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Daniel Larson HQ was a private discord server ran by Daniel's management, a fake "Olivia VanderWaal", and a fake "Jake VanderWaal." The server was primarily used to facilitate communication between Daniel and the team of managers and "VanderWaals."

One of the managers has confirmed that he had previously met Daniel at Planet Fitness in Colorado and gave Daniel a hoodie. During the Discord being active, multiple screenshots were leaked to Reddit of the "Olivia VanderWaal" impersonator engaging in sexual conversations with Daniel, some going as far as to suggest incest. Eventually, The "Jake VanderWaal" impersonator sent Daniel screenshots of the "Olivia VanderWaal" impersonator planning to get Daniel to Times Square. The impersonator revealed that both people claiming to be "VanderWaals" were lying.

The discord server was shut down on April 6th, 2023, following the Bodega Incident. The server was probably shut down due to the owners identities being discovered by Ox, and one of their parents being contacted by Michael Quinn.


The managers and imposters unsuccessfully attempted to get Daniel to the same locations as Michael Quinn and World of T-shirts. They went as far as to tell Daniel that Grace VanderWaal was at the same location as World of T-Shirts and gave Daniel the address of Michael Quinn's apartment building.

Daniel claims the "Olivia VanderWaal" impersonator attempted to get him to go to Kansas, stating that Grace was in Kansas.

Encouraging Daniel to engage in threatening and violent behavior, especially during the Bodega Incident.

Convince Daniel that "John Pork" was stalking him.


While on a call with Daniel on April 5th, 2023, the so-called managers, and the fake "Olivia VanderWaal" attempt to convince Daniel he is being stalked by an individual named "John Pork". Daniel had been receiving threatening messages from someone by the alias of "John Pork". It is speculated that this was one or multiple of the managers since one of them claimed to be receiving a phone call from him while the discord call took place. Immediately after one of the managers is contacted by John Pork , Daniel was too. At this time, Daniel claimed he would report and expose John Pork. After being shown a photo of John Pork, Daniel questions the validity of the character. Daniel claimed John Pork is using the photo as a way to hide his identity, despite the manager's best efforts to convince Daniel that the photo was a real, un-edited photo, but to no avail. The manager also tries to convince Daniel that Michael Quinn and World of T-shirts were working with John Pork.

While on the same call, the so-called managers and VanderWaal impersonators encouraged Daniel to spit on a Bodega employee. They also encouraged Daniel to practice self-defense in retaliation for being kicked out of the Bodega. It is speculated their encouragement indirectly or directly influenced Daniel's actions during the Bodega Incident. After the incident, the managers grew panicked over their involvement, but ultimately stated they were only responsible for "about 1% of Daniel's behavior".

On April 6th, Ox uploaded a video on Tiktok claiming to have discovered the identities of the Daniel Larson HQ owners. He identifies two of the owners as a couple, with the girlfriend posing as "Olivia VanderWaal". Ox claims that the members of this discord "lit a fire" that led to Daniel getting into a physical altercation with the bodega employee. He claims to have put Michael Quinn in contact with the boyfriend's mother, after expressing concern about the two individuals sharing Quinn's location with Daniel. Ox states that he will not be sharing the identity of the two individuals due to the way doxxing has affected his own life.

It was later confirmed by Michael Quinn while he was live streaming on TikTok that Daniel had shown up at his apartment complex. Quinn claimed that Daniel had the front desk call him.


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