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July 19 Daniel is deemed incompetent for trial, and has been institutionalized indefinitely
May 31 Daniel is transferred to a Federal Correctional Institution in Jefferson County.
April 30 Daniel is arrested by the FBI and incarcerated with no bond for threatening to use an explosive.
April 28 Daniel is kicked out of Buffalo Wild Wings after being unable to pay.
April 25 A federal warrant is issued for Daniel's arrest
April 24 Daniel is placed on an M1 hold in a mental hospital
April 12 Daniel is hospitalized for alleged food poisoning.
April 6 Daniel has a severe, rage-fueled meltdown on YouTube live, and makes numerous threats.
April 3 Daniel is released yet again following a court hearing
April 2 Daniel is arrested once again for being a fugitive of justice. He is being held at $1,500 bail.
Older updates
March 23 Daniel has a meltdown on TikTok live, which gets ended by TikTok.
March 22 Daniel is released from jail and his probation is reinstated
March 19 Daniel is arrested again and held at a $1,000 bond for being a fugitive of justice.
March 18 Daniel gets kicked out of the homeless shelter for 45 days.
March 17 Daniel gets attacked by trolls during his fan meetup. He gets kicked out of an IHOP, and later gets water poured on him by a troll
March 16 Daniel gets banned from two restaurants despite offering to pay.
March 15 Daniel moves into a homeless shelter.
March 6 Daniel gets refused service at numerous restaurants.
March 1 Daniel is released from jail after a court hearing
February 3 Daniel is arrested and is being held at $20,000 bond
January 26 Daniel is kicked out of a hospital
January 25 Daniel freaks out after being sprayed with fart spray.
January 24 A person who went to school with Daniel does an AMA on r/DanielLarson.
January 23 Daniel Larson is issued a warrant for his arrest for failing to appear in court.[1]
January 11 Daniel Larson believes that he is in college, despite being banned from CU University
January 9 Daniel Larson is arrested at an airport for his multiple warrants.
January 5 Daniel is chased around town by Trolls.
December 31 Daniel is followed by a drone, whilst threatening to call the police on Bob Proctor.
December 25 Daniel has a meltdown on TikTok, and goes to the hospital.
December 23 Daniel has a freakout at the Golden Hotel
December 16 Daniel prevents an IHOP waitress from going home to her family.
December 11 Daniel is kicked out of an Old Chicago on stream.
December 10 Daniel pulls the fire alarm at an Olive Garden.
December 9 Daniel is convinced that he will be meeting up with the VanderWaal Family but fails to do so multiple times.
December 8 Daniel is arrested at King Soopers [2] and then subsequently bonded out [3] by who he claims was the VanderWaal family [4]
November 30 Daniel is given a twelve-month probation, 48 hours of community service, anger management classes, and a fine in relation to the Folsom Field arrest
November 10 Daniel has a public freak-out in a Panera Bread
October 31 Daniel is given a six-month probation and a mental health evaluation in relation to the dog arc's Walmart incident
October 23 Daniel gets a Reverse Mohawk
September 19 Daniel is released from jail
September 16 Daniel is arrested at Folsom Field
September 13 Daniel attends a party hosted by the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity on UCB campus.
September 12 Daniel is given a fake student ID for the University of Colorado Boulder by an unknown troll, and begins posting a lot about his intentions to go to college.
August 31 Daniel gets into an altercation with Bob Proctor. Daniel claims that he hit him with his car in a video where he is having a meltdown.
August 29 Daniel has a complete Meltdown. This was caused by a fake Grace VanderWaal making threats, and a night on the streets.
August 16 Fans report Daniel's Cameo. Consequently, Daniel is banned.
August 6 Daniel gets kicked out of, and subsequently banned from, the Colorado Mills Mall.
August 4 Daniel announces his intentions to host a "Hollywood sex party," inviting numerous celebrities and recurring victims in a video.
July 26 Daniel, aggravated by his record label, throws a rock at a gas station window, breaking it.
July 24 Daniel believes that several fake tweets from prominent figures and entities are genuine. This caused Daniel to freak-out on his TikTok and YouTube pages.
July 19 Daniel is released from the mental health unit.[5]
July 11 Music is retrieved, leading to a meltdown from Daniel which ends with him being taken by ambulance to 'the mental health unit.'
July 9 Daniel manages to adopt a dog and names it Music.
July 3 Daniel has a meltdown on his YouTube community tab, threatening the Denver County Court, the, "Reddit headquarters," and the White House (which is a federal crime).
July 1 "Merry Go Round" is released on Spotify.
June 18 Daniel, realizing he is in financial trouble, raises his Cameo price many times, at one point reaching $1,069.
May 31 Daniel is encouraged by fans to create a Cameo page.
May 25 Daniel has a public meltdown after being kicked out of a Häagen-Dazs.
May 22 Daniel deals with some individuals claiming to be from his security team.
May 20 Daniel leaves New York City and returns to Denver, Colorado.
May 18 Daniel has a verbal altercation with two young men who photographed him. This led to a full tantrum.
May 17 Multiple videos of Daniel surface of him throwing a tantrum because he missed his bus to Orlando, Florida.
May 10 Daniel and World of T-Shirts meet up in New York City.
May 8 Daniel meets Michael Quinn while on a TikTok live stream. The two then got lunch together.
May 6 Flexburger returns on the anniversary of May 6th, May 2023 Flexburger Leaks ensue.
April 27 The r/Daniellarson subreddit starts a continuation of The Riots.
April 26 Daniel claims he was attacked by a woman with a machete.
April 24 Daniel goes to the hospital to treat his Trench Foot.
April 11 Daniel travels to East Rutherford, New Jersey.
April 7 Daniel's Tiktok account gets banned after he threatens World of T-shirts, claiming he is in possession of a gun.
April 5 Daniel punches a bodega owner while on a discord call. He claims he was hit in the eye and his leg is bleeding.
April 4 Daniel travels to Jersey City from Newark, he then travels to New York City.
April 3 Daniel takes a flight to Newark with plans of traveling to NY.
April 1 "The 3 days war" begins.
March 30 Daniel trespasses on multiple businesses and has 2 altercations with the police (March 30th Incident).
March 22 Daniel takes a bus to Texas.
March 18 Daniel takes a bus to Arizona.
March 14 Daniel returns claiming that he has spent the past two weeks in a mental hospital.
February 27 Daniel dines and dashes at a Dave & Buster's and gets banned at the Downtown Summerlin shopping center.
February 23 Daniel returns claiming that he was attacked and had his phone stolen.
February 16 Daniel goes missing for a few days.
February 15 Daniel is trespassed and kicked out of multiple casinos which results in some meltdowns.
February 13 Daniel takes a bus to Vegas. [6]
February 10 Daniel gets kicked out of Planet Fitness for sleeping and films it.[7]
January 19 Daniel is arrested for attempting to dine and dash at The Cheesecake Factory.
January 18 Daniel is diagnosed with scabies.[8]
January 17 Daniel goes to Disneyland.
January 15 Ox quits trying to protect Daniel from trolls.
December 10 Daniel has a meltdown in Bob's car which ends with him hitting Bob, and Bob calling the police.[9]
November 15 Daniel mentions the wiki for the first time and tells people to check it out.
October 20 Daniel is brought out to Colorado Springs and left at "[w]rallgreens".
October 16 Daniel loses housing after a giant tantrum.
August 31 Daniel gets housing.
August 13 Grace's mom leaves a comment on one of Daniel's videos.
August 4 Daniel is diagnosed with Trench Foot.
August 2 Ox pranks Daniel on twitch live with a fake Nuclear attack.
July 26 Daniel breaks his phone, then tablet, then announces that he is homeless again.
July 21 The Toothbrush Incident is exposed to the world.
July 10 Daniel has been streaming on Twitch and living in a hotel room thanks to donations.