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Briiink or Brink is a TikTok account run by two people. They have been seen buying Daniel Larson food during his homelessness, as well as recording videos of themselves and Daniel together to put online. It’s highly debated whether they genuinely want to help Daniel or if they’re just clout chasing.


Brink has two videos on YouTube with Daniel. In the first one, posted May 25th, 2022, Brink runs into Daniel charging his phone against a wall. Daniel tells them that autographs are the next day. The sighting starts at 10:44.

In their second video, they film a vlog where they go and pick up Daniel, bring him shopping for Monsters, try to convince him to get new clothes (which he isn't interested in), then go out for some pizza which they eat on the steps.

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Meta-Fan Interactions

On 7/1/2022 Brink joined the "/r/DanielLarson 2" Discord, (unaffiliated with /r/DanielLarson) and had a public dispute with the mods over what was best for Daniel.

Falling out

As with a lot of fans that try and help Daniel, they eventually get turned on by Daniel with no regard to any of the kind acts that the fans may have provided. In Brinks case, they provided many fully paid meals, a desperately needed shower, clothes, and several other things. Despite this, Daniel often got upset with Brink and accused him of many misfortunes Daniel had experienced.

Brink did return for a short period of time on 8/25/22, about one week before Daniel entered housing for the second time.

**Revealed in a now deleted TikTok, Brink has since cut ties with Daniel entirely.