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The May 6th incident, or simply May 6th, is the first known Daniel Larson incident, taking place on May 6th, 2021. The incident is infamous due to the fact that Daniel would expose himself on TikTok Live to nearly 500 people, before being quickly banned. Daniel had been convinced to do so by his former manager Flexburger, who had been actively trolling him after gaining knowledge of his status an alleged pedophile.

It is referred to as one of, if not the most infamous incident in all of Daniel Larson history, remaining as one of the most iconic (and disturbing) Daniel Larson moments.


Shortly before the May 6th Incident took place, Daniel announced on a TikTok post that he would start acting in adult films. After this announcement, he posted a picture of his penis on his YouTube community page. Daniel’s Management at the time, Flexburger, had convinced him to "audition" for an adult film via TikTok live. When this happened, it came to be called The May 6th incident.

In 2023, in a Reddit AMA on the anniversary of May 6, Flexburger revealed that he was posing as a different person "Josh". During this era, the "Josh" character would tell Daniel that "Flexburger" was the one hacking him, but of course, Flexburger was behind both personas.[1]

During the incident, Daniel would begin a TikTok live stream, pulling down while raising his shirt and exposing his penis. At this time, Daniel had 89,200+ TikTok followers and 3.7 million likes on @daniellarsonfans. The live stream had ended in the middle of him exposing himself, due to Daniel being banned mid-way through.


NSFW: A capture can be found on Viewer discretion is advised.

Daniels Response

After being asked about it on a TikTok live with 2 others Daniel agrees to explain his side of the incident. Daniel explains that he was tricked into thinking it was an audition for an adult film. Management had told him this would be the secret to achieving stardom.

Dan tells his side of the story

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