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Flexburger, Daniel's first manager and leaker of the May 6th Incident and Daniel's Pinterest Account, returned from his online hiatus after being doxxed with a bang by leaking the previously unverified "pencil video", a whole new "shower video", an unreleased song of Daniel's, and eventually a new bottle video.

Pencil Incident

[link here]

The Pencil Incident was a video of Daniel, which was first mentioned by Flexburger on Reddit. The existence of this video remained rumored for months, until the video was confirmed to be real after being uploaded to Reddit on May 6th, 2023. The video that was uploaded starts with Daniel lying on his back with his legs up in the pink room. He inserts a pencil into his anus and then jumps around afterward with the pencil still inside him. Daniel never said anything, but there are some justifiably horrified comments under the video.

"I never saw this before and I hate u" -u/mndii


"The sub gaslit me into thinking it was an inside joke and didn’t really exist… I’m lost for words." -u/BigChad4206969

"And he’s doing the fuckjng turtle tongue the entire time he’s sticking it in there concentrating as hard as his 3 brain cells can" -u/_stungy

This incident has also been dubbed a "Code Ticonderoga" by some of the Daniel Larson community.

Shower Incident

[link here, if you have the link to the unedited video please put it in]

Daniel recorded himself, again on an unknown date, of him "drying" himself with a towel. Daniel is visibly already dry, and many have called this Daniel "faking taking a shower". He also talks to the camera later in the video, saying:

"I just got done with my shower. Not sure if you can see that well... the screen is still a little foggy."

Daniel also sent the video of himself to his mom. It's not clear Daniel did this intentionally and whether it actually was sent to his mother other or a catfish. His mother replied with:

"Danny why the hell did you give me a video of you naked that was not cool... I'm disappointed in you." "Danny why did you do that... I'm your mother"

He then sends a paragraph of run-on sentences playing it off like a hacker sent the "photo", instead of him either accidentally or intentionally sending it to her.

"Sorry that was a hacker my phone gets hacked every now and then just to remind you my I get hacked I've never seen that photo in my life"


"Wild Hearts" Leaks

"Wild Hearts" is a 2 minute 53 second-long R&B music video, which is most likely unfinished or just has no autotune due to the poor quality of the singing compared the Daniel's other music.

Bottle Incident

Flexburger eluded to a "bottle video" on twitter, and when asked to post it, he said he would "tonight", or what is May 8th. Though he did not post it, he stated on his twitter account “bottle incident part 1 this friday” or Friday, May 19, 2023. He also stated that he had a “gold mine” and that he was spreading out the content to keep the community entertained.

After a few weeks of stalling, he did actually eventually release it. A link to the video as well as a description can be found on the Bottle Incident page.

Bottle Incident.png

Other Threats

Screenshots emerged of what is probably, but not definitively, Flexburger threatening Larson with leaking all of his music, kidnapping him, and torturing him.


Counterfeit money

On January 1 2023 Flexburger uploaded a video to their reddit account where a troll is seen giving Daniel a stack of counterfeit money. Flexburger claims that this happened on new years eve.[1]

Follow up videos

It is unclear when Daniel discovered that the money was counterfeit, earlier in the day he live streamed himself going to the bank [2] which might have resulted in him learning that the money wasn't real. However he started posting more TikTok videos after the fact at least pretending that the money is real.

"Hold it up like this. So since everybody at this location knows who I am, it's time for a tip. $10,000. Thank you, Columbia Records."
"I gotta love Columbia Records for giving me all this money. It's great. Um... Also... Counterfeit five dollars."
"Oh, I can't wait to take this to the nearest bank. This is going to be awesome!"

Mountain Dew Attack

On January 1 2024 Flexburger uploaded a video to their reddit account where a troll throws Mountain Dew onto Daniel's coat.


Daniel, how are you?



I am charging for photos.

For photos? [Throws Mountain Dew at Daniel]

Stay! Back away.

You like that, Daniel?

Video cuts to different perspective

Back away! Hey! Back away!

Video cuts to different perspective

I am charging for photos.

Flexburger AMA


On May 6th, 2023, in celebration of the day, did an AMA.

"Happy May 6th! Ask away and I'll try to answer as many questions as possible. For the new people out there I was Daniel's manager from February-August 2021.

To start off this holiday, I decided to leak an unreleased studio song from Daniel. Wild Hearts

is out now on all platforms!

I know Daniel fell off and is boring rn so l'll be releasing some videos and unreleased screenshots I think you guys would enjoy both on here and my twitter in my bio"

The majority of the questions were, for the most part, mostly positive, asking him to get Daniel out of NYC, asking for Daniel's passwords, and how he managed to leak Daniel's stuff. A transcript of the top questions can be found on the Flexburger page.