January 5th Incident

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The January 5th Incident refers to January 5th, 2024, when Daniel was chased by trolls around from Panda Expresses to multiple locations around town, such as a Barnes & Noble. He was squirted with water and chased down the streets. After they realized they couldn’t catch him on foot, they got into a car and followed him, shouting vulgar language at him.

In the first video, Daniel Larson is standing outside a store on his phone when someone runs up to him with a water bottle. It has a slice in the side so the water can be squirted onto Daniel. Daniel immediately runs away as the troll chases him in laughter.

In the second video, it starts with Daniel on a phone call in a Panda Express eating his lunch. Daniel is then approached by four teenagers and the group sits down next to him. After a couple of seconds, a fifth person comes and joins the other boys and pulls up a chair. The person recording says, "You know you're hanging out with a pedophile, you know that, right?" All five men immediately get out of the chairs, and the video cuts to the next scene. In this next scene, the boys are whispering to each other in a car before approaching Daniel, rolling down the window and yelling, "Fuck you, Daniel!" They keep driving around trying to find him and continue to yell at him. During this time, Daniel is trying to run away and is using his phone trying to contact someone. Then they find Daniel in a Barnes & Noble and chase him around the store.

This incident showcases how Daniel reacts when he doesn't like what is happening around him.