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Daniel has been in trouble with the law on multiple occasions. Daniel has found himself with a destruction of private property charge, as well as an unlawful petty theft charge. Daniel has hardly faced any incarceration despite these crimes.

Destruction of Property

Daniel is going to court for property destruction. (pictured includes Daniel's very dirty thumb)

On August 13th, 2021, Daniel was charged with destruction of property for smashing the window of a car[1].

Petty Theft

On May 13th, 2022, Daniel was charged with petty theft, based on the location of the violation: "500 16TH ST #120". It appears to be the location of a Hard Rock Café suggesting it was a target of one of Larson's dine and dashes.


On May 15th, 2023, Daniel posted that overnight he was given a citation for sleeping in a MTA subway station. He said that it was a $100 fine, and posted a video that briefly shows the ticket on his Tik tok page.


Destruction of Property

Daniel has already failed to appear four separate times, and has had $350 worth of fees imposed on him via bond, bond forfeiture, and warrant fees. $100 worth of these has already been paid, leaving $250 due.

Petty Theft

Daniel has yet to miss a court date for his petty theft charge. (well done larson)

Criminal Mischief ;)

On June 9th, 2022, a criminal mischief case was opened against Daniel. After failing to appear once, the warrant was executed when he was arrested during his October 16th tantrum. Daniel was appointed a public defender on October 25th with his "plea and setting hearing" on November 28th.

Additional Destruction of Property Charges

On October 16th 2022 a new case was opened for Daniel for destruction of property. He failed to appear on December 20th 2022 and his warrant was canceled on June 21, 2023. [2]

"Cleared Up"

Daniel has announced that he is "clearing up his warrants" many times. On August 4th 2022 Daniel uploaded a video announcing that he had gotten it all taken care of by "merging it all into one case" and that it should all be cleared up within the month.

Destruction of property

On August 29th, 2022 Daniel's destruction of property charge was dismissed [3]

Dine and Dash Arrest

Daniels arrest record found on

On January 19th 2023 Daniel was arrested for attempting to dine and dash at a Cheesecake Factory in Anaheim, California. Daniel was charged with "defrauding an innkeeper" and received a $950 fine.

School of Mines Wall Damage

On July 11, 2023, Daniel livestreamed an interaction he had with EMTs after calling 911 multiple times. While he was in the ambulance a police officer was able to charge him $500 for damages to a wall at the School of Mines. Daniel quickly admitted to his crimes claiming he damaged the wall to make sure he was heard, that "this was serious".

Jefferson County Court Hearings

On September 14th, 2023 Daniel announced he would be appearing in court the following day in a YouTube short and several community posts. This was an arraignment for two misdemeanours at the Jefferson County Court in Golden, Colorado to which he turned up late. It is uncertain what exactly the charges were but he claimed that the maximum sentence was two years in jail. Daniel would plead not guilty, likely to buy him some time and hope for a good plea bargain. His next appearance in court would be set as October 31st, 2023 for a pre-trial conference.

After the arraignment, Daniel was again interviewed by Dylan. Daniel was asked several questions regarding Grace Vanderwaal, the trolls, leaked nudes and dating sites. In another video, Dylan also presented Daniel with some texts regarding Grace and Phi Kappa Tau. Daniel appeared troubled by these texts and proceeded to ask permission to take a photo of Dylan's phone. He soon after posted the image to YouTube through several community posts. There would later be a pre court interview uploaded by Dylan's friend, baristamuffin64.

Daniel Announcing His Court Hearing

Pre Court Interview With Dylan & baristamuffin64

Post Court Interview With Dylan


Daniel Gets Some Bad News


Third-Degree Assault Arrest

Before the Arrest

On September 16th, 2023, Daniel was attempting to get onto Folsom Field right before a football game was about to start. He claimed that "Coach Prime" had texted him previously about when to get to the field and when to pick up his "VIP passes." Larson went live while he was outside of the field and started complaining to other college students that he was supposed to be on the field with Deion Sanders. He explained that he couldn't pick up said "passes" the night before and therefore security wouldn't let him on the field. Daniel went to his community page and started to frantically post things like, "I'm supposed to have the VIP pass," "I'm going back to the field," and "I got to go to the celebrity entrance."

His last post claimed that trolls were attempting to get him banned from the University of Colorado,

and then Larson goes silent on social media. An audio recording is released of Daniel right before his arrest. [1]

Daniel being taken away by police on 9/16/23.

The Assault

Daniel, already frustrated with the security at Folsom Field, allegedly kicks a security guard.

Although no video of the assault has been released as of 9/17/23, numerous bystanders caught the arrest on video.

Not much is known (as of 9/17/23) besides Daniel being charged with third degree assault and

the fact he is currently locked up.

No mugshot of Daniel has been released either and many speculate that Daniel will be out of jail within a couple of days. Many people on the Daniel Larson subreddit have requested for more information regarding Danderson's arrest and if he is going to be released or locked up for a long period of time. [2]

Many have gone on the say that this is the beginning of the "Jail Arc", or "State Property Arc" and memes are currently going around the subreddit. [3][4][5]

Daniel's Release

At 3:30P.M EST on 9/18/23 Daniel was scheduled for court. Many people searched for a link to watch, but because so many people got on the Colorado Judicial System website it crashed[6], leading to no livestream of Daniel's court appearance. Someone found a link to a Webex meeting, and many people from the subreddit began to join. Many are calling this the "Webex Incident" and/or "September 18th Incident" because the judge had to kick everyone from the live stream. They had to do this because of people joining and drawing explicit photos/threatening to bomb to courthouse. [7][8][9]

On September 18th, 2023, just two days after being arrested, Daniel Larson has been released from jail. Photos were posted on the subreddit following his release.[10] Another redditor posted a text message confirmation of Daniel's release. [11] Many have posted about how this is a failure of the justice system, and questioned how he was allowed to even be released. [12][13]

As of 10:04P.M EST on 9/18/23, Daniel has not made a return to social media. When he was spotted after his release, many noticed that he did not have his phone in his hand and did not have his backpack either. Some have speculated that he has his phone, but no charger. [14]

Daniel's Return to Social Media

On September 19th, 2023, at approximately 11am MDT, Daniel made his return to social media, for the first time since his arrest, in the form of a YouTube community post claiming he was falsely arrested. It should be noted that while he claims the arrest was unjustified, he later admitted in another community post that he "... hit 2[sic] security guards". This confirmed the rumour that he had assaulted two guards that led to his arrest. On the same day, Daniel also posted a YouTube short, making it his first video appearance since the arrest. In the short he is seemingly calling out Fox News for "... stealing [his] views".

Daniel's First Video Back

October 3rd Arrest

On October 3rd 2023, Daniel Larson was taken into custody at the Jefferson County Detention Facility in Golden, Colorado, for missing his court date the day prior. A few hours later however, he was later released through means of being bonded out.

More information will be added as more information is found.

The arrest report, not even a month after the College Arc.
Only a few hours after being taken in custody he is released.
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