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For information on Daniel Larson’s professional case managers, see Case Managers

Clark, one of Daniel's most infamous managers.

Management, or Managers is an umbrella term that described people or groups (who are oftentimes trolls) who had significant power over Daniel’s actions, and seek to influence Daniel under the guise of being a legitimate manager or management company. Some of the most infamous events in Daniel Larson history have been caused by these managers' influence. Managers are also known to have produced a generous amount of Daniel's non-studio recorded music, though this appears to have ceased after 2022.[citation needed]

However, the management label is not to be confused with Daniel's case managers, whose job it is to assist Daniel and provide resources for him. Rather, these managers were more often than not manipulative trolls who sought to humiliate Daniel in exchange for their own amusement, or for self-righteous goals.

It is worth noting however that not all “managers” are created equal. Some did genuinely wish to help Daniel, and had provided him with donations, necessities, and advice. However, these managers were in the minority, and most notable ones have quit due to Daniel refusing their help, and his behavior toward them.

Managers are also often known for gatekeeping content of Daniel from the masses, as to not reveal their identities, or to keep Daniel's actions secret from the community to not cause outrage, ironically enough.

Following the April 30th arrest and the subsequent Second Jail Arc, management of Daniel has permanently ceased, as he no longer has contact with any individual associated within the sphere of management.

Impact on Daniel

Managers first appeared as early as mid-2020, the first of which that was identified being Roach Records, though it's unclear if they were truly the first. People originally tried to manage him when Daniel first began going viral on TikTok. Many of these early groups of people would invite him to Zoom meetings or Discord calls, attempting to troll him and making Daniel say racial slurs. Many of these trolls had their names on Zoom or Discord set to well known record labels or talent agencies, and offered to sign him if he auditioned by doing irrational and disturbing things on camera.

Daniel, with dreams of becoming a famous music star, would fall victim to these trolls frequently (though, his gullibility has significantly gone down over time). These meetings were often recorded, which has led to many infamous clips of Daniel doing irrational things in order to become a professional singer. These include but are not limited to saying racial slurs, explaining how he wants to legalize child molestation, or exposing his genitals for people to see.

Even so, what must be known is that not all managers have negative intentions when interacting with Daniel. Many managers, such as Ox, LootBox Productions, and Bianka, have attempted to improve Daniel's life by supplying him with a steady flow of cash to spend on various expenses. However, what must be noted is that these managers are in the minority, due to Daniel evidently not wanting to accept the help given to him. A notable example of this is Bianka, who quit after months of verbal abuse from Daniel and him denying any sort of help, opting to indulge in his delusions and deny anyone who said other words.

List of managers

Manager Start of Service End of Service Reason Active?
Roach Records October 2020 December 2020 Quit after becoming aware of Daniels pedophilia following the Pinterest leak. No
Flexburger March 2021 August 2021? Cut off by Daniel following after exposing Daniel for pedophilic behavior. Flexburger still serves a large role within the Daniel Larson community today. Yes
Quacko Late 2021 Mid 2022 Left the Daniel Larson community after the subreddit had doxxed him for gatekeeping Daniel. No
Samantha August 2021 December 2021 Was fired by Daniel after she confronted Daniel for his pedophilia, as well as being doxxed. No
Jared August 2021 Late 2021 Left the community after being doxxed through blackmail. No
Combotter Early 2021 July 2021 Left the community after being doxxed. No
Bianka January 2022 March 26, 2022 Quit being Daniel's manager after finding it difficult to work with him, as well as his pedophilia. No
Ox Summer 2022 January 15, 2023 Quit being Daniel's manager after finding it increasingly more and more difficult to work with him, and due to Daniel's active warrants. Maybe
IWishIHadADad April 1st, 2023 April 3rd, 2023 Ended his tenure after being doxxed for gatekeeping Daniel. No
Daniel Larson HQ Early 2023 April 2023? The 2 individuals who posed as Daniel's fake Vanderwaal managers may have ended their tenure, though evidence shows that they may have been active up until the Jail Arc. No
Lil Sid Mid 2021 September 2021 While information on Lil Sid is somewhat scarce, we know that she ended her tenure with Daniel in September of 2021. Still active in the community. No
KOK Records 2020 2021 Information on KOK Records is scarce, however with the available information it can be determined that KOK Records had left Daniel around the same time Roach Records left due to the same reason. No
Fine Dining Records May 2020 Late 2020 It is unknown as to why Fine Dining ended their tenure with Daniel Larson, though given Daniel's comments about them, it may seem that his relationship with them were strained. No
Platinum Elite Records November 13, 2020? November 18, 2020? It is unknown as to why Platinum Elite cut off Daniel, though it is probable that Daniel himself stopped contacting them. Platinum Elite has expressed desire to manage Daniel once more in 2023. No
Party House Records March 2021 August 2021 It is unknown as to why they ended their tenure with Daniel, though it may seem that their relationship with Daniel is strained. No
Jay Early 2021 Late 2021 Left the community after being doxxed. No
Lootbox Productions Early 2022 Late 2022 It is unknown as to why Lootbox cut off contact with Daniel. No
Warren June 2023 Late 2023 It is unknown who Warren is, let alone why he left. No
LBI Entertainment Fall 2023 February 3rd, 2024 One of the current management groups of Daniel, though has not been mentioned since the Olive Garden Incident. No
Clark Fall 2023 May 2024 Most likely the last manager of Daniel Larson. He has been behind each call to Daniel while he was in jail, providing 4 calls between him and Daniel, as well as being behind the UCLA Arc. Clark had officially announced his retirement from managing Daniel on the 1st of March, 2024, however in April of 2024 he came back as manager. Clark officially departed from management sometime in May 2024 following Daniel's arrest, making him the last ever manager of Daniel Larson. No