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Management or Managers is an umbrella term that describes people and groups who label themselves as such who seek to influence Daniel. Some of Daniel's most notorious events have been caused by managers' influence.

The management label is not to be confused with Daniel's actual case managers, whose job it is to assist Daniel and provide resources for him. Rather, these managers are more often than not manipulative trolls who only seek to humiliate Daniel in exchange for clout. It is worth noting however that not all "managers" are created equal. Some do genuinely wish to help Daniel, and have often provided him with donations or good advice. However, these benevolent managers seem to be in the minority.

Negative Impact on Daniel[edit | edit source]

Managers first appeared when Daniel began going viral and groups of people would invite him to Zoom meetings or Discord calls, attempting to troll him and make jokes. Many of these trolls had their names on Zoom or Discord set to well known record labels or talent agencies, and offered to sign him if he auditioned by doing irrational things. Some examples include reading off incriminating scripts or exposing himself. Daniel, with dreams of becoming a famous music star, would fall victim to these trolls very frequently, though his gullibility has gone down at least a little over time. These meetings were often recorded, which has led to many infamous clips of Daniel doing irrational things in order to become a professional singer.

The trolling has gone much further than just Zoom meetings or Discord servers however. In fact, some of these trolls caused financial implications for Daniel. Such is seen in the infamous May 6th incident, their hijacking of Daniel's social media accounts, and their theft of royalties from his music. They have possibly even convinced him to do more extreme actions such as cutting off his housing/disability services; many of these claims lack proof though.

Management vs. Past Management[edit | edit source]

In recent months, Daniel has taken to blaming problems in his life on past management[1] and stating that many people in and around his life, especially those he does not get along with, are former managers. All of this is mere speculation on Daniel's part however

List of managers[edit | edit source]

There have been a slew of managers for Daniel, some of the notable examples being (roughly in chronological order);