although he would not be arrested. He would also be convinced by his manager, Clark, to enroll in UCLA, where him and his associates constructed fake college Zoom Meetings, which Daniel fell for easily.

Daniel was arrested once more on February 3, 2024 for being a fugitive of justice due to the consequences of not fulfilling his PR bond. His bond was set at $20,000, which was later lowered to $5,000 with a $500 cash option. He was released on March 1, 2024, to which he stayed in numerous hotels. Even so, Daniel was arrested less than 3 weeks later for the same charge, this time in Jefferson County. His bond was set at $1,000. Following a court hearing, he was released on March 22, 2024, only staying in jail for a meagre day and a half. Ten days later, he was arrested for the same charge in Lone Tree while on the bus back to Denver. He spent the night in jail, and was released the next day.

Four days after his release, he had a massive meltdown where he, in a fit of rage, made many terroristic threats toward Bob, as well as other federal agencies including a secret service agent.

Second Jail Arc

Just look at that deadpan stare.

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On April 30, 2024, Daniel Larson was arrested in Boulder for his many threats he had made in the past, being charged with 7 counts, each of these being federal charges. Given the severity of the charges, he may be put in prison for a long time, possibly years. Many have seen this as the official end of the Daniel Larson saga.


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