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The Reverse Mohawk.

The Reverse Mohawk, or Reverse Mohawk Arc, refers to a period of time when Daniel's hair was cut by trolls, resulting in the aforementioned haircut.

On October 23, 2023, Daniel received a haircut from a duo of trolls, one who he referred to as his assistant. The haircut began with scissors. but eventually progressed to a razor, leaving Daniel with a large patch of hair removed from the middle of his head. Not long after, The trolls claimed that their car was broken into while they went to get the blow-dryer.

Later, their story changed to their car being completely stolen and nowhere to be found, before proceeding to immediately abandon Daniel and leaving him with that haircut. Daniel never finished his haircut, leaving him looking utterly ridiculous. Some of the group members responsible for the cut also caused the Häagen-Dazs and Fake Security incidents.

Troll Interaction

The haircut and subsequent interaction with trolls is mainly captured through Daniel's TikToks posted on his daniellarsonfreedom account. It appears that Daniel agreed to receive a haircut from a person he did not realize was a troll. The haircut started pretty tamely, using scissors.

However, in the next video Daniel uploaded, the haircut had seemed to have progressed to using a razor, giving Daniel a reverse Mohawk. In the background of the video, you can hear the trolls laughing.

At this point, the trolls seemed to have abandoned Daniel mid-haircut, with him uploading a video asking where they had gone.

Daniel uploaded another, stating that they said they would be right back. This video received a notable amount of views, surpassing 1 million.

Daniel uploads some more videos a couple of minutes later in which he appears to be with the trolls again. The trolls tell Daniel that their car was broken into while they were on their way to get the blow dryer.

As they walk to the car, The story later changes to it being stolen and "completely disappearing". Daniel then uploads a video stating that he is in "so big trouble" with the reverse mohawk, showing that the trolls did not finish the haircut.


The following day, October 24, Daniel went to the city administrative offices in Boulder, Colorado, to figure out his court situation, still sporting the reverse mohawk.


[Woman talking in the distance until 1:52]

hmm okay I'm not seeing anything... What kind of case is it?

It was a city.

Yeah, so it's like city, like municipal court. That's going to be the municipal court and not like county courts. So you want to go to them and see about that. However, I do see a county courts case here. Case from this year with the arraignment date of 10-26-2023 at 8.30am in the courtroom C. So that's not today, but that will be in two days.


So that will be Thursday. So you do have an open case with an arraignment on Thursday at 8.30am.

Are you by chance able to check the county?

So that's what I'm saying. I'm looking at everything in Boulder County. But for city, municipal court, that's going to be with the municipal court.

Okay, are you able to check and see if I have anything through them?

I can't see it on here, but they're in the same building here. So I'll just go down to that.

So is that like around?

Yeah, if you go past the vending machines through that big lobby again, you'll see that hallway against the wall. Take a left, go all the way down the hallway to the very end. On the right-hand side, you'll see a window that looks like this for the municipal court. So just check in with them and see if they have anything. Like I said, for us, you only have that one case, the [...] court case with the arraignment this Thursday at 8.30am in courtroom C. So definitely show up to that.

Okay Perfect.

Yeah your welcome.

[Walking until 5:23]

I have, I am just trying to check and see if I have a court date.

Oh, okay.

What is your last name?

It's Larson, L-A-R-S-O-N.

And then it's Gannon.

What are the charges that you have?

So I was just down at the city, and they said that I did have one that showed up for this Thursday. That's in two days. And then they told me to come down here and check and see if I had anything.

What is your date of birth?




And your last name is Larson?

Larson, yes. L-A-R-S-O-N.

November 15, 1998?


Nothing that's coming up under your name. Okay. Not with municipal.


All right. Thank you.

[Reads sign while mumbling the words] ...Kind of weird. Don't know why I'm showing up under that. County Attorney... Okay. Municipal Court and... Okay. Very weird why it shows up with me. Huh. Okay. Geez. Couldn't find me in their system again. So the court date shows up online, but they can't find me in their system. Weird.


On October 31, 2023, Daniel appeared in front of a judge, still with his reverse mohawk, and received a six-month probation as well as a mental health evaluation


Hello everyone, so today I went to Jefferson County Court for my pre-trial and I took the plea deal. So they reduced the two criminal mischief, um, I guess they were for the Walmart case um, back when I got my dog stolen, um, and I got into the fight with the Walmart employee when I was trying to contact the police and they asked me to leave the Walmart. So I pleaded guilty, um, today to that case, I, um, am now doing six months probation, supervised probation, and one of the cases got fully lifted and I pled guilty to one of the cases which is a second degree criminal mischief.

Panera Bread Incident

Main article: Panera Bread Incident

On November 10, 2023, Daniel had a major meltdown at Panera Bread, still sporting the reverse mohawk.


Daniel Posts a video on his daniellarsonfreedom account, claiming that the inspiration for his haircut came from Arnold Schwarzenegger if he "got struck by lightning, just like Albert Einstein".

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