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"Mr president at Panera Bread" by /u/banquetbangerv6

On November 10, 2023, at roughly 8:22 PM (UTC-7), Daniel had a public meltdown inside a Westminster, Colorado Panera Bread. This incident was filmed by bystanders, an employee from the store, and the managers he was on Discord with. The exact reason for the meltdown is unknown, though it appears to have stemmed from being recognized by fans, who then proceeded to follow Daniel around and harass him.

A member of the Discord server Daniel was on a call with during the incident went on to claim that they weren't involved at all, and that this occurred naturally after a couple of fans had taken photos of Daniel.[1]

The incident is strikingly similar to the Häagen-Dazs Incident, which happened about six months before, given Daniel's use of slurs. This also serves as one of Daniel’s most well known incidents, as it occurred during a point in which his niche online status was growing.


Before the incident, a group of trolls were following Daniel around between locations, including, but not limited to, Dave & Busters, Target, [2] and an unknown restaurant.[3] Earlier in the night, Daniel posted an official looking document from Dave & Busters stating that he was banned from all locations.[4] This letter was later confirmed to be real, after an employee mentioned the letter during one of Daniel's live streams when he showed up months later.[5]

Daniel has been banned from other restaurants in the past for dining and dashing, including Dave & Buster's. Incidents such as these are what eventually led up to his ban.


Daniel: You guys need to shut the fuck up! (takes deep breaths) Don't be talking like that!

Troll: Talking to Grace VanderWaal!

Daniel: No! I work under fucking management so shut the fuck up! GO AHEAD AND FUCKING RECORD ME! BITCH!

Troll: Look at him, it's like Bigfoot! It's like fucking Bigfoot!

[Daniel flips off the troll]

Troll: Holy shit, it's like Bigfoot dude!

Daniel: I'm calling the police on you! I have you on camera!

Troll: It's like Bigfoot, holy shit! I never thought I'd see this stuff happen in my whole life. That dude's a local fucking TikTok user. I fucking thank you!

Bystander Video

The peak of the incident was mainly caught on camera by an employee and posted onto the Daniel Larson Wiki Discord before it had been deleted.

In the video, Daniel is dealing with two Panera Bread employees who are trying to get him to leave. Daniel refuses to leave, repeatedly yelling the phrase, "Try me, bitch!", even throwing a table in their direction. Daniel then starts shouting about his fans leaking his location, and eventually, another employee calls the police. He is then is warned that the employee will press charges for assault, to which Daniel responds by repeatedly shouting, "I NEVER PUT HANDS ON YOU, BITCH!", before beginning to punch himself and then shriek repeatedly.

The employees stand around recording before turning their backs on Daniel for a split second. Daniel stops screaming, then tries to sneak up on them with his arm raised, however, he never follows through and sits back down. The employee then raises his voice, causing Daniel to hit himself more and sit back down again, still shouting about never assaulting the employee. Daniel then screams the n-word multiple times while also claiming to have a lawyer and threatening to murder everyone in the establishment.


Employee #1: unintelligible

Daniel: No, I'm not! Those people are causing the situation! STOP FUCKING FILMING ME, BITCH! (woman recording the video laughs, Employee #1 also begins recording at this point)

Employee #1: You're cursing, you need to get out of my store right now. Don't put your hands on me.

Daniel: I'm not putting hands on you! I'm not putting hands on you! Try me! Try me! Try me! TRY ME! TRY ME, BITCH! TRY ME BITCH! TRY ME, BITCH! TRY ME, BITCH! I will fucking murder you! I will fucking murder you, bitch! (Concurrently, Employee #1 continues to tell Daniel to get out of his store, and also tells the woman recording to call the police. Employee #2 also begins speaking to him.)

Woman: Look at this crackhead... Daniel flips a miniature table

Daniel: I can go right fucking ahead! I CAN GO RIGHT FUCKING AHEAD! Fans are leaking my location, bitch! Fans are leaking my location, bitch! BITCH! BITCH! Fans are leaking my location, I'm in fucking danger! (Employee #1 continues to try to speak to Daniel. Employee #2 stares in awe.)

Employee #1: Tell them it's an emergency; he's becoming violent.

Woman: I've been recording.

Daniel: Fans are leaking my location, I'm fucking famous!

Employee #1: You trespassed, and I'm gonna press charges for you assaulting me.

Daniel: I never assaulted you!

Employee #1: You threatened me! You just-


Employee #1: That's assault.

Daniel: smacks his own forehead several times, begins screaming AAAAA!!! AAAAA!!! AAAAA!!!... AAAAA!!! AAAAA!!! AAAAA!!! AAAAA!!! AAAAA!!! AAAAA!!! gets out of chair and prepares to attack Employee #1, but stops just before

Employee #2: WOAH! You better watch it!





Daniel: goes to sit down and smacks his forehead repeatedly again I NEVER ASSAULTED YOU, BITCH!

Employee #1: You threw a table at me!


Employee #1: You threw a table at me—

Daniel: JUST BECAUSE THOSE PEOPLE WERE CAUSING A SITUATION YOU FUCKING BLAME ME! (?) (Employee #1 speaks at the same time, hard to make out)

Employee #2: Bro, you should've never took the phone-

Employee #1: You're throwin' ch-chairs and tables at me!

Daniel hits himself in the head.

Daniel: I NEVER DID ANYTHING! FUCKING PRESS CHARGES ON ME NIGGER! NIGGER! I NEVER DID ANYTHING! (Employee #2, who is black, smiles in disbelief towards the camerawoman. She laughs at the same time.)

Employee #2: Oh my god...

Woman: I got it all on video. Ever since like, he flipped the table.

Employee #1: Don't worry, we'll get you someone to take care of you.

Daniel: smacks his forehead No you're not! I have a lawyer! I HAVE A FUCKING LAWYER! I HAVE A FUCKING LAWYER, DICK! I HAVE A FUCKING LAWYER, NIGGER! NIGGER! NIGGER! You just wanna fucking hate on me!

Woman: Oh nahh... Oh, I'm like-I'm like-

Employee #2: I know, like what kind (?)


Employee #1: Because you just punched yourself in the face!

Daniel punches himself in the face.

Daniel: AAAAAAAA!!!

Daniel hits himself in the face again.

Employee #1: You were recording the whole time, right? speaking to woman

Daniel: I wanna fucking die! I wanna fucking die, bitch! BITCH ASS NIGGER! BITCH ASS NIGGER! wails

Daniel's POV and the Aftermath

Posts on Daniel's community tab

During the incident, Daniel was on a Discord call with a management, who captured some of the events from Daniel's point of view. During the video, Daniel turns the camera around, revealing a bloody face from his own punches. Eventually, the police arrive and talk to Daniel.

Somehow, he was not arrested, but Daniel made a statement that the management at Panera Bread have banned him from the restaurant. But, knowing Daniel's tendency to lie, the statement remains to be substantiated.

(Daniel's POV starts at 02:43)


Daniel: charges. Just because somebody came in here!

Employee 1: No, because you tried to assault me.

Daniel: I never assaulted you.

Employee 1: When you threaten someone physically, it's assault. I don't have to explain it to you.

Daniel: I never... I never put hands on you! You, y- OK, so that gives you the right to put hands on me? Wow!

Employee 1: You were going to hit me.

Daniel: You put... you were trying to put hands on me! I put my hands up to block you! My entire family's gonna be pressing charges! I have investigators, I have people that can like, literally shut this place down! I'm doing absolutely nothing! My fucking face is bleeding because of you!

Employee 1: That's from punching yourself in the face.

Daniel: No! Because you, you- you tried to press charges on me!

Employee 1: Really?

Daniel: My fucking family's terrified! [camera flips to show Daniel's bloodied face]

Employee 1: OK. Well when the police get here, you'll be safe.

Daniel: Uh, I'm not going to jail! [camera flips to front]

Employee: That's-

Daniel: Because I didn't do anything!

Employee 1: That's for the police to decide.

Daniel: I have it all on film!

Employee 1: You need to get out.

Daniel: I'm a fucking celebrity, you treat me like shit!

Employee 1: Because 'unintelligible'

Daniel: You wanna try to murder me is what you wanna do!

Employee 1: I wanna make sure you're safe.

Daniel: No you don't! You... you wanna press charges! You've already stated that!

Employee 1: You threw a table at me.

Daniel: I never threw a table at you, you were across the room. You were standing right where you stand right now. I just moved the table to try to create a barrier so you couldn't put hands on me. I have my lawyers ready to leak this all over the internet. There was somebody actually trying to do a drive-by shooting. That's why I came in here. I'm a celebrity, I have rights! I HAVE RIGHTS to protect myself!

Employee: You called people the N-word in here.

Daniel: So you're saying, you're saying I can't fucking protect myself.

Employee 1: No...

Daniel: So go ahead and put hands on me. 'Daniel gets up' Cut me with a knife!

Employee 1: No! You're out of control right now!

Daniel: I'm NOT out of control, OK? I'm not out of control at all! I will make sure this goes all over Hollywood. I will make sure TMZ, 9 News, everybody covers this. A matter of fact, last time I was in jail, they actually cleared the case, got it all lifted, and all of the jail footage was leaked. The police officers lost their job. Cause I'm gonna tell the police that you tried to assault me. Tina, I need you to leak this all over the Internet. I have every single right to record my safety.

Officer: Yeah. Get yourself out. Stand up.

Daniel: Uh... uh, can I, can I talk-

Officer: Uh, unplug your stuff and stand up.

Daniel: Can I talk to you for a moment?

Officer: Sure, as long as you're standing up while unplugging your phone and walking out of the store.

Daniel: I will be more than happy to do that.

Officer: OK.

Daniel: I- there's actually a very serious issue that has happened, and I need to report it, and I've already called.

Officer: So, 'unintelligible' punch yourself in the face and you can't relax.

Daniel: So, I'm famous, OK. I've already got investigations for..

Officer: What are you famous for?

Daniel: I'm a singer-songwriter.

Officer: OK.

Daniel: I have..

Officer: When's the last time you used drugs or alcohol today?

Daniel: I don't use drugs and I don't use alcohol.

Officer: Eyeballs say differently.

Daniel: I always have a dry eye.

Officer: Well, it's not dry, dilated pupils while you're inside sitting in a light.

Daniel: That's because I'm always on my phone.

Officer: Because they would've changed back already because you've been off your phone for almost a minute. That's how the eyeballs work.

Daniel: I don't do drugs and I don't do alcohol.

[video cuts]

Officer: ...mental health issues that you've been diagnosed with?

Daniel: Just autism.

Officer: Just autism?

Daniel: Yes.

Officer: OK. Do you have any weapons on you I need to know about?

Daniel: I don't, you can...

Officer: Don't reach in your pockets, you can leave that alone.

Daniel: But, the- I came in here because I was having an issue with...

Employee 1: You don't need to do that anymore.

Daniel: I came in here because I was having an issue with the troll/hater in my fanbase community outside threatening me with a gun. OK? They were threatening me to do a drive-by shooting along this shopping center.

Officer: What's your first name?

Daniel: Daniel.

Officer: Daniel?

Daniel: My last name is Larson. I don't know who the people..

Officer: What's your birth date?

Daniel: It's 11/15/1998.

Officer: 98?

Daniel: Yes

Officer: What's your phone number, Daniel?

Daniel: I don't know, because I just got a new number.

Officer: Why are all the tables and shit turned over, Daniel? [video turns off]

Daniel: I- 'stammers' the manager tried to put hands on me to escort me outside.

Officer: I don't think that was probably it.

Daniel: And...

Officer: He says you're in here acting like a looney-tunes!

Daniel: I... I felt, I felt endangered, and so I... I put...

Officer: So you act like a looney-tunes?

Daniel: I, I knocked down the tables to try to create a barrier so I could be on one side and they could be on the other.

Officer: (interrupting as Daniel finishes) Daniel, I'm gonna be real with ya. That's a piss poor excuse, bud.

Daniel: But I, I felt in danger.

Officer: So you punched yourself in the face a bunch of times?

Daniel: The manager was threatening to press charges on me.

Officer: So if you come in here flipping tables over, and punching yourself in the face, and they say "leave", and you say "no", and they say "yes, we're gonna trespass you", and you say "no", that's trespassing. Where'd all these fans come from? They just, found you out of nowhere?

Daniel: I, I have- I'm a singer-songwriter. I have music on iHeartRadio.

Officer: What's your best song?

Daniel: Umm, Roaring Thunder. It has...

Officer: Roaring Thunder?

Daniel: Yes, it has over...

Officer: Play it for me.

Daniel: It has over 5 million views. [Daniel shows Officer his YouTube] This is my entire YouTube. So the list goes on and on.

Officer: I can't see anything, you're scrolling so fast.

Daniel: And, I'm even dating this person. (likely a photo of Grace VanderWaal) There's even...

Officer: Well, look at that!

Daniel: I'm currently homeless.

Officer: You're homeless, but you got 5 million views on YouTube, don't they pay you for that?

Daniel: Uh, they do, but I'm dealing with a family crisis...

Officer: Let me see your YouTube page.

Daniel: ...and a lot of my money is showing to the family crisis. I'm extremely, extremely famous.

Officer: What's your, what's your- do you have a TikTok?

Daniel: I do have a TikTok as well, yes.

Officer: Ah.

Daniel: My... my handle...

Officer: Something freedom?

Daniel: Is um, no, it is... yeah it's daniellarsonfreedom.

Officer: Someone sent that to our PD, and said and gave that handle to that TikTok.

Daniel: Yes.

Officer: It doesn't have a big party. Are you part of some group?

[cuts to later]

Officer: Why did you punch yourself in the face a bunch of times?

Daniel: Um, I'm- I'm getting banned - I'm getting banned from so many places, I'm struggling to make a living. That's the issue.

Officer: Why'd you get banned from all of them?

Daniel: Like I was saying, because fans are coming in, trolls, I don't have security.

Officer: Uh, I don't feel like that's the issue. I feel like it's the yelling at staff, flipping tables over, punching yourself until you bleed.

Daniel: See, I only did because the manager was...

Officer: Daniel, that literally makes zero sense. The manager was threatening you saying you harmed yourself?

Daniel: He, he threat-, he threatened to be... he threatened to press charges on me, and I knew I was innocent.

Officer: You weren't! He asked you to leave, you said no, that's trespassing! You're guilty... guilty as shit right now, bud!

Daniel: Right. Right and I just told him like, I don't feel safe, please call the police.

Officer: So you punched yourself in the face a bunch of times.

Daniel: He said he was- [video cuts] distance against him, I felt endangered.

Officer: Did you make threats towards him?

Daniel: I did, yes.

Officer: Why did you do that?

Daniel: Because... if you look at it from my perspective, OK, I come in here out of concern...

Officer: I don't see any point in your perspective.

[video ends, now statement]

Daniel: OK. You guys hear me? Can you guys hear me? Hello? OK, Bob is doing nothing to help and I will fucking go to his house with a gun and I will kill him. He's basically leaving me to die. Right now, there's actual cars right now following me planning a murder. OK, and Bob is being a fucking n---r because he's doing nothing to help!

[Daniel is taken to the hospital]

Daniel: OK, the jackass, excuse my language. But the manager, OK, decided they were gonna ban me.