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Michael Quinn, also referred to as MQ or just Quinn, is a New York hotdog salesman most infamous for being Joshua Block - World of T-Shirts' manager. He is a universally detested figure in both the Daniel Larson and World Of T-Shirts community for being a racist, attention seeking egotistical manipulator towards Joshua and his community; as well as trying to employ the same tactics on Daniel. However, Daniel has refused to work with Quinn (likely for the better.)


Michael Quinn is speculated to be around mid 40s to early 60s. He was a school teacher at some point.[1] Quinn owns "Feltmans Hotdogs" of Coney Island with one of his brothers. His brother, James Quinn, was killed in the September 11 attacks (Michael has stated this publicly.)[2] Quinn became associated with Joshua Block in late 2022. Since then, he has been accused of grooming and exploiting Josh for money[3], being an addict to either benzos or cocaine[4], and overall just not being "a great guy" as he claims. After receiving immense amounts of hate, Quinn seemingly transitioned into being a troll towards Josh and his community, especially after being accused of fueling Josh's alcohol addiction. By mid-2024, Michael Quinn seemed to have somewhat distanced himself from Joshua Block.[5]

Daniel & Quinn

Quinn first became aware of Daniel Larson at an unknown date, he can be seen commenting on Daniel's live in January 2023.[6]

The next instance would be when Daniel announced his plans to travel to New York City. Quinn spoke of a potential professional relationship between the two, though his motives for managing Daniel are controversial and murky at best.

Michael proposed a boxing match between Josh and Daniel, though this would be called off shortly after. Daniel and his community were skeptical, which prompted Quinn to post a video on his TikTok, @thisismichaelquinn, saying that he is, “...just a great guy,” who wanted to help.

Michael is concerned for the safety of Joshua, so he is hiring protective services against Daniel.

On April 3, Michael posted a video of himself, very concerned, asking who gave Daniel his address. However, Daniel had no real interest in visiting him and this appeared to be a stunt.

Michael then proposed, jokingly, to pick Daniel up from the airport. However, his tone soon changed, as he announced that he would be hiring expensive protective services to protect him from Daniel.

He also made a TikTok denouncing Daniel's relevancy, on April 4. In response to this, Daniel publicly requested for Michael to halt all threats, or he would press charges and file a cease and desist.

On April 6, Daniel posted a TikTok, asking fans to stop mentioning Quinn and WorldOfTShirts as he had filed a police report, though this was likely untrue. Daniel became openly hostile to both of them, threatening them with the entire U.S. National Guard.

According to Michael, Daniel showed up at his apartment uninvited, having been told to do so by Daniel Larson HQ.

On May 8, Michael Quinn found Daniel by watching his TikToks. Quinn took him out to lunch, then went live with him. Later, he would finally facilitate a meetup between Daniel and Joshua.

Throughout 2023, Quinn continued to make videos about Daniel, though it seems that Daniel has ignored his efforts.

In October 2023, Daniel called out Michael Quinn and blamed him for causing Joshua Block's severe drinking problem. The World of T-Shirts community noted that Daniel was having a rare moment of clarity and lucidity.[7]

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